Popular Skittles Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

If both an M&M and a Skittle were world-renowned books, instead of pieces of candy that sometimes sate children, then each of them would have a similar cover. After all, on the front and the back of the candies are a single classic hue, with an elegant letter printed on them. The pair of them might even share a similar red, blue, or green complexion. Yes, from the outside, these products can seem almost identical.

However, there's an old cliché about this very topic, and thusly, these two products are completely different. When you bite into M&Ms, you get a crunch of chocolate. And when you munch on a Skittle, you instead get a burst of an artificial fruit flavor. Which flavor, you may ask? Well, this brings us to another difference between these two candies. While there is a variety of Double M's currently on the market, there are literally more than 30 types of Skittles.

And this, my fellow culinary explorers, brings us to the crux of what we'll be discussing today. For we're about to go on an adventure which ranks 23 popular flavors of Skittle. Now, some will be radical, most will be horrific, but hopefully, by the end of our journey, you won't have to ever judge this brand by its cover.

23. Sour Strawberry

According to the candy manufacturer Wrigley, the first sour Skittles were released to the public in the year 2000. And the current flavors found in a pack of them aren't messing about. Seriously, they're all incredibly acidic. Nevertheless, this isn't necessarily a good thing.

Take for instance the flavor Sour Strawberry: the worst tasting popular Skittle. These pink ovals are a menace. If society was to start suing candy flavors in our courtrooms, then this product should be taken to one for being that incompetent.

But what makes these Skittles so bad? Okay, for one thing, you can't taste any strawberry at all when you first try one. All you get is a lemony sourness enveloping your face, body, and mind. When the actual strawberry flavor kicks in, it's rather tart, making the whole experience a confusing mess. These lollies are fit for self-punishment, not actual wholesome consumption

22. Sour Grape

While the Sour Grape flavor is superior to the strawberry version, it's only better by a small percentage. Ergo, this variant's mud. Like the previous entry, these ovals feature their fair share of lemon-focused moments. And to be honest, that's bamboozling, because this flavor isn't reminiscent of grapes at all. Moreover, a disparate sour tone could've been used in its place. Wrigley could have implemented a yogurt or vinegary undercurrent instead. This snack calls into question if the company creating it knew that they could make their grape Skittles sour without using a citrus heavy profile.

These candies do possess one alright quality though. Which is the fact that they taste like sour grapes for the first few seconds. Seriously, when this product first releases its flavor bomb, you get an excellent mix of mouth curdling harshness and purple feeling sweetness. However, this combo is far too fleeting. If this snack was more consistent, then it might have been a real winner.

21. Kiwi Lime

The flavor Kiwi Lime doesn't belong to the sour hour family, and it instead can be found in a pack of Tropical Skittles. Nevertheless, this one is also an abject candied failure. So let's just jump into it.

When you first try this lolly, it tastes like a Green Apple Skittle. They're bright, playful, and reminiscent of a Disney cartoon orchid. But these snacks then go mildly sour before collapsing into an imitation of a 2/10 yogurt. Unfortunately, at no point did its brief green apple vibes transform to evoke the nature of kiwi fruit. Nor was the fake yogurt on display similar to lime in any discernible way. Skittles lime flavor should be pulled from the universe. Or at the very least, they could have worked a little harder on the flavoring.

It's also worth mentioning the bad experience that a piece of this candy can leave you with. While the yogurt flavor does dissipate, the aftertaste which one experiences is akin to biting into a raw lime. So, it could be argued that this Skittle is a tad successful. Which might actually be the case, but they're still not at all a good time.

20. Strawberry Starfruit

Okay folks, here we have another Tropical Skittles flavor. Which is also a train that's getting robbed whilst on fire. To put it frankly, Strawberry Starfruits are woeful snacks. In a similar fashion to the previous entry, these pieces of candy possess a yogurty flavor. However, this unpleasant aspect of the dish is consistently there, unlike last time. This is an absolute shame, because the strawberry moments here are rather pleasant. They're dark, tart, and more complex than your average lolly. But this strawberry profile is too short and fleeting.

Now, you may have realized that the second half of this item's name is titled Starfruit. And if this flavor was present, then it either got overpowered by the other elements or didn't save the product as a whole from being terrible. Avoid these candies if you like pleasant things. They're not worth inspecting in a supermarket, buying half-price, or eating for almost any reason.

19. Orange

Ah, finally an original Skittles flavor. However, it's too bad that orange is unequivocally the worst one. That's right, it's a bottom-of-the-barrel sort of feed. This is because these little snacks don't emulate an orange's essence very well. At times, they taste similar to artificial grape candy. And at other times, they're similar to the peculiar fake orange moments that are sometimes present in vitamin C pills. Either way, the sweetness in them has been mishandled. 

Fortunately though, this candy isn't reminiscent of bad yogurt or the sourest lime. But if that's the highest praise it can be awarded, then that's pretty pathetic. If you ever buy a bag of classic Skittles, then do yourself a favor and eat around these ones. Just leave them in the cupboard if you have a family member, friend, or prospective partner that is known for stealing your favorite snacks.

18. Apricot Smoothie

Let's get down to brass tacks: the Apricot Smoothie is a below-average candy. And like some other disappointing flavors, it starts off tasting rather thumbs-up. When you first try one of them, the experience is very similar to having an astounding apricot. The tartness in them is great, whilst the sweetness isn't 100% overpowering. If these apricot-evoking lollies were consistently this competent, then they would be ranked up there with the other decent variants.

This brings us to this product's name, as it's a member of the Skittles Smoothies crew. Because the other recognizable flavor in these pieces of candy is rather yogurt-like. And this profile detracts from their enjoyability. Additionally, the apricot taste dissipates, and by the end of the experience, all your tasting is sugar particulars.

Overall, there's just not much going on with these snacks. They're dull, crummy, and worth skipping. If you want to have an apricot smoothie experience, then just make yourself an apricot smoothie instead of getting these Skittles.

17. Sour Orange

The Sour Orange Skittle is a disaster, albeit, an interesting one. For instance, when you first try out this product, you're tricked into thinking that it's delightful. This is because, unlike the original orange Skittles, these pieces of candy are bright, zesty, and have a more accurate flavor. Nevertheless, this experience then rollercoasters into an extremely sour ride. Which would be fine, if the orange profile was a reliable feature, but it just isn't. By the end of your time with these lollies, you're left with the remains of a sour lemony Skittle, and that's just a little devastating.

Seriously, who is this candy for? Who wants a Skittle that tastes like an orange, then goes sour, and ends up tasting like a lemon? Why would anyone choose this flavor over the stack of superior ones that are currently on offer? Such a product is the nonliteral definition of perfunctory waste.

16. Pineapple Smoothie

Skittles' Pineapple Smoothie is so close to being an average, middle-of-the-road, product. Nevertheless, this candy cannot be adorned with such a mediocre label. It's instead just another unenjoyable mistake. The pineapple flavor is bright and sugary, but also rather unnatural and abrasive. The yogurty taste here is subdued, yet it still detracts from the dish. This diary-inspired element just doesn't mix well with the mock pineapple. This snack needed at least one more round of edits and improvements.

Having these pieces of candy is like going to a rather garish summer resort that's trying way too hard. All of the miserable employees that work there are pretending to be happy, every piece of flora inside of each building is fake, and the whole holiday feels so incredibly cheap. Don't stay at the Skittles' Pineapple Smoothies, there is a heap of better places that you should go visit for a superior candy experience instead.

15. Pineapple Passion Fruit

Alright everyone, here's the Pineapple Passion Fruit Skittle, and it's the first competent flavor to enter the race. But please recognize that these lollies aren't amazing or even pretty good. They instead just sit on the top of a small mound of less pleasant products.

So, what makes this edition decent? Well, for the most part, it tastes consistently like a candied pineapple, which is a win. This flavor isn't too sweet or tart, and this balance is worth recognizing as fine and straightforward. Yet, these candies do leave a lot to be desired. For one thing, they don't taste like passion fruit. They legit fail to live up to the second noun in their name. They also have a strange aftertaste, are blue for no discernible reason, and have no kick to them. Overall, these Skittles aren't worth caring about. They could have done a lot better with this sort of profile.

14. Mango Tangelo

When you first try a Mango Tangelo Skittle, you're confronted with a bright hit of syrupy sweetness. It tastes fantastic. This candy starts off strong, exciting, and with a mango profile. However, this flavor then dissolves, and you begin to experience an apricot sensation. Yes, that's correct, these Skittles don't start to become similar to tangelos, they instead act like dried up slices of fruit. And this decision is just so baffling. Why would the makers of Skittles call them Mango Tangelo Skittles instead of something more accurate?

Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that these candies do in reality taste nice. If they were just a fraction less confused, they'd be swimming in compliments. It's honestly a shame that their name is so misleading. So, if you enjoy sizeable mango moments, apricot flavored lollies, or products that are liars, then this one could be worth purchasing on your next food haul.

13. Raspberry

In 1989, Skittles first debuted a new pack of this candy called "Wild Berry." And one of the flavors that were originally found in these collections was Raspberry, which is still being released onto supermarket shelves across the world. But more pressingly, this product is about to be discussed in a positive light. That's correct, we have ourselves a good one.

So, let's cut to the chase, these lollies taste like a raspberry soft drink. They have a pronounced and fun sweetness, while their tartness backs up this experience. These two elements are well balanced, and moreover, they are both present without faltering. Overall, these pieces of candy are more than acceptable to munch on.

Yet, while this type is better than a whack of other ones, it's still nowhere near perfect. For one thing, while these pieces of candy are well flavored, they are also uninspired. And like the Pineapple Passion Fruit Skittles, they're all a confusing blue color. This means that while this edition is nice, it cannot be touted as life-changing.

12. Blueberry Smoothie

To classify Wrigley's Blueberry Smoothie Skittles as pleasant, well, that would be a fair enough call. Because these pieces of candy are a mint little success. Unlike some of the other Smoothie flavors, the fruit and the yogurt work very well together. This helps the blueberry profile not be overly sweet or too tart. Additionally, this variant doesn't deviate from its advertised taste. If you're a fan of blueberries, then these small ovals might be worth snacking on.

Unfortunately, these Skittles are also not very memorable and exist in the shadow of some better lollies. If this flavor was a person that you met at a house party, then their last name would be Smith, their one hobby would be cycling, and their favorite show would be "Family Feud." Sure, they're nice enough, but would you remember who they are after getting reintroduced to them at a much later time and place? 

11. Berry Punch

The Berry Punch Skittle is from the same pack that gifted the world that average Raspberry flavor. But thankfully, this one is heaps better. These candies have a complex profile that somehow tastes reminiscent of both grapefruit and black cherries. This combo creates a lolly that is dark, warm, and mysterious. In some ways, it feels like a variant that was made for grown-ups.

These snacks aren't completely faultless though. The cherry flavor has a tad of an artificial, factory vibe which doesn't compliment the candy's maturer nature. Moreover, when you taste one, it can at times be difficult to pinpoint what fruit it's attempting to emulate, which could be discomforting for some. These small gripes don't ruin the experience, but they hold this edition back from being amazing. And if you only want to have the best cheap lollies that money can buy, then the Berry Punch Skittles can be thrown to the curbside.

10. Wild Cherry

The Wild Cherry Skittle has an incredibly manufactured and unnatural flavor profile. However, unlike the former entry, Berry Punch, this taste enhances these pieces of candy. That's because this Skittle doesn't have a grown-up aesthetic, it instead feels like a cherry lolly that's made in a factory. And if these ovals are going for this sort of profile, then they smash out a textbook home run. They are bursting with a playful sweetness and would be somewhat at home in an original packet of Skittles. Overall, this cherry flavor's a likable snack.

This flavor has only two issues going on with it. The first one being, it doesn't taste very "wild." These lollies don't taste like a factory and a piece of rainforest at the same time. But the other problem is that there are just some other better Skittles out there. Furthermore, there's not much that can be done about that.

9. Strawberry

There's no getting around it, strawberry Skittles are iconic for a reason. Not only are they featured in the original packs of this snack, but they also have a classic taste. Each one of them has that cheap strawberry flavor which can be found in a variety of childhood candies. However, unlike some other lollies, the texture of this Skittle brings its fruity profile up a level or two. Trying these little ovals result in a burst of strawberry that can sweeten your day, before they go on to melt in your mouth. These Skittles deserve their rather notable status.

In an ideal world, this flavor would be the benchmark. No Skittle should be worse than these champs, as they are unsurprising and sweet but still taste more complex than raw sugar. They also stay in their lane. Nevertheless, we don't live in a Utopia, so this edition has the opportunity to laud over many a different failed product.

8. Raspberry Smoothie

In contrast to a lot of the Skittles Smoothie flavors out there, the Raspberry Smoothie ones have a nice pastel color and aesthetic. They also are flavored differently from the fruit that each piece is declaring to imitate. However, these items are instead flavored to be like strawberry yogurt. And this isn't a bad thing. Having this version makes for a pleasant experience. The ovals on offer here are sweet, light, and not a miss at all.

This flavor is also much nicer than the Wild Berry's Raspberry and just slightly more yumo than the original Strawberry. So, if you want a Skittle that has an elevated berry flavor and possesses a pleasant yogurt taste, then you might want to give this one a try. Because these lollies meet that criteria with cards to spare. Oh, just avoid the Smoothies' Apricot Skittles and its other duds. They're not worth the effort or anything.

7. Dark Berry

This type of candy on offer can be found in a packet of the ominously named Darkside Skittles. They also make for a fascinating candy experience. When you first try one of these Darkside lollies, it has a rather mild blackberry flavor. But this understated taste doesn't stay around, and before too long, it transforms into a complex swirl of dark, fruit-filled profiles. When you're having these sweet ovals, each piece disappears into being a delicious moment of complexity. That's right, this variation is very, very, very, very nice.

Here's a small warning though, like the Berry Bunch edition, these items have a rather sophisticated flavor profile. This means that while a grown-up may have the capacity to snack on a whole bowl of them, some children might find them disgusting. But then again, if you're a parent, the info that was just outlined might become useful at a later date. After all, adults should be allowed to have some candy, and not every piece should be commandeered by the kiddos which they take care of on this wonderful planet.

6. Grape

On a pack of original rainbow Skittles, the grape flavor is advertised to be a bright purple. But this hasn't stopped them from being a deeper and less fun shade in reality. So, how much does the fact that they have been misrepresented impact their likeability? Well, a bit, even though this one is hands down much better than average.

But enough about that low point, let's deconstruct the best component of this dish. And the standout info worth mentioning is that these candies have that classic, fake lolly grape flavor. This variant is rich, artificial, and almost blackcurranty in nature. There's a darkness to its sweet profile which is just a pleasure to partake in. Therefore, these items do a worthwhile job. And if this edition had a more truthful representation of itself on the side of each packet of Skittles, then these ovals may have even received slightly more props. However, as it stands, the grape flavor is still nicer than a ton of other editions, which is a somewhat respectable win.

5. Sour Lemon

Get ready y'all, as it's time to introduce the only good Sour Skittles flavor. And somewhat unsurprisingly, it's the lemon one that's an absolute champ. This is because these lollies' sourness complements their vested profile. They are so close to simulating the sour profile of actual lemons, and this makes the added, light undercurrent of sweetness they possess all the more delicious. Also, you'd expect such a product to be this sour, so having them isn't an awful surprise. These lemon candies overall are a considerable standout.

So, keeping this in mind, who are these ovals for? Well, if you enjoy eating the occasional raw lemon, albeit, whilst wishing that this experience could be improved upon, then it could be time to give them a try. However, even if some people fall outside of this rather specific niche, there's a chance they'd too enjoy this type of Skittle. Yes, they're actually that exciting to go for.

4. Lemon

Without a doubt, the Sour Lemon Skittle is an awesome, solid candy, nevertheless, the original version is just better. It's a more impressive product, as these pieces are able to capture the feeling of an average lemon whilst spotlighting this big, idyllic, sweet experience. Moreover, there's basically no sourness in them. It's an immense testament that you might try some and be delighted with the juiciness of their lemon taste, all without the less abrasive components of the fruit that inspired this product.

However, like all things, this item isn't perfect. If you have two or three of them in a row, the aftertaste could get a tad unnatural. But in terms of Skittle pitfalls, that one is the smallest of dips. If you're after a dependable lolly to snack on, then a handful of these candies could just be worth picking up. These sunflower yellow pieces are consistent and classics for a multitude of notable reasons.

3. Black Cherry

The black cherry Skittle is another Darkside flavor. But more importantly, these lollies are a peak snack. They have a strong, artificial cherry profile, a satisfying sour taste underneath, and this pinch of sweetness at the end. These elements all combine to create a complicated yet delectable dish that's so enjoyable to have. Furthermore, it's consistent and doesn't plunge into being either mediocre or confused. The cherry candies on offer here do a great job of being fantastic.

Having one of these lollies is like having a classic cocktail in a respectable bar. Your drink is dapper, whilst the space is a warm, amber color. There's also an empty chair for the taking next to the glow of a fireplace. If this extended simile has intrigued anyone, then the black cherry Skittles cannot be recommended highly enough. They are able to capture this sort of experience for a fraction of the time or total price.

2. Apple

To claim that apple Skittles are merely good would be an extreme understatement. These candies are incredible. They taste like apples that came from a fantastical land where the clouds are made of cotton candy and the rivers run with delicious soda. In fact, its creators should just release packets of this one version that folks could go buy up. These apple ovals do such an exquisite job that they deserve such generous compliments.

But let's detail what specifics make this candy a standout. Well, to begin with, there are multiple layers to the flavor that's inside of them. When you snack on these Skittles, they taste bright, green, fruity, sweet, and tart all at the same time. They fuse the apple profile with the lolly elements to become a product that is delightful to try. Moreover, the texture of these candies complements every other element which is working in them.

So, should you give these lollies a go? Well, if you like apples, this sort of candy, and having a fantastic time, then absolutely. This variety of Skittles is worth it. They provide a consistent level of enjoyableness which could complement a plethora of different snack piles, candy walls, and occasions.

1. Melon Berry

The Melon Berry flavor is the magnum opus of the Skittle pantheon. It's without a doubt the best one. These pieces of candy should be showered with a bunch of gold medals, first place trophies, and crowns for being so outstanding. This version is so incredible that they make all the average and bad editions all the more forgettable.

However, it is somewhat odd that these lollies are the pinnacle, as they aren't reminiscent of melons at all. Aha, like some other Skittles, they aren't accurately named. This is because they instead taste almost like having a bowl of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries which have been covered in honey. They are chockablock with different sweet, fruit-inspired flavors. This profile can transport you to a moment where it no longer matters that these ovals are misnamed.

Therefore, if you ever have to pick just one Skittles flavor, the Melon Berry could be the version that's worth spending your cash on. They just have the best, most interesting, and yummiest taste overall. These candies represent the best Skittles can achieve. This item is impressively both complicated and straightforward at the same time. Having them might be the little snack that makes a day that much better. And what more could ask for from a Skittle?