Auntie Anne's New Drink Offerings Are Made For Summertime Sipping

When you want a cold and refreshing drink on a summer day, what do you head for first? A classic lemonade might hit the spot, but if you prefer something with caffeine, a seasonal Trader Joe's cold brew concentrate could be more your jam. And Starbucks is rolling out two new flavors of refreshers, but for those who crave a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher specifically may get excited to know that there are similar versions coming to another popular fast food chain. This means more tasty purple and pink drinks with a summery mango flavor to enjoy.

Although Auntie Anne's might be best known for its pretzels, you can always find lemonade and a selection of frozen drinks churning away at each store. To kick off the summer season, the pretzel chain is focusing on new drinks that channel tropical flavors.

In a press release sent to Mashed, Auntie Anne's announced that the store is rolling out a new summer menu full of Dragonfruit Mango drinks. These Dragonfruit Mango drinks will be available in Auntie Anne's stores across the country beginning on June 27, but they are seasonal items, so they won't stay on the menu all year-round.

Auntie Anne's rolls out three Dragonfruit Mango drinks

According to the company's press release, Auntie Anne's will be offering three new Dragonfruit Mango drinks. All will feature the brand's lemonade, so they pack plenty of summer flavors into one cup. The Dragonfruit Mango Frozen Lemonade includes dragonfruit and mango puree blended into Auntie Anne's own frozen lemonade. But for a bit more sugar and a more celebratory drink, the Dragonfruit Mango Frost includes whipped cream and sprinkles along with the frozen lemonade and two fruit purees.

The final drink that will hit Auntie Anne's menu is the Dragonfruit Mango Lemonade Mixer, which features the store's lemonade instead of frozen lemonade, where dragonfruit and mango flavors are mixed into the drink. 

In the past, some of Auntie Anne's summer promotions have been focused on their pretzels. For example, the chain combined two popular pretzel flavors into one item last year for a sweet and salty combo. But it's not too surprising that Auntie Anne's is jumping on the dragon fruit trend. Tropical Smoothie brought back a dragonfruit smoothie along with a starfruit smoothie, and dragon fruit has also popped up in smoothie bowls, where it's also referred to as pitaya.