The Biggest Mistake You're Making With A Whisk

TikTok University has come through yet again with another cooking hack that's about to change your whisking game for the better. As it turns out, there's a right and a wrong way to use a whisk, and according to professional chef Sonny Hurrell, who goes by @ThatDudeCanCook on TikTok, it all comes down to the position of your whisk in the mixing bowl. The difference might be subtle, but in the same way that there's a proper way to carve a turkey and cut a steak, there's a proper way to whisk eggs and whip cream — or at least a more effective way to do so.

Most non-pro chefs tend to whisk in a circular motion with the whisk placed at the bottom center of the bowl, but Hurrell says we should instead be whisking in a straight, side-to-side motion instead. To make your whisking even more efficient, Hurrell recommends tilting the bowl at a 45-degree angle, too.

There's a science behind proper whisking

Cook's Illustrated explains that whether you're emulsifying vinegar and oil to make a vinaigrette dressing or just fluffing up your buttercream frosting for a cake, whisking is all about creating and trapping air channels. "Since the faster the channels are created, the faster the cream or whites gain volume, rapid, aggressive side-to-side strokes are very effective," the magazine elaborated, corroborating Hurrell's advice. 

On the other hand, circular whisking is just about as effective as stirring, as it'll simply drag the liquid around, thereby producing less "shear force," a food science term that refers to the movement of the liquid against the whisk, which in turn affects the proteins, fat molecules, and air bubbles of the mixture. While circular whisking might produce a similar outcome as side-to-side whisking, both TikTok chef Sonny Hurrell and Cook's Illustrated warn it'll take twice as long. So, might as well let science work in your favor — and remember, the faster you whisk your eggs, the sooner you can eat your omelet.