How This TikTok Hack Could Give You 'The Sweetest Peaches Ever'

To put it lightly, people love peaches. So much so, in fact, that the sweet tree-fruit has made a nice name for itself, not only in the shape of decadent cobblers but also through decades of music. From Justin Bieber's latest hit, "Peaches," to the throwback early 2000s jam "Peaches and Cream" by R&B group 112, and, of course, the popular soul duo out of the '70s, Peaches & Herb, the fruit is undoubtedly a highly popular one. With a distinct flavor that can make you swoon over a summer pie or brunch with Bellinis, the peach adds a distinct flavor to any food or drink recipe.

Much like the avocado, a peach needs to ripen to be enjoyed properly, and the wonderful world of TikTok has come to the rescue with a hack that can help you enjoy your peach sooner rather than later. Popular TikTok user @BrunchwithBabs, aka "Babs Knows Best," aka "Nonna," offers a peach hack you probably haven't seen before. She claims that "in 24 hours, you'll have the sweetest peaches ever."

So, what's her hack for uber-sweet peaches? Keep reading to find out.

The science behind the peach-ripening hack

TikTok user @BrunchwithBabs' preference for getting those peaches to ripen quickly has gone viral, with more than 153,000 views and comments that include "Great useful tips" and "Babs does know best."  To get those peaches as juicy and ripe as possible, Babs says you'll need the assistance of a banana. Per Babs' peach-ripening hack, place a banana together with an unripe peach in a brown paper bag, close it tightly, and leave it on a windowsill (that gets sunlight) for 24 hours.

According to Distractify, there's science behind Babs' hack. Bananas, along with apples and apricots, are a type of fruit that produces more ethylene gas, which is a chemical necessary for fruits to ripen (per the University of Maine). Containing the gas in a brown paper bag accelerates the ripening process for fruits like peaches, which could otherwise take days to ripen. 

Distractify reports that the sunlight "supercharges" the process, while cold delays it. So if you want to hold on to the peaches a little longer, put them in the refrigerator.