Papa John's Just Brought Back A Pizza With An Unexpected Ingredient

Have you ever had a pickle pizza? If not, you're really missing out, as the slight acidity from the pickles cuts through the sometimes too-rich (and often too-greasy) cheese and meat, taking your pizza to a whole new level. "Okay, fine, I'm sold," you may be saying, "but where do I get one of these pickle pizzas of which you speak if don't live near any trendy, hipster pizzerias?" Well, you could always add your own pickles, but then you wouldn't get that extra deliciousness that comes with having them baked right in with the rest of the toppings. So what's a pickle-loving pizza eater to do?

Well, here comes Papa John's to the rescue! According to a hot-off-the-presses press release (via Business Wire), the fast food pizza chain will be bringing back an old favorite just in time for it's-going-to-be-too-cold-to-go-out-so-we-might-as-well-stay-home-and-eat-pizza season. Coming soon to a delivery vehicle near you, it's Papa John's fan favorite, the oh-so-healthy Double Cheeseburger Pizza!

All the details about Papa John's pickle-tacular pizza

Okay, so we lied about the healthy part. It's a chain pizza, after all, and one that Brand Eating says has 410 calories per slice, so... yeah, you may want to skip lunch. But it'll be worth it. Papa John's describes the Double Cheeseburger Pizza as being topped with "zesty burger sauce, sizzling ground beef, fresh Roma tomatoes, cheese made from mozzarella and, of course, dill pickles." It costs a reasonable $12 for a large pie, but if you want something smaller, is also available in the form of a $6 "Papadia" that the press release says "tastes like a cheeseburger wrapped in Papa John's signature pizza dough." They also describe this dish as the meatiest Papadia yet, featuring a quarter pound of beef (plus pickles).

So when can you pick up a pack of Papa's pickle pizzas? If you're a Papa Rewards member, you can do so as soon as you can pick up your phone (plus delivery time, of course — we wouldn't want the driver getting in an accident). If you haven't joined this elite crew, however, these pizzas will be released to the general public on October 26th and available through December 27th. This could be convenient if turkeys join the list with canned corn and baking supplies as products that will be hard to come by this holiday season, plus, red tomatoes + green pickles = pretty darn Christmassy (just ask the Duggars, who have an interesting holiday tradition revolving around pickle gifting). Here's wishing everyone a peaceful, pickle-and-pizza-filled holiday season, courtesy of Papa Claus.