Rachel Kiser

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Northern Virginia
Virginia Tech
Cocktails, Cheese, Vegetarian And Vegan Food
  • Before Rachel began her journalism degree, she studied fashion design and visual merchandising, and aspires to be an editor at a large fashion or food-related (or both) publication.
  • Early in her writing career, she focused on topics related to culture, entertainment, and music, eventually gravitating towards covering her local food scene and culture within the service industry.
  • When she isn't writing about or researching food news, Rachel moonlights as a bartender for a catering company.


Rachel graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2020. During college, she discovered her love for writing and journalism, writing for the local school newspaper, The Collegiate Times, as well as being editor-in-chief for her school's research journal, Philologia. After graduation, she worked many service jobs ranging from bartender, to cheesemonger and part-time librarian, while also freelancing for local magazines in the Northern Virginia area, such as Alexandria Living. Rachel joined Static Media in 2022, hoping that her vast knowledge of cheese-pairing and cocktail-making will one day come in handy. Along with published journalistic works, Rachel's creative writing has appeared in Columbia University's creative writing journal, and she hopes to one day finish that book of poetry.


Rachel has a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Creative Writing from Virginia Tech, a picturesque school nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Blacksburg, Virginia.
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