The Best Place To Store Attachments For Your Stand Mixer

Those who have a stand mixer know what an asset to your arsenal of kitchen tools it can be. Though they are large and very heavy, stand mixers are incredibly useful for so many recipes. This is especially true if you have additional attachments like a pasta roller or vegetable spiralizer. But even with the original three or four attachments, the kitchen appliance can achieve a lot. However, when you are not using it, it can easily get in the way or take up a lot of counter space, particularly if you are not storing the attachments in the right place.

One solution for storing or organizing the attachments is to make an organizer, as Real House Moms suggests. A piece of 2x4 wood fitted with half-inch dowels centered down the board turned out to be a very helpful organization system. Simply slide each of the attachments down over the dowel. Though this method takes up even more valuable counter space, you could always securely mount it to the wall for easy access. Or, you would just need to hang the attachments so they wouldn't protrude from the wall. But there's another, easier option for storing your stand mixer attachments that uses nothing more than what you already have in your home.

Line your stand mixer first, though

The best place to store your stand mixer's attachments is right inside its bowl, according to The Kitchn. However, there's a small catch. Some of the attachments are heavier than others and sometimes unwieldy. Therefore, they can end up scratching or denting the bowl if handled too roughly.

That's why The Kitchn suggests that you use a soft kitchen towel to line the bowl. It will help pad the bowl and keep it from getting damaged by the attachments as you store them. Another bonus to this approach is that, as The Kitchn explains, the towel will help soak up any residual water as the attachments dry inside the bowl after you wash them.

Something to keep in mind when loading any of the attachments into the bowl is that you should always take the extra moment to lower the bowl or lift the tilt-head, depending on what style of mixer you have. This will prevent you from forcing the attachments into the bowl and damaging either the bowl or the attachments in the process.