Aldi Is Bringing Back Its Fan-Favorite Pickle Popcorn

That pickles in everything trend really seems to have legs. Ok, maybe pickle ice cream was a flop and Sonic's pickle juice slushies weren't such a hit, while Rick and Morty-themed pickle-flavored seltzer will likely remain a niche product. Yes, drinking pickle juice is a health trend, but it's not one that everyone's ready to embrace unless they really, really love pickles. Pickles in food, however, yes, we're all down with that. Pringles had a Pickle Rick flavor that was well-received, while pickles on pizza, though maybe never destined to be as canon as pepperoni, are on pace to be more popular than pineapple (though that may not be saying a lot).

One perfectly natural pairing is pickle-flavored popcorn since the vinegary tang of the pickle flavoring complements the saltiness of the popcorn, and dill has always been an herb better-suited for savory foods than sweet ones. Pickle-flavored popcorn is nothing new, but whenever a product debuts at Aldi, it always generates a buzz amongst that store's fan base for two reasons: (1) The Aldi version is bound to be cheaper than most of the competitors and (2) If Aldi is your go-to grocer, you're only going to see one of these hot new (or not-so-new) products once Aldi comes up with their own generic version since they don't carry too many name brands. That's why the return of Clancy's Dill Pickle Popcorn (an upcoming Aldi Find) is generating a certain amount of buzz.

This pickle popcorn may already be available

According to Best Products, this pickle popcorn seems to have been introduced for the first time in January of 2020, then at some point, it went away but came back again in May of that year. Then it must have gone away again, if for no other reason than to get us excited about its return. Aldi seems to have taken to heart the question "How can we miss you if you won't go away?" and turned it into a marketing strategy. According to Aldi's ad, the pickle popcorn will be back on the store shelves for the 3rd time on January 20th.

It seems, though, that some Aldis may have jumped the gun a bit. Instagrammer aldiusa posted a pic of the item, announcing its soon-to-be-released status, and one commenter promptly replied, "I saw the pickle popcorn thus past weekend I'm ashamed to say I've already eaten a whole bag since Saturday," while another announced, "I got 3 bags!" Still, others were eagerly awaiting the product, with comments like "we LOVE this in our house!! I always grab a few bags when I see it!" and "The dill popcorn is the bomb!!" But some weren't quite so thrilled, saying "idk about this" and "maybe its good." Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it'll only set you back $1.69 for a 7.5-ounce bag. To Aldi's credit, it seems the price hasn't changed at all over the past year.