Jenny Kellerhals

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Queens, NY
Philadelphia University, Art Institute Of Philadelphia
Professional Pastry Techniques, Cheese Pairings, Culinary Travel
  • Jenny began her pastry career in 2009, and she has been a professional pastry chef in New York City since 2011.
  • Her first love is cheese, which she finds a way to incorporate into as many dishes as she can, both sweet and savory.
  • She left restaurants in 2020, to pursue food writing and pastry styling for cookbooks and TV shows on HBO, Starz, Netflix, FX, and Amazon.


Jenny joined Static Media in 2021, regularly contributing to the Features, News, and Recipe Development teams on Mashed and Tasting Table. After leaving a career in architecture, she dove head-first into the world of baking and pastry. In 2009, she started as a pastry assistant at Tartes Fine Cakes & Pastries in Philadelphia, before moving to New York City in 2011. In NYC, she refined her cooking skills and techniques at Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster Harlem, Michael White's Michelin-starred Marea, and Osteria Morini — where she earned her first sous chef and chef positions. She went on to take a pastry chef position with the Craveable Hospitality Group under Zac Young before moving to the highly esteemed M. Wells Steakhouse under Hugue Dufour in Long Island City, Queens. In 2020, Jenny set her sights on food writing and cooking independently for film and print. She regularly contributes insights on baking tools and equipment on The Spruce Eats and has appeared on Serious Eats and POPSUGAR Food. She writes features for Yahoo! Lifestyle and native digital ad content for Allrecipes, Real Simple, and Better Homes & Gardens.


Jenny has a Bachelor of Science in architecture from Philadelphia University and a diploma in baking & pastry arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. She has pursued post collegiate studies with The New School x Rolling Stone Media Writing Essentials course, copywriting training with Sarah Turner's Write Your Way to Freedom course, and food writing courses with veteran writers and editors Dianne Jacob and Devra Ferst.
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