The Reason Gordon Ramsay Hates Hawaiian Pizza

Noted chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his in-your-face attitude and his strong views on food. When it comes to his favorite foods, Ramsay loves Asian cuisine, particularly Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes for their flavors and the fact that they can be relatively healthier. And what does the chef not like? Well, truffle oil, particularly the way it's used by chefs (via Taste of Home). Ramsay says many chefs don't quite know how to use truffle oil and use far too much at once. But perhaps most famously, Ramsay is also not a fan of pineapple on pizza

Back in 2018, Ramsay shot back at a fan on Twitter who wrote that they find pineapple with pizza rather innovative and reckon that there shouldn't be such rigid rules when it comes to food (via PopSugar). Well, Ramsay was having none of it. His reply was short and direct. "Pineapple does not go on top of pizza....." Ramsay wrote. Yikes!

He doesn't think pineapple goes well with pizza

This wasn't the first time that the British chef expressed his distaste for Hawaiian pizza. As per the Huffington Post, Ramsay made his opinion clear during his appearance on The Nightly Show. For a particular segment, Ramsay called for pizza and asked his audience members to weigh in with suggestions for topping options. When someone suggested pineapples, Ramsay was annoyed enough to temporarily ignore his phone call and say, "You don't put f****** pineapple on pizza." He went back to his pizza order and specified that he didn't want pineapples at all. 

According to The Daily Edge, the chef did pledge to eat Hawaiian pizza back in 2017 for the sake of charity. But his description of the pizza itself was not charitable. He called it a "monstrosity." When he was forced to eat that hated meal, his face spoke volumes, and his mouth said, "Imagine salty, sweet cardboard... because that's exactly what's gone in my mouth right now. Not good." Seems like nothing can change the chef's mind, eh?