Why People Tweeted #LaysWasThere During The Super Bowl

Before the Super Bowl LVI even began, there were plenty of giveaways related to traditional Super Bowl foods. Papa John's was giving away free pizza, and Miller Lite ran a sweepstakes promotion to get everyone drinks for Game Day. But for anyone who missed the giveaways before the Super Bowl started, Lay's ran a Twitter promotion during the game, too.

If you spotted tweets with the hashtag #LaysWasThere, then you caught a glimpse of people hoping to win $10,000 as part of Lay's Finish the Story Contest. According to the official rules, the contest began at 5:30 Central on February 13 and was set to finish at midnight or once the game was done, depending which came first. To enter the contest, Twitter users came up with witty and creative endings to Lay's prompts on Twitter. In the posts, people included #entry, tagged Lay's, and some added the #LaysWasThere.

So, what kinds of endings did Twitter users have to come up with? It all went back to Lay's Super Bowl commercial.

What happened in Lay's Super Bowl commercial?

Lay's 2022 Super Bowl commercial features actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. Rudd plays Rogen's best man at his wedding, and they go through all their good memories together as they snack from a bag of Lay's. They reminisce about a road trip, when a stalker kidnapped them, and when Rogen bought his first house, which came with a ghost (who ended up being the bride at the wedding!).

As part of its $10k giveaway, Lay's tweeted some scenes from the commercial and asked Twitter users to come up with endings based on the photos. For example, one shot is of Rogen walking arm in arm with his ghost bride, and one participant cleverly tweeted back that the couple was "Probably sharing the love of #lays with a little friendly ghost of their own."

This isn't Lay's first foray into Super Bowl promotions, either. In January, Lay's released new chips that were a total game-changer; the potatoes were grown from soil from NFL stadiums across the country. (Those bags of chips were given away through another round of sweepstakes.) If you're now craving Lay's, find out what the best chip is based on Mashed's ranking of Lay's popular flavors.