Hop On Easter Prep Early With These March Aldi Finds

From budding flowers to greener grass and warmer days, consumers are understandably excited to celebrate the arrival of spring in 2024. Nothing helps shed those winter blues quite like the plethora of spring festivities at your local Aldi. After relying on all the cozy Aldi Finds to help you get through the coldness of February, the colorful spring items will feel like a breath of fresh air.

While many big changes are coming to Aldi in 2024, one thing that is staying consistent is Aldi's hopping on the bunny trend early with a diverse array of new items landing in stores throughout March. From Easter baskets to sweet treats and home decor, it will be hard to avoid that springtime spirit at Aldi. It may just be a one-stop shop for all your Easter prep.

The earliest arrivals will land on store shelves by March 6 and are a chocolate lover's dream with chocolate bunnies, bark, coins, and more on the list. Aldi is even celebrating the holiday with a festive trail mix. Beyond the assortment of snacks, various other items will surely give each shopper something to celebrate.

Tulips, Lilies, or Hyacinths

It's hardly springtime without a fresh bouquet adding some life to your home and Aldi has just the assortment of flowers for those who like options. Starting on March 27, Aldi will be selling tulips, lilies, and hyacinths for a surprisingly affordable price. At just $4.89, these colorful flowers are a great deal. Plus, the pink, purple, and coral shades indicate the season while allowing shoppers to mix and match colors. 

Choceur Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins are one of the quintessential Easter items and their novel shape makes for an excellent addition to any Easter basket. The simple chocolate flavor is a true classic. Made from Belgian milk chocolate, Aldi's colorful foil-wrapped chocolate coins are a no-brainer for your Easter prep. This early arrival at Aldi will be on store shelves by March 6, and will only set you back $2.69.

Southern Grove Trail Mix

Trail mix is a convenient snack that can deliver a lot of nutrients. While Aldi regularly has various assortments of trail mix made with nuts and dried fruit, these items are getting an Easter makeover. Starting March 13, two Southern Grove seasonal variations of trail mix will be sold in stores, including Honey Bunny and Spring Time flavors for just $3.99. While Honey Bunny will include chunks of white chocolate, marshmallow bits, graham cracker bites, and more, the Spring Time variety will include yummy chow and a peanut butter flare with mini peanut butter cups.

Huntington Home Character Rope Easter Basket

It wouldn't be Easter prep without a themed basket and Aldi's options take cuteness to the next level with its reusable Home Character Rope Easter Baskets. While the classic rainbow option is hard to beat, beginning on March 13, you'll be able to choose between a yellow chick, a blue bunny, and a white bunny as well. With each basket priced at just $4.99, they will likely make for the perfect springtime investment.

Moser Roth Chocolate Truffle Eggs

Chocolate eggs are a seasonal item that will have you wondering if you can tip Aldi workers because they taste so good. Luckily, Moser Roth chocolate truffle eggs should hit Aldi shelves by March 6 at $3.99. With a tempered chocolate outer shell and ganache within, the assorted pack of 12 eggs consists of flavors like chocolate mousse, orange vanilla, coconut, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry cream, and sea salt caramel. With various stripes and colors adding to the appeal, the outside of each egg looks almost too beautiful to eat.

Emporium Selection Easter Truckle Assortment

It's hardly a holiday party without cheese and Aldi has an exciting Easter assortment of Emporium Selection cheeses. The imported English cheese will be available on March 20 for $3.99. The options include a classic aged cheddar flavor along with lemon honey and raspberry white chocolate. For those who love a sweet, salty, and tangy mixture, these options may make it hard to choose a favorite.

8-Inch Easter Squishmallow

Squishmallows are popular stuffed plush toys that come in various shapes and sizes. Aldi has the hookup for all your Easter-themed plushy needs with an assortment of 8-inch options including a Floral Print Cow, Purple Owl, Yellow Chick Flower, Pink Bunny Carrot, Carrot Cake, and Bluebird Bunny Ear options. These adorable plushies will be available in Aldi stores on March 13 for $7.99 each.

Choceur Peanut Butter Filled Bunny

Would it really be Easter without a large chocolate bunny? Not only does Aldi offer milk chocolate bunnies, but on March 6, Aldi stores are hopping on this classic trend with an age-old flavor combo: chocolate and peanut butter! Aldi will be selling Choceur creamy peanut-filled chocolate bunnies for $2.99.

Clancy's Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is another classic snack food that is getting a springtime twist with Aldi's Easter flavors. Hitting stores on March 13, you can find Clancy's Kettle Corn for $2.29. While carrots are par for the season, carrot cake kettle corn is understandably polarizing. Luckily, you'll also be able to find a sweet vanilla flavor variation as well.

Huntington Home Tray Objects

One of the best ways to welcome a new season is to change up the decor in your home and nothing screams spring quite like pastel colors and cute animals. On March 13, an assortment of Huntington Home Tray Objects will be hitting Aldi stores for $4.99 each. Items will include spring-themed signs, birds, bunny rabbits, eggs, gnome figures, flower pots, and decorative wooden beads.

Bake Shop Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

The carrot theme continues at Aldi with decadent-looking carrot cake sandwich cookies. Be sure to keep an eye out for these sweet treats beginning March 13. With cream cheese filling spread between two moist carrot cake cookies, these would be delicious right out of the container or chilled in the fridge. Each 12-pack container sells for $4.79.

Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta

The best Aldi Easter treats arriving in March might include a savory item. Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta makes for a fun and colorful dish. They will be available on March 20 for $2.49 a bag and are perfect for cold pasta salads or festive lunches for kids. The bag contains various fun shapes like bunnies and eggs and the pieces are colored with tomato, spinach, and red beet.

6-Inch Azalea or Hydrangea

By March 27, Aldi will also be adding to its flower selection with six-inch Azalea and Hydrangea options. Priced at $8.49 each, there are many variations of these colorful flowers from pink Azaleas to pink, blue, or purple Hydrangeas. With so many spring flowers to choose from, it may be hard to hop on that Easter prep with just one bouquet.

Choceur Bunny Bark

You can't have too many bunnies in your Easter-themed basket and another great option if you're looking for a twist on that classic chocolate bunny is Choceur's Bunny Bark. Available in Aldi stores on March 6 for $3.99, these solid chocolate treats come in milk chocolate or white chocolate flavors with chocolate or rainbow corresponding sprinkles.

Benton's Easter Cookies

A classic cookie is hard to beat and if you're looking for a simpler dessert that still feels festive, Benton's Easter Cookies may just be perfect for you. Hitting Aldi shelves on March 13 and selling for $2.99, these mini bunny-shaped cookies come with a layer of chocolate and sprinkles on one side.

Huntington Home Fabric Garland

Garlands make for a wonderful and festive addition to any space and Aldi has quite a few Easter-themed variations for your choosing. For $4.99 starting March 13, you can browse options with carrots, bunnies, flowers, and various color schemes depending on the style and vibe that you're looking for. Regardless of how you celebrate Easter, Aldi's holiday offerings can help you enjoy a festive holiday.