The Best Stand Mixers Of 2022

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Making your favorite baked goods will be easier with the best baking tools. Sure, a proper kitchen scale or a niche kitchen gadget will make life simpler, but the most crucial ingredient to successful baking is a good stand mixer. Of course, you could use a good hand mixer or sturdy whisk to get the job done, but why not work smarter as opposed to harder?

A proper stand mixer can be used for anything from mixing and whisking the ingredients for a batch of chocolate chip cookies or a loaf of rustic bread. Not only is it perfect for making homemade whipped cream or perfectly smooth mashed potatoes, but different attachments could allow you to grind meat, make ice cream, slice vegetables, or shape pasta for whatever cooking trend you are craving to try (via KitchenAid). Aside from being a multi-faceted tool, there are many options that range in price, style, function, and specialty that don't sacrifice usability and quality.

How we selected the products

Selecting the best products can be challenging, especially when there are so many different options to choose from. When considering different options, we looked at products that varied in terms of price, style, and functionality for different uses. We also examined the size and weight of different stand mixers that would best fit the smallest of kitchen spaces or the largest of kitchen islands. Another surprising factor we considered was noise factor and speed settings that would be best suited for a wide variety of choices.

Overall, the most important aspect of buying a stand mixer is picking one that best fits your cooking needs (via Compact Appliance). You don't need to buy an $800 industrial stand mixer if you are only using it for a yearly birthday cake recipe, nor should you buy one solely based on looks when you need it primarily for function. When navigating our picks, we looked at press reviews and tests from blogs or publications, product reviews from websites like Amazon, and even celebrity endorsements to help narrow our selections.

Best overall stand mixer

Usually, our overall picks are the perfect middle-ground option that best suits everyone's needs. However, our pick for overall stand mixer is actually the best-of-the-best and it was hard to find any that could even come close. KitchenAid's 5-quart artisan stand mixer is perfect for almost any person or baking experiment from its tilt-head design, 10-speed settings, and an array of fashionable yet practical colors for any style kitchen.

We aren't the only ones that love it –– it's the highest-rated stand mixer on Amazon with over 13,000 reviews and the highest-rated stand mixer on Best Views Reviews. Even Barefoot Contessa loves and uses one and her word is law in the baking world. A product review in Homes & Gardens put the KitchenAid stand mixer to the test and realized that it is a classic for a reason. Reviewers loved its usability, design, speed setting options, and affordability, as well as its versatility for small and large baking batches. It can whip up cake, bread and whipped cream in a flash while having a multitude of available attachments from a meat grinder to a food processor.

Now, it hasn't developed a trick to keep ingredients from sticking to the sides and may not have the power that some stand mixers have, but it's a great option for experienced bakers and dabblers looking for a new hobby.

Kitchenaid mixers can be expensive but as of August 2022, you can purchase the KitchenAid tilt-head stand mixer for $427.49 on Amazon.

Best budget stand mixer

Sometimes, having the nicest and bougiest stand mixer isn't what's best for you. Maybe you only want a stand mixer for that occasional box of Betty Crocker cookie mix or you want a budget-friendly baking tool to tinker with. Hamilton Beach's stand mixer has a 4-quart capacity, seven speed settings, and three attachments including a splatter shield perfect for whisking and whipping alike. It may not have the most powerful motor in the game at 300 watts, but one of its greatest features is the handle on top for easy and safe sliding and transporting.

The Kitchn praised its affordability compared to other popular appliance brands like KitchenAid and its ease of use for the most inexperienced of bakers. Its biggest drawback, however, is that it takes longer to mix and mingle ingredients compared to other more powerful stand mixers, which isn't a huge problem if you aren't on a time crunch. Another review said that even though it was lighter than other competitors, it jiggled and moved more when mixing thicker doughs for bread (via Fox 31). Despite its pitfalls, Hamilton Beach delivers an affordable and reliable option for bakers on a budget.

Buy the Hamilton Beach stand mixer on Amazon for $119.90.

Best splurge stand mixer

On the other hand, sometimes you have to treat yourself to something special. The Wolf Gourmet stand mixer is just that –– the luxurious and sleek stainless steel appliance of your dreams. The 7-quart bowl is large enough to mix batter for 14 dozen cookies and eight pounds of bread dough and locks in tightly through multiple engagement points to prevent movement when mixing. There is also a unique and effortless bowl lift, 500 watt motor, and "variable infinite speed dial" with a pulse function for precise and versatile mixing.

The price can be slightly nauseating to look at, but bakers and bloggers like The Spruce Eats believe that it is worth the hype. The mixer is delicate enough to easily make small batches of whipped cream, but sturdy enough to quickly and thoroughly mix dough, thanks to its two-way mixing action beater. On the flip side, there is only one attachment compatible with the mixer, the brand's meat grinder, and its bulky size can be a space-killer for any kitchen counter. However, it's a beefy stand mixer for the serious and busy baker that is worth the price tag.

At the time of this writing, you can buy the Wolf Gourmet stand mixer on Amazon for $799.95.

Best high-tech stand mixer

Having a stand mixer with all the added features and gadgets makes life easier and cuts out the need for additional kitchen appliances. Bosch's Optimum stand mixer combines mixing abilities with some of the most important kitchen tools –– a kitchen scale and a timer. The 1500-watt motor is built for any task and the different compatible attachments easily tackle slicing, juicing, and grinding. It also has a unique three-dimensional planetary mixing feature for thorough mixing and automatic sensor-controlled programs for the perfect consistency with just a push of a button.

Amazon UK reviews loved how it was able to replace multiple kitchen appliances like a blender and food processor in one machine. However, that means that this stand mixer is a massive addition to every kitchen counter and the suction pads on the bottom of the machine don't necessarily prevent it from moving around when mixing. Even though it is suited for larger amounts of dough, it doesn't mix as well with small amounts of dough or batter according to one Amazon UK review. That being said, Bosch delivers a high-tech and highly usable alternative that makes baking simpler and more hands-free than ever.

You can purchase the Bosch optimum stand mixer on Amazon AE for around $830 USD.

Best stand mixer for baking

When it comes to baking, having a powerful yet delicate stand mixer is important for any style or size of baked good. Kenwood's chef titanium stand mixer is the silver giant for professional or aspirational baking that can make the smoothies of mouses and knead the heaviest of doughs. The stand mixer also comes with five unique arm attachments such as the K-beater, whisk, and dough tool, but also a creamer beater and a folding tool specialized for every bake from delicate mousses to brioche buns.

Aside from the 10 year warranty that last long enough to make 250,000 cakes, the mixer has an easy one-touch lift head and in-bowl light for full visibility of the mix's color and consistency. A review in Everything Kitchens praises its compact size, smooth speed transitions, and ease of care, but ran into trouble installing the mixers splash guard. T3 also loved the machine's sleek design even though it's not the lightest or most petite option. Reviewers also loved the two attachment areas for slow-speed attachments like meat grinders and high-speed attachments like a blender, making it a universal stand mixer for all your baking wants and desires.

Buy the Kenwood Chef Titanium stand mixer on Amazon UK for around $432 USD.

Best stand mixer for bread making

Ankarsrum has been a pioneer in Swedish kitchen appliances, especially with its much-loved original stand mixer formerly known as the Magic Mill. Since 1940, Ankarsrum has been creating strong and quality-made stand mixers for people with a passion for food. The powerful 600-watt motor located uniquely underneath the unit is meant for the strongest of bread doughs and can mix up to five kilograms, or 11 pounds of dough. The arm has a separate scraper so that it not only scrapes the sides of the bowl, but simultaneously rolls and kneads the batter as well.

Aside from its compact stature that could fit under many kitchen cabinets and shelves, it includes a large plastic beater bowl, a built-in timer, a self-adjusting speed dial, and offers up to 16 different accessories. One Amazon review from a professional chef and baker explained that after burning through three KitchenAid mixers, they made the switch to the Ankarsrum and loved that it didn't get overheated from kneading heavy dough. It's worth the hefty price tag, especially for those who wake and bake bread like there's no tomorrow. Not to mention, it's the recommended stand mixer for bread baking by King Arthur Baking Company –– the royal family of all things dough related.

Purchase the Ankarsrum original stand mixer on Amazon for $749.95.

Best looking stand mixer

If Smeg does one thing right, it's creating beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing products. Of course, it's no surprise that Smeg's retro stand mixer is the appliance perfect for the Pinterest-inspired (or aspiring) kitchen. From the classic pastel colors to wow-worthy collaborations with brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Smeg is the ideal mixture of looks and functionality.

With 600 watts of power, a 5-quart bowl size, and a plethora of additional accessories to choose from, Smeg offers its retro look with all the bells and whistles. Publications like Real Homes rave about its easy-to-use operation, attractive selection of iconic colors, and power that is able to mix cakes, whips, and doughs easily. Its 10 speed ranges are suited for any baking adventure, but one of its biggest pitfalls is the amount of mixture that gets stuck to the attachment; to fix this problem, the reviewers recommended using Smeg's flex edge beater.

Homes & Gardens agreed that Smeg's nostalgic image was hard not to visualize in your dream kitchen, but it's a noisier option that may not be ideal for 2 a.m. baking. That being said, it's still a striking alternative for connoisseurs looking to expand their Smeg collection or bakers looking for a classy yet practical kitchen appliance.

You can buy the Smeg retro stand mixer for $539.95 on Amazon.

Best compact stand mixer

A tiny home or small kitchen needs a small stand mixer to match. With limited or no counter space to spare, Frigidaire's retro stand mixer almost looks like a discounted Smeg with less branding, but doesn't sacrifice on practicality. It has 300 watts of power, almost half than some top competitors, but has a 4.75 quart bowl size that sizes up against bigger stand mixers. Compared to the popular KitchenAid mini stand mixer, the Frigidaire option is both smaller in size and lighter. While the KitchenAide mixer is around 18 pounds, 12 inches in height, and 250 watts, the Frigidaire option is only seven pounds and smaller in length and height.

An Amazon review loved how it was the perfect size for a smaller family and how its small stature, approximately three cans of soda tall, fit perfectly on a shelf or under a cabinet. Also, the suction cups on the feet of the mixer kept the light mixer from shaking too much when mixing. One Best Buy review explained that it was on the louder side, but worked well for the price. Overall, it's both a compact and budget-friendly stand mixer choice that can be both attractive, compact, and efficient.

Buy the Frigidaire retro sand mixer from Amazon for $90.77.

Best large-capacity stand mixer

Of course, with every compact stand mixer, there must be one that is large enough to supply a whole country with chocolate chip cookies. COOKLEE's 9.5-quart stand mixer is just 660 watts and 12 pounds of super baking and kneading energy wrapped into one massive piece of equipment. The bowl size is large enough to fit 40 cupcakes worth of batter and every accessory is machine washable, which makes up for 40 cupcakes worth of mess.

It had a high rating on Best Views Reviews with an overall 8.9 out of 10 with the biggest pitfall being that the attachments don't reach the bottom of the bowl, resulting in a layer of unmixed flour. One review on Amazon explained that they bought a COOKLEE mixer after their third KitchenAid broke and loved how lightweight it was, not to mention how easily it made frosting and mixed cake batter. Even though it's loud to the point of needing headphones, it's impressive how, in that same Amazon review, it can fit almost 20 cups of ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, and more, making it the ideal mixer for bulk baking or bakers by trade.

As of August 2022, you can purchase the COOKLEE stand mixer for $104.54 on Amazon.

Best professional stand mixer

While some of our selected stand mixers are used by professionals, it's important to feature a mac-daddy option that's small business-worthy. Avantco has been a restaurant staple for industrial mixers, with most service workers have encountered at least once filled with mashed potatoes or pounds of dough. The Avantco 8-quart countertop mixer is the professional grade mixer that can fit almost two pounds of flour and is suited for home kitchens.

It has a powerful motor, a built-in 30 minute timer for convenient multi-tasking, and five variable speed settings for customizable mixing. There are also built-in safety features that will not let the stand mixer start if the bowl is not in a raised and ready position. Reviews on the Avantco website enjoyed how durable the machine was, but felt that the slowest setting was still too fast and that there wasn't enough speed control. And yet, this is a sturdy choice for competitive bakers and those trying to launch their at-home baking careers one cupcake at a time.

Purchase the Avantco MIX8BK stand mixer from Webstaurant Store for $529.

Best multi-purpose stand mixer

Most of these stand mixers have available attachments for easy multi-tasking and cutting down on additional clutter. COOKLEE's six-in-one stand mixer is the final stand mixer, blender, and meat grinder you will ever need. Similar to our pick for the best large capacity stand mixer, it has a 9.5-quart mixing bowl with a 660-watt motor and a plethora of possible dishwasher-safe attachments like a pasta roller, a sausage stuffer, cookie press, and juicer. It also has a slow speed starter to prevent flour mishaps, a pulse setting, and two attachment ports for those times you want a smoothie while you are making sausages.

A review on Amazon raved over how this mixer could do everything and anything from making cookies, cakes, and bread dough to shredding, cutting, and grinding. They also loved how everything was easy to clean in the dishwasher and is a choice option with more accessory options than other alternatives.

Buy the COOKLEE six-in-one stand mixer for $180 on Amazon.