Costco Shoppers Are Excited About These Massive Bags Of Cadbury Mini Eggs

It might seem hard to believe, but Easter is just a few short weeks away. While some traditional Easter festivities like Easter egg hunts may be limited this year, there is one thing that the pandemic can't take away from the celebrations: the candy. Settling down and enjoying some classic Easter candy is one of the best parts of the holiday, for both children and adults. From chocolate bunnies to Peeps, there is no shortage of delicious Easter candy for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, no list of Easter candy could ever be complete without Cadbury eggs, which are a staple of the holiday in all varieties. And this year, Costco is helping people get into the Easter spirit by releasing a massive bag of Cadbury mini eggs at a steal for just $11.49 (via Instagram). Each bag contains a whopping 42 ounces of milk chocolate mini eggs, so you can grab a bag to start enjoying now, and still have plenty left over to serve on Easter Sunday.

These Cadbury mini eggs are tempting enough to finish in one sitting

Well, that is, assuming you don't devour the whole bag in one sitting, which is a very real fear that many Costco shoppers expressed on social media. The popular Instagram account @costcodeals made a post alerting their followers to the find, and their followers could hardly contain their excitement over the new deal. "I absolutely cannot be trusted with that bag," user @sattuarino joked on Instagram, and user @saxeycat agreed: "Bought them. Ate them. Need more." Follower @momma_dambrogia raved "OMGAWD!! What an Easter blessing."

Whether you are planning a small gathering of loved ones, or just celebrating the Easter holiday quietly at home, these Cadbury mini eggs are sure to help brighten your holiday. They can even be included in unique Easter treats, from egg nest cupcakes to peanut butter and candy egg blondies (via Good Housekeeping). Instagram user @simply_brooken commented that they planned to use them for a cookie cake.

So don't forget to make time this week to head to your local Costco and pick up a bag. And if you are one of the Costco fans who is worried you might eat the whole bag before Easter Sunday, don't worry — there's no rule against purchasing two bags of the festive treats (or even three).