Why TikTok Is Running To Try Trader Joe's Sumo Oranges

TikTok has plenty of food hacks — you can even discover new things to do with fruit on the social media app. For example, there's a method for ensuring you have the sweetest peaches ever, and the Lizzo-approved "cereal" of berries in coconut water. Now, Sumo oranges are making the rounds on TikTok.

TikTok user @elizabethanneventer posted a video of a customer who was convincing everyone else in the line to buy Sumo oranges at Trader Joe's. According to the caption, this customer even held onto people's carts as they went back into the produce section to pick up some oranges. Last year, fans were excited about the return of Sumo orange season at Trader Joe's, and it looks like this video may have convinced more shoppers to try them out. Another TikTok user, @tybottofficial, posted a video reviewing a Sumo orange after being convinced by the first video, and seemed to enjoy the Sumo orange and compared it to the Cuties brand of oranges, only larger.

What is TikTok saying about sumo oranges?

One possible reason that Sumo oranges became really popular, is because a lot of attention is put into picking the right citruses for stores. Based on the comments in @elizabethanneventer's TikTok of the customer recommending Sumo oranges to shoppers, it's clear that these fruits are already pretty popular. One person commented "SUMO ORANGES ARE ELITE" and received 45 thousand likes. Another person wrote "Okay but she's right. Sumo oranges slaaaap."

Others applauded the customer for her taste and generosity saying, "she's spreading the good word!!" and, "People who share their joy expecting nothing in return are the elite human" — so plainly, this one Trader Joe's shopper left an impression on people in-person and online. If you love Sumo oranges, there's a good chance you're a fan of citrus in general. While you can enjoy these fruits on their own, don't forget that there are plenty of recipes where you can make them the star. Looking for ideas? Try Giada De Laurentiis' trick for creamy citrus pesto, or make a simple citrus dessert shared by Martha Stewart.