Pepsi's Cryptic Tweet Has People Guessing About A Potential New Flavor

Some might think of Pepsi as Coca-Cola's more citrusy, less vanilla-y cousin. Others might think of it as a soda that only about a third of people would choose over Coke in a Mashed survey. But Pepsi has an identity all its own, one that includes out-there flavors. They have gone way beyond adding just vanilla or cherry, venturing into some pretty wild territory.

In March of 2022, the phrase "breakfast drink" took on a very different meaning as Pepsi collaborated with IHOP to create a maple syrup flavored soda. In the past few years, the company has been inspired by Cracker Jack at baseball games, hot cocoa in wintertime, and Thanksgiving apple pie. With options like these already out there, perhaps fans would guess something odder is on the horizon. How far could Pepsi go? Based on a recent Twitter post by the brand, some people might expect another pie-inspired creation. Though maybe not in the kind of pie you're thinking.

Is Pepsi by the slice going to be a thing?

Pepsi's latest Twitter post, speaking to all "Pizza lovers," tells followers to "get ready for the biggest thing since sliced pizza." The post concludes by sharing a date — May 20, 2022. Some fans are speculating that a pizza flavor is in the works. User kronosx1 exclaimed, "Pizza flavored Pepsi! I mean it seems everything else is being turned [into a] soda flavor." Another person thought a tomato sauce flavor was in the pipeline. And @carandashet suggested the hybrid name "Pepizza." However, one user focused on the "sliced" part of the message, guessing that the brand was coming out with "sliced Pepsi." And some thought an NFT might be unveiled. 

But should fans be expecting a soda flavor? In the past, Pepsi has not only created flavors inspired by snacks but has also partnered with companies for soda-flavored food. In January, Randi's Donuts, a popular donut shop in California, collaborated with Pepsi — not for a donut flavored soda, but to create a Pepsi ColaCream Donut to live on its menu. So maybe the Twitter user who guessed "Pepsi-flavored pizza" was on to something. Whatever Pepsi has brewing — or cooking — it looks like fans will just have to keep an eye on their social channels on May 20th to see the big reveal.