Guy Fieri Isn't As Obnoxious As People Think, Here's Why

I have a confession: I used to become unbearably annoyed by the mere sight of Guy Fieri. Whenever "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" played on TV, his bleached blond, spiky hair, backward sunglasses, flame-embossed bowling shirts, and louder-than-life personality got under my skin for no discernable reason. Perhaps he reminded me of classmates from high school. Or maybe it was the over-the-top bro vibe he emitted. The catchphrases he used to describe dishes he'd demolish — including but not limited to "That's money!"; "This is off the hook!"; and "We're riding the bus to Flavortown!" — left a weird taste in my mouth. But boy, was I wrong about the inventor of Donkey Sauce. Today, I regret every negative thing I ever said about this angel on earth, despite his blazin' getups and apparent hunger for attention.

Admittedly, I am not one to judge people's fashion sense, nor should I be so turned off by anyone's personality, as I, too, have many foibles — like my loquaciousness for example (as demonstrated herein). But over time, especially recently, I've warmed up to the unapologetic Food Network star. In fact, I now consider him to be one of my favorite celebrity chefs. Why the change, you may ask? I learned how stellar of a human being Guy Fieri really is.

Guy Fieri is dedicated to his craft

Some people may argue that, because Guy Fieri doesn't have a formal culinary school degree, he isn't a real chef. Well, last time I checked, neither do Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray, nor Nigella Lawson. In other words, the diploma doesn't matter as much as haters think it does. Plus, in their defense, I majored in information technology in college and am now a full-time writer. Oops.

So, yes, one would be correct in saying Fieri is not a classically trained chef. However, there's no doubt that he's a successful restaurateur who knows a thing or two about operating multiple eateries around the globe and crafting buzzworthy menus. As one can imagine, a solid number of Fieri's restaurants serve comfort foods such as monstrous burgers, extra cheesy pizzas, finger-lickin'-good barbecue, juicy chicken tenders — you name it. When you have a knack for something special, it's best you run with it. And, Guy does just that.

Guy Fieri has a wicked awesome sense of humor

I gotta give it to Guy Fieri. He's funny as hell — or, at least, the folks behind his social media accounts are. When I started following him on Instagram, I was pleasantly surprised by the comic relief his goofy posts provided. His Flavortown pages closely follow the latest memes, which, when done right, can provide plenty of laughs. After all, my all-time favorite movies are "Billy Madison" and "Animal House," so I appreciate silliness.

The @flavortownusa Instagram has offered up a collection of gems, including a parody of the "Sleepless in Seattle" theatrical poster, which had me giggling for two minutes straight. In my opinion, being brave enough to laugh at yourself is a superpower.

As it turns out, Fieri is also hilarious in real life. He was one of the first guests on "Hot Ones" in 2017, during which he admitted he'd love to have Rodney Dangerfield, "one of [his] favorite comedians in the whole world," riding shotgun in his red Camaro. "A lot of what goes on, very similar to what I was watching in your show, is you gotta be able to listen to what you're told and react from it," he shares. "Someone like Rodney Dangerfield, in my opinion, would be able to pick up on that rhythm, 'cause it's hot and fast."

It's clear Fieri has a very active funny bone. However, after delving a little bit deeper, it's also true that he has a huge heart.

Guy Fieri has donated millions to struggling restaurateurs

When the coronavirus pandemic shook the world in March 2020, millions of businesses around the globe were forced to shutter and/or abide by strict safety protocols, which led to a lack of customers willing to venture out of their homes. Restaurants were among the establishments that were hit the hardest, as few people trusted others to cook and serve their meals.

Guy Fieri, being the kind and generous soul he is, took action to help restaurateurs and their employees stay afloat monetarily when tragedy struck. His Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, a partnership with the National Restaurant Association, raised a whopping $21.5 million to help support more than 43,000 restaurant employees across all 50 states and various U.S. territories.

I won't lie; Fieri's signature show used to gross me out. Some man standing in the kitchen snarfing on food before it's served? Hard pass. However, it has dawned on me that the program has put the spotlight on countless family-owned establishments, which has undoubtedly made a massive difference in so many people's lives.

Here's another lesser-known story that tugs at my heartstrings. His late sister Morgan, who passed away in 2011, followed a vegetarian — and at times, vegan — diet. Although Guy himself is not an herbivore, he has learned to cook numerous vegetarian meals in honor of her.

Whether you adore him or find him intolerable, the Mayor of Flavortown probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I, for one, am totally cool with that.