Jenny Kellerhals

Photo of Jenny Kellerhals
Astoria, NY
Philadelphia University
Art Institute Of Philadelphia
Baking And Pastry Techniques, Cheese, Wine
  • Jenny is a food and beverage writer based in Queens, NYC.
  • Her writing also appears on POPSUGAR Food, The Spruce Eats, Tasting Table, and Medium.
  • While she's spent the last decade professionally cooking desserts in NYC pastry kitchens, Jenny's first love is cheese.


Jenny began her professional pastry career in 2009 after leaving the architecture field. She landed her first pastry job at a tiny walk-up bakery in Philadelphia and knew instantly that she wanted to cook forever. From there, she voraciously pursued a pastry career in New York City, becoming a pastry chef while working her way through Michelin-starred picks, SoHo hot spots, and cult-favorite kitchens. In 2019 she shifted gears once again to food writing and recipe development to bring her cooking experience to a wider audience.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Philadelphia University, Jenny changed course to pursue her interest in baking and pastry at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Since then, she's applied the creativity and problem-solving experience from design school to her culinary and writing career, as well as constantly learning new techniques and cuisines on the job.
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