The Expert-Approved Marshmallow Mix-In You've Been Overlooking

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There are so many different things you can do with a marshmallow, but some additions are more overlooked than others. To find which obscure mix-in you've been neglecting in your kitchen, Mashed spoke to Jessie Sheehan. Sheehan is a celebrated cookbook author, recipe developer, baker, and host of the number one baking podcast in the U.S., "She's My Cherry Pie." She also happens to have a number of delicious marshmallow-inspired recipes available on her website, Jessie Sheehan Bakes.

When asked about unexpected marshmallow mix-ins, Sheehan admitted to being "a bit of a purist," loving "a straight up vanilla marshmallow" as well as chocolate and peppermint marshmallows. However, she followed her nod toward standard flavors with "I've also seen marshmallows with candied ginger, and I love that idea."

Candied ginger is a zesty mix of sugar and spice, which adds an unexpected kick to the traditionally subtle marshmallow. It also complements chocolate beautifully, particularly when candied or crystallized, so if you're planning on making homemade marshmallows to top your decadent hot chocolate or mix in to your chocolate marshmallow crispy bars, candied ginger is a particularly worthy contender. You can buy ready-made candied ginger or make it yourself by cooking sliced ginger root in sugar-and-water syrup and rolling the finished product in sugar.

Candied ginger can spice up more than marshmallows

Now that you've been brought into the candied ginger marshmallow fold, it's time to expand your horizons. Not only are there plenty of health benefits of eating ginger, but it can also add its kick to an abundance of recipes, especially desserts.

Candied and fresh ginger are the secret ingredients in this blueberry bread, for example, mixing with sweet, bright blueberries to create an end product that is both fruity and zesty. Other great additions to your afternoon tea fantasy are French ginger and lemon scones, where candied ginger is folded into the scone's dough to create a deliciously spiced bake. The addition of lemony icing splashes more zest across your palate, with the sugar and cream bringing a smoothness that prevents your taste buds from becoming overwhelmed. Whether you're craving sweet or savory, there are so many ginger recipes that will add zing to your menu.

If you don't have any candied ginger on hand, you can substitute it for ground ginger. Because ground ginger is more concentrated, you should be mindful of your measurements to avoid overpowering your recipe. Swapping ½ cup of candied ginger for every teaspoon of ground ginger will bring sufficient zest without spoiling your dish. You won't need to worry about supplementing the sugar, either, as the sugar content in candied ginger is there for texture rather than flavor.