Freezing Strawberry Milk Elevates The Nostalgic Treat To New Heights

We've all been there —  wandering through the store, feeling a bit disenchanted with adulthood, and in need of a much-loved treat from our childhood to perk us up. Then, when we bite into that familiar candy bar or take a sip from that drink that is way too sweet for our grown-up taste buds, we're transported back to a time when every day seemed sunny.

Yet, with all of the trappings of adulthood, there are some extra freedoms not available to us as kids. We can use the stove, hog fridge, and add unexpected ingredients to our meals to satisfy a nostalgic craving.

Take strawberry milk, for example. Consider how many tasty treats call for strawberries, particularly blended frozen strawberries. With a little bit of ingenuity and experimentation, you can use this childhood staple to add a nostalgic flair to your day — and it all starts with opening the freezer door.

Sweetening your faves with frozen strawberry milk

In case you're wondering, freezing milk is fine, both in airtight containers and ice cube trays. Just make sure you aren't using a full bottle, as it expands upon freezing! Indeed, freezing milk can make it last longer, but it also opens up opportunities to get creative. When a frozen recipe calls for strawberries and milk, such as Miriam Hahn's strawberry smoothie popsicles, try substituting them for strawberry milk to achieve a kick of nostalgia. For a cold treat on a hot day, you can use strawberry milk instead of strawberries and condensed milk in no-churn strawberry ice cream or sorbet.

These hacks can be applied to drinks, too. Try freezing your cubes overnight and dunking them in your blender to perk up your morning smoothie. Switching out the frozen strawberries and milk in a peanut butter and jelly smoothie is a particularly simple (but tasty) example. If you want to crank the sweet childhood memories up to 11, use frozen strawberry milk to whip up a Barbie shake.