The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Paul Rudd And Seth Rogen's Lay's Super Bowl Commercial

While football fans are all about the action on the field, for many others, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. The whole reason many even tune in to the big event is to see what kind of attention-grabbing advertisements brands will come up with, from crazy concepts to big-name stars. After a staggering 17-year hiatus where the company opted not to participate in the Super Bowl commercial frenzy, chip brand Lay's is getting back in the game with two big Hollywood names, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, starring in its upcoming advertisement, per a press release sent to Mashed.

And, even though the commercial hasn't actually aired yet — it's, of course, going to debut during Super Bowl LVI — the internet is already going crazy over the teasers that have been released. In the first teaser for the ad, the brand hinted at Rogen's involvement in the commercial by featuring a Rogen-obsessed fan at his shrine to the comedy star.

Lay's followed that up with another teaser for the commercial, this time featuring Rogen side-by-side with Rudd in a vehicle in front of a blue film set backdrop, with a camera and boom mic affixed to the hood. The duo weren't donning their red carpet attire, instead making a style statement in tie-dye and a beret, respectively. The second teaser was cheekily meta, focusing on the fact that the Super Bowl commercial was forthcoming.

Here's what fans are saying

Lay's released the Super Bowl ad teaser on Twitter to whet the appetites of its nearly 500,000 followers, and its marketing campaign seems to be a success already. One Twitter user commented, "getting some lay's before game time," with another chiming in to indicate that Lay's would be their snack of choice, too, writing, "now I just need to remember to grab some Lays before the game."

Yet another fan couldn't quite contain her excitement generated by the teaser, and simply wrote, "OH LAYS THIS WOULD BE AWESOME."

Though the brand has released two teasers for the commercial already, there isn't much indication as to what exactly the advertisement will be about. Sure, if the second teaser is anything to go by, Rudd and Rogen will both be donning hats, and the commercial may take place (at least in part) on a film set, with Rudd behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, fans will just have to wait until the day of the big game to actually see what Lay's has concocted with the two comedy legends at the helm.