The Best Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives Episodes Ranked

The TV show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" features Guy Fieri heading to flavor town to visit the best food spots across the country, taking his viewers along with him. Fieri is known for his iconic white spiky hair and button-down shirts, and it's safe to say his taste in food is as incredible as his iconic style. The show has aired 41 seasons on the Food Network, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The show has so many seasons and episodes that you may not know where to start watching. True fans will likely binge-watch the show from the beginning, but if the thought of that many episodes overwhelms you, then you should consider consulting a guide. While the show is great, some episodes are so incredible that they're unmissable. If you're a fan of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," you might be wondering if your favorite episode is among the best.

15. Old Standards, New Styles (Season 20, Episode 3)

In Season 20, Episode 3, of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," Guy heads to Laguna Beach, California, to check out an old-school diner with a new school chef in the kitchen. Then he heads north to Jackson, Wyoming, to visit a pizza joint that serves several different varieties of pizza. Finally, he lands in Monterey, California, to check out a brewhouse that serves delicious bar food like parmesan pretzels and short rib grilled cheeses.

This episode stands out for a multitude of reasons. We loved the diversity of food places that Guy visits on the West Coast. Guy loves how the pizza joint tosses all their pizzas. If you watch this episode, you'll be drooling through the screen while watching these pizzas in creation too. After 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the pizzas are sizzling. The chicken and garlic flavor likely have an amazing, outrageous taste. You might want to consider adding Pinky G's Pizzeria in Jackson, Wyoming, to your bucket list.

14. Fresh And Funky (Season 8, Episode 10)

It's time to get "Fresh and Funky": In Season 8, Episode 10, Guy heads to San Francisco, Reno, Nevada, and Charlotte, North Carolina, to try fresh food with a twist. He heads to San Francisco to taste fresh Dungeness crab at one of his favorite ocean-side spots. It's a party on the pier, and the outdoor environment of this restaurant makes this one of the best episodes ever. 

A neighborhood cafe in Reno, Nevada, makes granola from scratch. This episode highlights the Cowgirl Panini, and Guy shows us how the locals order it with a fake whip swung over their heads.

And in Charlotte, North Carolina, Guy visits a family-run diner that's a local favorite of people on the East Coast. This place is called Landmark Diner, and it stops passersby in their tracks. The home-cooked food hits differently and serves up delicious, whole turkeys that are boiled, not roasted.

13. Stuffed And Twisted (Season 20, Episode 2)

Let's get "Stuffed and Twisted" on Episode 2, Season 20 of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives," and watch as Guy trips from coast to coast, trying funky foods. Guy takes viewers outside of the typical local tourist traps, and that's exactly what we love about this show. 

In this episode, Guy heads to Jackson, Wyoming, where an ex-Marine brings chicken pot pie, homemade soups, and pretzels to the small town. The texture of the pot pie is wonderful, and you can see the steam right through the screen. 

We especially loved the Monterey stop, which was a second-generation Italian joint that served up mom's meaty lasagna and minestrone. It's our favorite restaurant in this episode, and Guy agrees after tasting their home-cooked massive lasagna plate.

Finally, he heads to Boston and tries The Bird, a roast chicken dinner that serves delicious crispy bread and panini pressed into perfection.

12. Delicious Discoveries (Season 28, Episode 2)

This episode is all about "Delicious Discoveries": on this trip, Guy Fieri explores some culinary discoveries all across the United States and offers us glimpses of various exciting and delicious dishes. He ventures to Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas for international cuisines you wouldn't normally expect in these areas.

After this episode, you'll be craving more Nepalese-Tibetan specialties. Guy kicks off this episode in Columbus, Ohio, where he finds a hidden gem tucked in the back of a grocery store. This location offers an incredibly unique and deliciously exciting culinary experience.

Next, Guy heads west to Dallas to try a Mexican spot, followed by a place that serves dishes that hail from Afghanistan. We love watching the creation of the seven-spiced basmati rice topped with a lamb shank. As Guy dove in, we really did find ourselves craving a plate of that incredibly tender meat and rice.

11. Lights-Out Latin (Season 28, Episode 10)

In "Lights-Out Latin," Guy dives into all kinds of delicious Latin foods. He starts off by visiting a husband-and-wife duo in Miami who serves sensational Peruvian sandwiches before going to Wilmington, North Carolina, to taste the flavors of Panama. Lastly, Fieri ends up in Tucson, Arizona, for a funky twist on tacos and carne asada.

While in Miami, Guy doesn't shy away from exclaiming about the ridiculous flavors of this spot's sandwiches and rice dishes. When he says something is "out of bounds," you know it has got to be great. While we haven't been to this Miami spot, we can tell that the food tastes good.

Guy gets to Tucson and gets a mouthful of Mexican with a funk-alicious twist, as he calls it. These tacos look like they're to die for, and we know Guy agrees. We'll definitely be making a pit stop here next time we go through the Southwest.

10. Not Your Typical Joints (Season 26, Episode 7)

In "Not Your Typical Joints," Guy Fieri goes off the beaten path and towards some unique joints. He starts at a seafood shack in Cancun where beachgoers enjoy shark pescadillas and unique Mayan fresh-fish cuisine. This joint looks like your average beach shack in the front but provides all the party in the back.

Next, back stateside, Guy heads to Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit an eatery tucked inside a beer store that serves up unreal waffle creations. These wild waffles look more like giant paninis, and they likely leave you full way past breakfast time.

Lastly, this Houston spot is serving a surprising spin on surf and turf. This not-so-average sushi joint mashes up the barbecue in sushi in an extremely unconventional way. Guy famously says to the chef about his creations, "take a right, but you went left," meaning the creations at this spot are anything but ordinary. 

9. Funky Joints (Season 6, Episode 1)

Flavortown meets Funkytown on "Funky Joints," where Guy visits some of the funkiest food joints across the country. What makes this episode funkier than the others, you may wonder? 

He starts off outside Fort Worth, Texas, and this place is not like the others. This joint is essentially a gas station with a menu serving up chicken alfredo and duck a l'orange. According to one patron, it's the best gas station she has ever eaten at, and we can imagine why.

The second stop leads to a Seattle cafe where former circus performers serve plates like homemade pasta ravioli with elk. Guy raves over the stellar pasta and performers in this joint. Talk about dinner and a show.

Lastly, this Sacramento dive bar serves up prime rib, drawing in people of all ages. If Guy describes it as "beautiful," you know it has got to be good.

8. All Kinds Of Comfort (Season 28, Episode 4)

Is comfort food the best kind of food? In Episode 5 of Season 28, Guy heads to various "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" that serve up "All Kinds Of Comfort." On this trip, Guy drives to Phoenix, Boulder, and Dallas to try the best of comfort cooking.

First up in Gilbert, Arizona, Guy heads to a funky joint where they stack up fully loaded barbecue fries and put a unique spin on chilaquiles.

In Boulder, Colorado, this pizza place loads up the pies and their meatball grinder. Can you say mega meaty pie? Guy even refers to the grinder as "Godzilla-sized" because the meatballs coming out feel a bit overwhelming, but it's no match for the Triple D King himself.

Finally, this Dallas spot cranks out all kinds of off-the-chain chicken. Guy notes this chicken has a great crunch, which, as we know, is a key component of fried chicken.

7. Fish, Fries, And Feet (Season 22, Episode 1)

Fish, Fries, and Feet, oh my! In Episode 1 of Season 22, Guy tries a multitude of food items from land and sea.

In Syracuse, New York, Guy confidently exclaims that Kitty Hoynes is the Irish Pub you've been training for; can you step up to the plate? They take a turn on the Ruben and throw in an Irish take on a meatloaf. Guy calls this place the real deal.

If you fancy catfish cake, listen closely to this one. No, this isn't your typical cake dessert. This restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, serves up chunky catfish with a multitude of spices and veggies to create the fried cake of your dreams.

And in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Guy visits a soul-food spot run by an incredible husband-wife duo that dishes out big portions of turkey chops and pig feet. If you don't like hooves, maybe steer clear of this episode. 

6. Twists And Traditions (Season 8, Episode 9)

In Season 8, Episode 9, Guy rolls in for old-school classics with a twist. "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" is no stranger to twists, so let's dive in to see what these restaurant joints are serving up.

In Cleveland, the Mod Mexican joint takes a traditional tuna taco and adds a twist with blood orange marmalade and guacamole with house-smoked trout. Guy calls it righteous as he takes a big bite of a taquito.

On the other side of the country in Santa Cruz, California, this bait and tackle shop turned dock-side dining serves homemade Italian cuisine and fresh calamari just like nonna used to make. The ravioli made from scratch leaves Guy almost speechless. 

Finally, in Chaffee, New York, you can enjoy food like it was in the old days at this 50+-year-old restaurant. This place still does chicken a la king from scratch, and Guy confirms it might be better than grandma's.

5. Mega Mouthfuls (Season 26, Episode 3)

"Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" always serves up Mega Mouthfuls of food, especially on Season 26, Episode 3. Guy warns viewers that on this trip, he's unhinging the jaw for some major mouthfuls of food at these various restaurant joints.

To kick things off, he visits the "boss of the sauce" in Robbinsville, New Jersey. This authentic Italian market cooks up prosciutto bread and multi-meat sauces with everything else you could want on the deli counter. You definitely don't see this kind of spot in California.

In Portland, Oregon, you won't believe your eyes at the sight of the "shabamwich." This unreal barbecue food truck stacks sandwiches higher than you ever thought possible. Grab a fork and knife for this one.

Finally, in Louisville, Kentucky, Guy notes he can't host the show because he can't stop shoveling spoonfuls of food from this funky seafood spot that piles its specialties on top of waffles. Talk about a mega mouthful.

4. All Day Dining (Season 20, Episode 5)

In Season 20, Episode 5, we're heading straight to flavor town to explore the best of All-Day Dining. Guy tries it all in this episode, from day to night. In Wilson, Wyoming, this log cabin-style restaurant takes banana french toast to a whole new level. This down-home joint serves up slam dunk short ribs and other early-morning classics. Everything is made from scratch here, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. We'll take the prime rib and baked potato, please.

Then in Monterrey, California, a neighborhood spot keeps things local by making dishes from scratch, like apple pancakes and three-pork porchetta. This joint really pulls off the triple play of pork. 

Finally, Guy heads to Long Beach, California, where this gastropub mixes up the menu by marrying pork belly with octopus. It's truly a twist on surf and turf. Guy loves it so much he jokes this place needs to shut the front and back doors.

3. Multicultural Cooking (Season 26, Episode 11)

Episode 11 from Season 26 highlights multicultural cooking as Guy digs into traditions across cultures and warns viewers to buckle up for the "real deal." Any veteran Triple D viewer knows Guy rarely polishes off the entire course, but at this real-deal Mexican place in Downtown Houston, Guy's scraping his plate. He adds that dishes seldom surprise him, but the tortillas and tacos here are truly something else.

Then the third stop leads Guy to a Jewish deli-on-wheels that serves peak pastrami and legit lox. This chef takes pastrami and puts it into dishes like Tacos and egg rolls, which leads to wonderfully unusual combinations. If you're going for breakfast, however, definitely don't pass up a simple but classic bagel with lox.

Finally, a pizzeria in Orlando, Florida, serves up pincho-ria. This place doesn't stop at pinchos. They serve up all kinds of Puerto Rican flare.

2. Big Food, Small Towns (Season 25, Episode 9)

It's a small-town showdown on Season 25, Episode 9, of "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" with the "Big Food, Small Towns" episode. These towns may be small, but they're serving up big flavors. A diner in Vincentown, New Jersey, diner makes mile-high meatloaf and triple-decker apple pie French Toast that are so good Guy can't stop eating it. We don't blame him: Triple-decker french toast is one of our love languages.

This 1700s Inn turned gastropub in Rocky Hill, New Jersey, makes tomato burgers and disco fries. Guy loves the way the chef rolls the fries, and we don't blame him. This plate looks absolutely delectable as it dishes out incredible pub grub with a side of history.

Finally, this butchery in Raymond, New Hampshire, serves up burgers and corn dogs that have been made from scratch. Guy exclaims he's never seen anything like this setup. Everything's 100% next level.

1. Rollin' In The Dough (Season 28, Episode 7)

Guy rolls in the dough in Season 28, Episode 7. He kicks off the trip in Mesa, Arizona, to visit an authentic Hawaiian joint that serves up the best island specialties, lunch plates, and marinated meats, including a meaty bun. Everything's infused with a lot of flavors that are guaranteed to transport you to island time.

Down the road, a place in Tucson, Arizona, cooks up a big-time saucy sandwich and spinach dip calzone like nothing you've ever seen. In reality, the backbone of this spot is pizza; at least, that's how it started. Since then, the menu has been expanded to include all kinds of Italian freshness.

On the east coast in Miami, Florida, a funky shop makes artisan doughnuts and turns pastries into savory sandwiches. Guy describes this place as "creatively sweet, yet surprisingly savory." It's the twist on baked goods you didn't see coming.