The Truth About Harry Fiebelman From Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge

This spring, the Food Network has a sweet treat for fans of baking competitions. Easter Basket Challenge, which begins March 1 at 10 pm (via Food Network), features seven baking artists who will compete for the "Bunny Money" — a tasty $25,000! Sunny Anderson of The Kitchen (via IMDB) is hosting the show, and the contestants will be judged by Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval.

One of the bakers we suspect we'll enjoy getting to know is Harry Fiebelman of St. Louis, Missouri. On his website, The Unperfect Chef, Fiebelman says he developed a love of pastry early in life and knew even as a youngster that his "life should be filled with food." Fiebelman describes himself as a "pastry chef, plant daddy, and flower child."

The California native has a degrees in baking and pastry from two prestigious institutions: Johnson and Wales University and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie in France (via LinkedIn), and, according to a video to promote his online baking classes, Fiebelman says he returned to the United States from France with the goal of teaching others the joy of baking. Many people hold back from learning to bake for fear of failure, according to Fiebelman. However, he strongly believes that even imperfection should be celebrated (which should come as good news to Dan Levy). While the judges might not be so forgiving of imperfection, how can we not love this guy?

Harry Fiebelman does more than just bake

One of Food Network's Easter Basket Challenge contestants, Harry Fiebelman is more than a baker. Perusing his website, it's obvious that Fiebelman has an insatiable curiosity when it comes to food and all things food-related. Fiebelman dabbles in herbal remedies, fermentation, honey production, and food science. He's a bit plant-obsessed, too, and has a lavender tattoo on his arm. "My love of lavender runs deep," writes Fiebelman of the herb, which is said to bring good luck. "It has been something I hold close to my heart for years. Getting this tattoo...solidified its placement in my life."

Of course, Fiebelman is also a prolific pastry maker and his creations (via Instagram) include everything from decadent and beautiful chocolate cakes to rhubarb and strawberry galette to Chinese five-spice bundt cakes, figgy pudding, panettone, and fortune cookies. He also teaches baking in video subscription series on his site (via The Unperfect Chef).

His Instagram also showcases his candy and fudge-making skills, which should probably come in handy during Easter Basket Challenge.

Of the upcoming show, Fiebelman wrote on his website, "It's a dream to be on Food Network after growing up watching others compete. Now it's my turn hop into the kitchen."

Fiebelman is so charming and likable, it's going to be hard not to root for him in Easter Basket Challenge!