Tito's Just Dropped A Canned Cocktail — But There's A Catch

If you love sipping on cocktails but not the act of making them, then you might already have a favorite canned cocktail or two. Over the past couple of years, more brands have been releasing ready-made drinks packaged conveniently in a can. Tequila lovers may have Sauza's agave cocktails on their radar, and we tried out Barcardi's Real Rum Cocktails, which come in piña colada and mojito flavors.

New Amsterdam recently joined the canned cocktail trend, and now, another vodka company has made its own canned cocktail announcement. Tito's Vodka just dropped a video and website to launch Tito's In A Can, but don't expect it to be filled upon purchase (per the company). Instead of hopping on the hard seltzer or cocktails in a can craze, Tito's is selling an empty insulated and refillable can for $20. Customers can purchase Tito's In A Can online, and the website has a cheeky explanation about this "bold new innovation."

Why didn't Tito's create its own canned cocktail drink?

Wondering why Tito's would launch a campaign to sell "Tito's In A Can" without actually including any vodka? We're guessing that this is going to create a lot of buzz, a move that aligns with the brand's goals of making high-quality vodka. Instead of creating a cocktail, Tito's says the can is an "opportunity to make your own, better-tasting seltzer, ones that actually taste good and are as strong or as fizzy or as citrusy as you want" (via Tito's Vodka).

The tongue-in-cheek move is meant to reinforce the brand's focus on vodka, according to Taylor Berry, Tito's vice president of brand marketing. "We've been around for a quarter-century at this point, and there's been a lot of trends that have happened throughout the alcohol industry. We've stayed true to our roots — which is doing one thing, and doing one thing right" (via CNN). Berry adds that there's an element to the Tito's brand of not being "sellouts."

Even though there's no vodka in Tito's new can, it can still be handy for anyone who wants to enjoy their cold beverage in the heat since it's insulated. And if you need ideas on what seltzer-style drinks to make yourself, Ina Garten released a new vodka cocktail recipe, and with only three ingredients, these summer cocktails are dangerously easy to make.