Lizzo's Unexpected Salad Dressing Choice Has Fans Confused

The singer Lizzo is known for her brutally honest, female-empowering song lyrics as well as her often fabulous attire, which is evident on her Instagram. According to Vogue, she has been a key figure in the body-normative movement, taking the idea of body-positivity even further and embracing people of all races, figures, and body types. 

Lizzo began a full-time vegan diet sometime in 2020 after a previous seven-year stint as a vegetarian and one year as a vegan while living in Minneapolis, where the city's diverse plant-based food offerings inspired her (via Shape). She took to TikTok in June of 2020 with a video featuring a green smoothie, salad, and a hummus snack, captioning it, "As a new vegan I'm enjoying flavors from plants & plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated." Since then, Lizzo has often used her TikTok account to share recipes and meals, but one recent post has fans questioning her taste.

Does barbecue sauce on a salad sound good as hell?

In Lizzo's new TikTok video, she prepares a breakfast salad of baby kale, super greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, lemon, vegan parmesan cheese, Japanese pickles, crispy vegan chicken nuggets, and cauliflower hash browns. Lizzo dresses the salad with avocado oil and a little salt and pepper, but when she pours a smoky barbecue sauce over the salad at the end of the video, some fans began questioning her choices. 

"You had me until you said bbq sauce lol," commented one TikToker, while another posted, "You lost me at the barbecue sauce it just don't sound good with salad." Another user replied, defending Lizzo's culinary decisions. "It's actually really good we have this wing place that makes a bbq chicken salad and its bomb," the user commented while another chimed in, "The Barbecue sauce was a pro move idk what y'all are on."

It seems as if Lizzo might pay no mind to the comments, however. In another TikTok video, she commented on all the "what I eat in a day" videos she sees on the social media platform, stating that people should eat what they feel is right for their bodies. "There is no rule book," Lizzo said.