Tropical Smoothie Fans Will Be Happy About The Return Of Two Popular Flavors

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has struck gold with some of its beverages over the years. Every fan has a favorite: When customers want to indulge, they go for the Peanut Butter Cup or Mocha Madness smoothies, and when they want something with a nutritious punch, they grab a Detox Island Green. The chain has taken note of its customers' preferences and even created a greatest-hit menu on its website. The Bahama Mama and Acai Berry Boost made it onto the list, but not every fan favorite sticks around forever.

About a year ago, Tropical Smoothie Cafe released an announcement introducing a new starfruit smoothie and stating that its dragon fruit drink was making a limited-time return. The company's blog documented all of the love that these two smoothies received from fans, who posted photos of the brightly colored drinks with glowing reviews on social media. One YouTuber loved the combination of mango and strawberry in the starfruit drink, which they said was unlike any smoothie they'd tried before. Though these two smoothies won fans over, Tropical Smoothie Cafe decided to axe them from menus. Now, to the pleasure of many smoothie fans, the chain has brought the drinks back with the same time-tested flavors.

These smoothies are brightly colored and full of fiber-rich fruits

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has brought back its dragon fruit and starfruit smoothies just in time for spring, it revealed online. The vivid pink dragon fruit drink returns with the addition of mango, pineapple, and banana, while the starfruit specialty also comes with mango, strawberries, and lime. These drinks are only returning for a short period until supplies run out, so some fans have already made their way to the chain to try them. "Had the Starfruit this morning and uuh YUM!!!" one Instagrammer said, while another suggested adding customizations, like extra mango instead of pineapple in the dragon fruit smoothie — or even the addition of yogurt or white chocolate.

In addition to their color and flavor, some customers may enjoy these drinks for their health benefits. According to Healthline, fiber- and magnesium-rich dragon fruit comes from Central America and features a bold pink exterior with green "scales" that look somewhat like a dragon's skin, with a flavor that's "a slightly sweet cross between a kiwi and a pear." The starfruit smoothie features an equally fun fruit. Medical News Today reports that starfruit gets its name from its five-point shape when sliced, and it has a citrusy taste. The fruit, which originated in Southeast Asia, has an attractive green or yellow color and is full of fiber and vitamin C.