Taco Bell Had A Hilarious Response To This Skittles Tweet

If there's one experience that brands on social media know too well, it's being subject to the same question from fans over and over again. So fittingly, the hot conversation on Twitter today began when fast-food chain Taco Bell tweeted a query for fellow social media managers, "Number 1 question you're tired of answering from the brand account, we'll go first: WhEN iS MExicAn PiZzA CoMiNg BAcK?"  For those unaware, the chain announced last fall the popular item would return to its menus in 2022, so it makes sense they'd be annoyed at being asked incessantly about it.

Several brands jumped to the replies, sharing the various discontinued products customers have repeatedly pestered them about. Little Caesars noted that it gets asked about pretzel pizza crust on a regular basis. T-Mobile, meanwhile, wrote about being begged to bring back the iconic Sidekick cell phone, to which Taco Bell responded, "If we close our eyes we can still hear the click of the screens sliding up."

Another big brand that notably responded to the tweet was Skittles, who said a common question is, "¿WhEn is liME cOmiNG bACk?" For reference, back in 2013, the company put its lime flavor on the chopping block in favor of swapping in the green apple as the new signature green flavor (via People). Though one might think based on the replies that Taco Bell would have been supportive of its colorful comrade's social media woes, the chain had a much funnier response in mind.

Taco Bell doesn't think lime Skittles fans exist

Everyone needs a friend to call them out on their exaggerations. Apparently for, Skittles, that friend is Taco Bell. Taking a dig at the rainbow candy brand's suggestion that people are begging for a lime comeback, Taco Bell tweeted, "WHO is asking for lime skittles?" 

Even though the jab was lighthearted, one can't deny Taco Bell did raise a valid question with its all-caps emphasis on "who." After all, lime has never been the brand's most popular flavor. Per Food & Wine, that title belongs to Strawberry, which, by the way, was turned into a Taco Bell Freeze (via the Taco Bell website). But lime doesn't even make the top on any official list ranking the rainbow-colored candy. It's not like Skittles doesn't know this, either, considering one of the reasons the company ditched lime in the first place was its underperformance in taste tests (via People).

However, while the Bell's sassy response is undeniably hilarious, it looks like it awakened some passionate lime Skittles defenders. Several made their presence known in the replies, letting the fast-food chain know they aren't going anywhere. One user even quote-tweeted the brand's question and wrote, "Literally everyone. Don't you dare try to take this from me." Good news if you are one of those few who make up that "WHO": Skittles already announced last year that lime was in fact making a comeback, so even if Taco Bell doesn't see you, at least the rainbow does!