Everything You Need To Know About Guy Fieri's Kids

You may know which diners, drive-ins, and dives Guy Fieri loves most, but how much do you know about his beloved children? Sure, he's made enough of a splash as a celebrity chef to earn his own giant-headed Funko Pop collectible figure. But he's more than just a brash television personality with distinctive hair and a flair for groovy fashion; he's also a devoted father to Hunter and Ryder, his sons, with his wife of more than 30 years, Lori. The Fieri men appear to be a close-knit crew, with Guy's boys making occasional cameos on their dad's shows, helping out with his projects, and bonding while getting tattoos together (not matching ink, though ... maybe next time).

Even being members of such a high-profile family, Guy Fieri's kids have kept a relatively modest public presence overall, feeding fan curiosity about what their lives are really like. However, their visibility appears to be growing. We've collected some truth about Guy Fieri's kids to learn more about them and find out how their famous dad's influence has impacted their lives. From education to career choices to just hanging out and being kids, the crown princes of Flavortown have interesting and remarkably down-to-earth lives of their own.

His elder son Hunter graduated from UNLV hospitality program

Following in his famous father's footsteps, Hunter attended Dad's alma mater, the University of Las Vegas. Like his dad did before him, Hunter pursued a degree in Hospitality Management, giving himself a foundation for becoming another food celebrity in the Fieri family. The father-son alumni team was featured in the university's article series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, which operated the degree program both Fieris followed.

Though fame in the food industry beckons the next Fieri generation, Hunter hasn't forgotten his roots at UNLV. After graduating in 2019, Hunter returned as a guest chef at a ticketed event called Bon Vivant Dining, held in the school's Hospitality Hall. For the event, students were able to prepare a four-course meal for 40 diners, with Hunter and UNLV Executive Chef Mark Sandoval guiding in the kitchen. Food was paired with wine selections from Hunt & Ryde Winery, the Fiery family wine brand named for Hunter and his younger brother, Ryder. Leveraging his celebrity status allows Hunter to bring attention to and show appreciation for the school that trained him, just as it trained his superstar dad.

Hunter is a budding restaurateur and video food personality

It's not terribly surprising that Guy's elder son is earning his nickname, The Prince of Flavortown, though his break into the food world was a bit different than his dad's. After working in his family's restaurant and operating a short-lived pizza food truck created with a friend, Hunter has launched projects of his own that take him in a similar direction, though on a trajectory that's distinctly his own. One of these projects is a partnership with ZENB Pasta, a company that uses yellow pea protein to infuse its pasta and snack products with greater nutrition than wheat-based items. Hunter gave his support by serving as host of "What Plants Can Do," a documentary detailing the benefits of pulses and legumes. It's a far cry from tasting burgers and bar bites across America and shows off Hunter's contemporary sensibilities regarding food production.

This doesn't mean that Hunter is swinging wildly away from the legacy his father has created. The younger Fieri has been part of another food appreciation show, "Station Nation," which detailed Hunter's travels to convenience stores within Shell Oil gas stations around America to sample the fare. Though episodes of the show appear to have left the Internet, a featured article detailing the project remains on the Food Network website.

From championing pulse farmers to exploring the possibilities of gas station food, Hunter Fieri is already making his own mark on the world of culinary celebrities.

He's involved in the family wine enterprise

Food and beverage are the calling of the Fieri family, and Hunter has followed his father's footsteps with a key role in Hunt & Ryde Winery, Guy's foray into the realm of signature wines. The name is a tribute to the celeb chef's sons, Hunter (obviously!) and Ryder, with label art depicting the brothers atop a galloping steed as they "hunt and ride." The wine is produced in conjunction with Davis Family Vineyards, a winery centered in Sonoma, California, and bottles have a presence on shelves in several states.

When the family wine label has your name on it, promoting it in person is an obvious way to launch the product. Hunter became a brand ambassador, taking to the road and making personal appearances in cities like Youngtown, Ohio, to help get his namesake bottles noticed. Flavortown's crown prince also combined his food and wine expertise in a five-course dinner experience promoting Hunt & Ryde Wines at one of Youngtown's buzzy restaurants, Bistro 1907. There were similar dining moments with wine samplings and appearances by Hunter at Culhane's Pub in Florida and The Wine Cellar in Tennessee. Hunter certainly seems to take his responsibilities for helping make the brand a success pretty seriously, a sign that the Fiery legacy is in good hands.

He has an influencer-level social media following

Who says you can't step out from under your famous father's shadow to amass your own online audience? Hunter's social media accounts display impressive numbers of fans and followers, a testament to his growing visibility as a celebrity in his own right. His Instagram account, with its wow-worthy 153,000 followers, shares sneak peeks into his daily life, from promoting his cuisine prep activities to playing pickleball with his fiancée to sharing fun moments with his family. His profile on X, formerly known as Twitter, allows him to spread the word about events and important causes with his 17,400 followers.

It's not all social media love for this Fieri heir, however. Though Hunter has a sizable TikTok following, his 23,300 followers have only seen a few clips from the junior celebrity chef. Maybe he's still getting the hang of quick videos that replicate viral trends, or maybe his other accounts get the job done without having to triple-up on his posts. Perhaps someday, Hunter will use his feed to entertain and inform his audience on a more regular basis. For now, fans can keep up with the up-and-coming culinary icon through his preferred apps.

He's engaged to his sweetheart

Even the son of the celebrity chef can't avoid the spotlight when milestone moments happen, like when Hunter proposed to his long-time girlfriend, professional pickleball player Tara Bernstein. The couple met during the 2022 Super Bowl when Hunter filmed a fun video clip for then-stranger Tara. Their joyful interaction began a sweet friendship that eventually grew into a romance. The engagement came nine months later, with Hunter taking to one knee and popping the question during the family's Thanksgiving dinner. Instagram photos appeared on the couple's individual Instagram accounts on the same day, announcing the happy development as part of the celebration.

Hunter wasn't the only Fieri to share the great news. His dad spread the word on his Instagram page, and his brother Ryder jumped online to show his pride with prayer hands and heart emojis on his brother's post. Word circulated that Hunter had designed Tara's ring himself, which only added to the romance and the "Awwww!" factor for fans following the unfolding fairytale. He even made sure the ring could survive Tara's pickleball play, an extra-considerate step that shows just how thoughtful The Prince of Flavortown really is.

Younger son Ryder is well-grounded for being a celebrity's kid

Guy's younger son, Ryder Fieri, has also become a part of his dad's celebrity happenings, showing up on episodes of Food Network shows and making public appearances at sporting events and special occasions. Though not involved in the culinary industry like his older brother, Ryder has become a recognizable face in the Fieri food empire, thanks to his famous father, who included him in the fun.

But the majority of Ryder's life is strikingly similar to that of any other 21st-century teen. Shares on his social media accounts show him spending sweet moments with his girlfriend and enjoying time on the water while boating with Guy, brother Hunter, and a group of fun-loving friends. He's a fan of the Golden State Warriors, attending games with his dad as his favorite team goes to the finals, and has shown up to watch the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs as a reward from Guy for making his high school JV basketball team — in his freshman year! For all the gloss and glitter being the son of a famous chef can bring, Ryder appears to be a very down-to-earth young man.

He's enjoying teen life

Ryder may make occasional appearances in Guy's projects, but rather than having showbusiness ambitions, he appears content to enjoy living his best Gen Z life. Check his TikTok account, and you'll find Ryder recreating goofy viral dances and doing photo dumps of good times with his best buds. There are even wholesome rundowns of his Sunday night dessert activities featuring Guy in a step-by-step pictorial chronicling a wholesome trip to Baskin Robbins for dessert. His Instagram feed features similar good-hearted content, with pics of friends and family filling the screen. Unlike most teen social media users, Ryder's account shows only 12 posts. It seems that even with a celebrity dad loved around the world, Ryder appears to use his social media presence for having fun rather than becoming Insta-famous.

That doesn't mean Ryder escapes the spotlight altogether! Proud papa Guy shared prom night photos of Ryder and his date dressed to the nines before the big event. In the celebrity world where parents can inadvertently outshine their children's special moments, it's refreshing to see Guy share the glow by turning the spotlight on his son.

Ryder plays varsity basketball for Windsor High School

Ryder's love of basketball isn't just in watching the sport; he's also played on the varsity team during his time at Windsor High School in Sonoma County, California. He showed great ability early on as a Windsor Jaguar, starting on the junior varsity team as a Freshman before moving up to varsity as a Junior. His Hudl profile holds highlight clips from several games, playing with #3 on his jersey as a member of the class of 2024.

Though Ryder's abilities seem impressive, his interest in playing doesn't appear to be an overriding activity. His social media accounts aren't flooded with photos and clips of his plays, and he doesn't seem to mention being a part of the team. It may be that basketball is a fun form of self-expression for Ryder Fieri, as it is for many other high school players. Does this mean there's room for Ryder to eventually move into the food world like brother Hunter and dad Guy rather than pursuing a career as a professional athlete? For a kid like Ryder, at the beginning of adult life, almost anything is possible.

He drove his grandparent's old minivan when he got his driver's license

Some celebrity kids pride themselves on showing off the spoils their parent's fame and fortune affords them. Ryder Fieri isn't one of them. It seems that Guy is helping his son lead a more grounded life, no matter how high the celebrity chef's ever-expanding net worth might get. According to a story in People Magazine, Guy decided that Ryder would need to show responsibility by driving an older vehicle — Ryder's grandparents' minivan! — for a full year without any accidents, damage, or tickets. It was a challenge to Ryder that would allow him to earn the privilege of having a new vehicle.

When the year had passed, Guy set up a savage scavenger hunt that led Ryder and his friends from clue to clue, ultimately guiding them to his brother Hunter's truck. Hunter had purchased the truck from Guy when he'd earned his license, and the truck would be passed onto Ryder as a gift — or part of a gift, at least. Ryder's parents offered to split the cost of the truck with Ryder, showing him generosity and responsibility in one fell swoop. According to Guy, the youngest Fieri was beyond ecstatic with his "gift."

Ryder helps his dad with charitable causes

Making a difference via social outreach is a hallmark of the Fieri family empire, and Ryder has been getting involved in the process. Through his dad's organization, Guy Fieri Foundation, Ryder has taken a hands-on role, helping pack and serve more than 500 meals at a Special Olympics event at his own Windsor High School. Ryder prepared food with his dad and brother Hunter, feeding athletes and volunteers as a show of appreciation.

Ryder has also been a part of the foundation's Christmas toy drives and has appeared with his dad at Salvation Army Kettle Bell Ringing occasions to raise money for less fortunate families in Santa Rosa, California. The youngest Fieri has even shown up for promotional opportunities like the Bullseye Event Group Superbowl Players Tailgate, a Los Angeles-based event that allowed The Guy Fieri Foundation to promote its causes to potential donors and supporters. Having a foundation named for your celebrity father is one thing; jumping in to help on the ground level is an entirely different level of commitment, one that Ryder seems happy and willing to tackle.

Guy has also helped raise his sister's son, Jules

After the tragic death of his sister Morgan, Guy Fieri and his wife Lori stepped in to raise her son, Jules. Morgan died in February 2011 after a battle with metastatic melanoma, and a custody struggle with Jules' father ensued. TMZ reported that a judge ruled against Guy's parents (Jules' grandparents) in favor of the father while Guy was vacationing with Jules, making the custody exchange an awkward affair. Jules was 11 years old at the time, which put a youngster at the center of a heated dispute. Ultimately, Guy and Lori took legal guardianship of Jules and made him a part of their nuclear family.

Like his cousins, Jules has made appearances on Guy's Food Network shows, leading some to believe the Fieris have three biological sons rather than two. Though he's had his share of challenges in his young life, Jules' graduation from California State University San Marcos in 2023 was a major milestone in the life of Guy's honorary third son, an event that the whole family celebrated.

Neither son will inherit their dad's fortune without degrees

To avoid the Nepo Baby syndrome faced by many children of celebrities, Guy Fieri has determined that Hunter and Ryder will need to complete college in order to benefit from their father's considerable cachet. Despite having enough money to last for several lifetimes, including a $100 million Food Network deal, Guy revealed during an interview with Fox News that no money will go to the Fieri kids unless they finish their advanced degrees. His expectation is that self-sufficiency will reign supreme in Flavortown, a value that Guy himself has adhered to while amassing his incredible success.

The inspiration for such a bold move comes from Guy's father, who instilled in the celebrity chef a similar diehard work ethic long before he was on the road to ridiculous wealth. And while Hunter has already finished his undergraduate courses and has started a Master's program through the University of Florida, Ryder has a way to go before achieving collegiate glory. The future of the Fieri family's fabulous fortune remains to be seen. But if Guy has anything to say about it, Hunter and Ryder will be making their own ways through the world until further notice. Privilege for the Fieri boys may have its rewards, but it also comes with expectations.