Why Trader Joe's Ravioli Is Raising Questions On Reddit

Trader Joe's has a tendency to cause quite a stir on social media for various reasons, ranging from its fun food options to its commendable customer service. Their specialty items are also regularly lauded, from their new Pizza Bread Cheese to their famous Jingle Jangle seasonal favorite. Even some of their stores get a lot of attention, like the recently opened Upper East Side location in Manhattan.

And while some of their items have caused a bit of a negative stir or turned out to be a bit more controversial or divisive (like their oat milk non-dairy dessert), there is no doubt that Trader Joe's has a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates news and releases of new items on shelves. 

That said, a recent Reddit post has proven that even the seemingly ordinary ravioli at Trader Joe's can be fodder for conversation — though not necessarily for a good reason.

Can you spot the difference?

Reddit user expressed their disappointment when the two ravioli packages they got from Trader Joe's had vastly unequal contents. The user showed a photo of two pans that allegedly contained what was inside the two bags (which the user bought during the same shopping trip). One bag was almost entirely pasta with very little sauce, while the other was almost entirely sauce with very little pasta. "I opened the sauce heavy bag first and would have been devastated if I didn't have a second."

As the user pointed out, "I know people have been posting about this issue with the ravioli and other pasta products! I ended up combining the two bags to make two normal bags of ravioli." So this is definitely not the first time there's been a ravioli mishap from TJ's. One shopper even reported finding a tortellini in their ravioli bag

Luckily, these mistakes aren't exactly the harmful kind. Still, TJ's may want to check on their ravioli packagers moving forward.