Fans Are Loving This Photo Of Pioneer Woman And Her Daughter Twinning

Ree Drummond, or the Pioneer Woman, is always sharing behind-the-scenes and family moments on social media and Instagram. From super-relatable cooking mistakes, to a post for her 25th anniversary, Drummond gets plenty of positive responses from her fans on the insights into her life. And it's no different with this wonderful post of Drummond and her daughter Alex twinning.

At first glance at Drummond's Instagram post, it's just a sweet photo of her and her daughter Alex in a restaurant. They're wearing different outfits, so where's that twin look? It turns out, it's all in the hair, which Drummond reveals in the second slide of her post. Ree Drummond and Alex Drummond Scott both turn to the side to show off the matching clips in their hair. In the caption of the post, Drummond writes, "Alex and I met for dinner while I was in Texas and we both wore our hair up in chip clips ... Ponytail holders don't tie, they never have tied, and the matter is settled." Will you hop on the trend with the Drummonds?

What people are saying about Ree Drummond and her daughter Alex

Besides showing off her dinner with Alex, Ree Drummond asked her followers what they call the accessory they used to put their hair up. Based on her Instagram post, Drummond calls them "chip clips," and commenters gave input on their own terms for the hair holders.

Aarti Sequeira, who hosts the show "Aarti Party," left a comment saying, "Thank you for keeping me hip. I think we called [them] crocodile clips? And I didn't know I could wear them in public again!!!" 

Other commenters said that they referred to this accessory as "banana clips" and just plain old "ponytail holders."

Besides commenting on the clip itself, one Instagram user said that the two were "very adorable." 

Another person said, "You look amazing" followed by two heart emojis.

We'd have to agree, and we love the personal moments that the Pioneer Woman shares with all of her fans and followers. If you want to look like Ree Drummond, head out to the store to purchase some "chip clips," and if you want to cook like her, you can find plenty of tips, including the secret ingredient in her creamy mashed potatoes.