The US City With The Most Trader Joe's Locations

Wandering through aisles, searching sales, and bumping into shopping carts — grocery shopping can be a chore. However, this isn't the case for all stores, as some grocery chains are seen as fun destinations. Take the fan-favorite store Trader Joe's for example. Whether it be a new item drop, recipe idea, or grocery haul, Trader Joe's is a TikTok sensation where many customers actually enjoy shopping in-store. Given the immense popularity of the chain, it can be easy to assume that storefronts can be found around every corner. However, the in-demand grocer is not found all throughout the United States. In fact, there are thirteen states and U.S. territories without a single Trader Joe's in sight (via Scrapehero).

Depending on where you live, the aesthetically-pleasing market might not be within driving distance. When looking at a map of all Trader Joe's, most are located on the East and West coasts, with a few scattered throughout the Southwest and very few in the Northern states. However, proximity hasn't deterred the store's most hard-core fans. Miles aren't an issue for some people who drive far distances to Trader Joe's for their favorite items.

Trader Joe's dominates the West Coast

When looking at Trader Joe's store locations, the West Coast dominates with four out of five cities with the most locations. Not to be completely defeated, the East Coast has the city with the second most storefronts, as New York City boasts ten stores, including the busiest one. With a whopping 14 stores, Los Angeles takes the win for most Trader Joe's. This isn't surprising considering that the very first Trader Joe's opened in Pasadena, CA in 1967, per Refinery29, making Trader Joe's a native Californian.

The Golden State beats all others when it comes to most Trader Joe's locations with 192 stores, while New York comes in second with 33 locations and, Washington takes third with 25. If you live near one of these coveted spots, take a moment to count your lucky stars before heading to the store for some cult favorite Trader Joe's items.