Aldi's 2022 American Holiday Ad Features Adorable Gnomes

There are plenty of reasons why Aldi is a popular grocery store, from the discount prices to the Aldi food items that have a dedicated fanbase because they're just that tasty. Plus, during the holidays, shoppers can expect all sorts of seasonal products, and this year, the grocery chain is slashing prices to help customers through the holiday season.

But another reason that fans might get excited is because of Aldi's holiday commercials. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the grocer released a commercial that riffed off of the movie "Home Alone," and featured Kevin the Carrot. The internet has been obsessed with Kevin and his adventures in previous videos, and you can even request a Cameo from the mascot.

Now, Aldi has dropped a U.S. Christmas commercial for fans in the states. Although this ad might not feature Kevin the Carrot, there is plenty of holiday cheer to spread — thanks to some helpful gnomes.

Gnomes rule in Aldi's new US holiday commercial

The commercial starts off by asking how it's possible that Aldi has a whopping 1,199 new products in stores for the holiday season. The answer: The hard work of little gnomes (per YouTube). The video pans over to four gnomes in festive felt hats that feature snowflakes and Christmas trees. One gnome holds a checklist with several Aldi products, and another snacks on Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese, calling it "still delicious." In return for all their dedicated work, one gnome promises that there's a cup of hot cocoa waiting for them.

Aldi's commercial is a fun way to bring more of the holiday spirit to the grocery store's seasonal products. Wondering what else is available for purchase? Whether you're looking for food or a stocking stuffer, there's likely something in stores for you. Aldi's holiday macarons have hit shelves in seasonal flavors like gingerbread and chocolate hazelnut, and Instagram is in love with Aldi's Christmas tree waffle maker. And if making cookies is part of your Christmas tradition, Aldi's beloved holiday cookie cutters have been spotted by fans.