Only About 1 In 3 People Actually Prefer Pepsi To Coke

Pepsi versus Coke, it's one of the greatest food debates of our time — right up there with ketchup or mustard, and deep dish versus thin crust pizza. But when it comes to people's favorite carbonated cola, it seems the population is pretty evenly divided. So much so, that people will even write whole essays and articles in defense of their favorite drink. Some have argued that Pepsi is actually a better product because of its marketing campaigns, commercials, and the fact that Pepsi didn't drastically change their recipe.

Coke on the other hand, has won blind taste tests and is hailed for it's perfect carbonation, sweet flavor, and refreshing overall quality (via Taste of Home). It seems the debate is polarizing, with both sides adamant their product is the superior soda. However, while it might be easy to assume the battlefield is split evenly 50/50, that's actually not the case. Instead, the number of people that prefer one drink to another is quite staggering.

More People Prefer Coke To Pepsi

Despite the ongoing debate, if you walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them their preference between Coke and Pepsi, they're much more likely to say the former over the latter. According to a poll conducted by Mashed, only about one in three people think Pepsi is better than Coke. Out of 36,000 respondents worldwide, 64% said they liked Coke better, whereas only 36% of people said they preferred Pepsi. Despite the clear favorite, the comments section heavily favored Pepsi — it seemed die-hard soda fans had to come to their favorite brand's rescue after seeing such lopsided results.

One Pepsi fanatic wrote, "Pepsi: the drinks are awesome, and we have Doritos, lays, funnions, and cheetos." While another shared that "I might've drunk more coke in my lifetime, but pepsi tends to be more consistent and refreshing." Still, Coke fans didn't sit the entire debate out with one writing, "Never heard anyone order a Pepsi and Jack." And some just wished they could say both. "Can we get an option for both? That's my vote," commented one. "I really can't decide! Some days I prefer coke and some days Pepsi. Sigh," shared another. While Coke may win statistically, it's clear Pepsi fans will never give in. So, even with what appears to be a clear winner, it's likely this debate won't actually be solved anytime soon.