The Best Aldi Easter Treats Arriving In March

For those of you who are looking ahead to the next holiday now that Valentine's Day has passed, Easter is the next big holiday on the calendar. While St. Patrick's Day certainly has treats and festive bites, there are tons more options when it comes to Easter. Whether you're planning to fill Easter baskets with candy, hide goodies inside eggs, or simply need sweet treats to add to a dessert table for your family's big Easter meal, Aldi has tons of mouth-watering items coming soon.

Fortunately, Mashed was able to get a sneak peek at the upcoming Aldi Finds, and the budget-friendly grocery store has tons of great items that will hit the shelves over the next month. From cookies and cakes to all kinds of themed chocolates, there's no shortage of items that you'll want to pick up. Best of all, each of the items comes at that low Aldi price customers know and love. So you can certainly grab one or two of each of the items you want to try to ensure there's plenty to go around this Easter.

Celebrate with these festive cookies

The first item you'll want to take a peek at is Benton's Easter Cookies. These themed cookies come with a layer of Belgian chocolate on one side and are shaped like rabbits and Easter eggs. Of course, the Easter egg-shaped cookies also come with sprinkles on top for festive flair. According to the package, they're naturally flavored and each serving of one cookie is 120 calories.

These cookies will be available come Wednesday, March 17th. Each 10.6-ounce pack is just $2.49, too. Enjoy them alongside other desserts on Easter Sunday or munch on them in the days ahead of the holiday. Either way, they're sure to be delicious.

These themed sandwich cookies will be a hit

Next up is Benton's Carrot Cake Crème cookies. Those who are avid fans of Aldi's take on the classic, cream-filled sandwich cookie is likely already familiar with the many holiday- and novelty-flavors the cookies appear in. For Easter, they'll taste just like carrot cake, which should please kids and Easter bunnies alike.

Each 15.25-ounce pack is just $1.95, making these a total steal. Chow down on them whole, crush them up to incorporate into a dish, or just add them as a layer to another dessert like Nadiya Bakes-style cupcakes. These will also be available on Wednesday, March 17th.

Pretty in pink spring cookies

There are two flavors of Benton's Spring Vanilla Wafers that will be hitting shelves: the cookies will come dipped in white chocolate fudge or milk chocolate fudge. The package describes the cookies as "light and crispy wafer cookies enrobed in white [or milk] fudge with a sweet pastel drizzle."

They're certainly not your typical Vanilla Wafer cookies, as they're more akin to those long, rectangular, sugar wafer cookies you may have had as a kid. Regardless, the pastel colors on top make them spring-ready for any table. Pick them up for $2.49 per seven-ounce pack anytime after Wednesday, March 17th.

A must-have chocolate bunny

You might already be aware of Aldi's excellent chocolate selection. From flavors available to the quality of Aldi's chocolate, it's all aces. That includes their Choceur Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny that will be hitting the shelves on Wednesday, March 10th for just $2.29.

The 4.2-ounce chocolate bunny is wrapped in gold-colored foil, of course, and features a blue bow around its neck with a small charm. It's certainly enough to make anyone opening an Easter basket or searching for a golden bunny among a field of eggs smile.

Chocolate truffle eggs for the adults

Finally, you'll want to pick up a couple of packs of the Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Eggs while you're shopping for Easter treats at Aldi. Each 5.29-ounce pack includes 12 beautifully created chocolate truffle eggs. Each pack also includes a selection of dark, milk, and white chocolate truffles.

The truffles are scheduled to hit Aldi locations on Wednesday, March 10th. They're also priced at $3.49 per pack. Though it isn't the least-expensive item, it's probably going to be one of the most coveted; so, pick up a pack to taste-test in advance. Then grab one for the other adults you're planning to spend Easter with.