Kirsten Reach

Columbus, Ohio
Kenyon College, Columbia Publishing Course
Bread Baking, Home-milling, Cooking With Ancient Grains
  • Kristen ran the Kenyon Review blog for six years, recruiting, editing, and managing a talented staff of writers.
  • As an editor at Melville House, she wrote about publishing news three times a week for MobyLives.
  • Before that, Kristen worked for the Institute for the Future of the Book and covered how reading changes from page to screen for if:Book.


Kirsten Reach has written for the New York Times, the Kenyon Review, MobyLives, and if:Book. She's the former Fiction Editor of the Kenyon Review, where she also served as Director of Social Media. She has worked as a book editor at Jonquil Editorial, Melville House, Grand Central Publishing, Henry Holt & Company/John Macrae Books, as well as a bookseller at 192 Books.


A graduate of the Columbia Publishing Course and an alumna of Kenyon College, she has worked on a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for magazines and book publishers.