Upgrade Pigs In A Blanket With Everything Bagel Seasoning

For the most part, everything bagel seasoning seems to be used for seasoning everything but bagels. You can sprinkle it on fish (here's a recipe for EB tuna steaks), you might use it to make monkey bread (yes, we've got a recipe for this, too), and everything bagel ice cream is even a thing. (No recipe, but you could always DIY one by stirring the stuff into a pint of vanilla.) Mashed developer Feta Topalu, however, puts her seasoning to good use in a slightly more conventional fashion by using it to top pigs in blankets.

Topalu makes her little piggies in the typical way, wrapping cocktail sausages in refrigerated crescent dough. Her recipe departs from this kids' party standard by including a step that involves brushing the unbaked rolls with a beaten egg and then sprinkling them with the aforementioned everything bagel seasoning. Topalu uses the Whole Foods 365 brand, but if you prefer, you can make like Martha Stewart and whip up a homemade mix by combining garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and salt.

Bagel-seasoned pigs in blankets go better with dip

Sure, these blanketed swine will taste just fine if you eat them unadorned, but we've never met a lily we didn't want to gild and they're no exception. Feta Topalu suggests dunking them into barbecue sauce, cheese sauce, honey mustard, or mayonnaise (flavored or otherwise). If you're willing to put in just a few minutes more work, though, you might also like to try her cream cheese dip.

To make this dip — the steps for it are included with the recipe for the bagel-spiced piggies — you will need cream cheese (of course) as well as mayonnaise, plain yogurt, salt, and chopped chives. No chives? Green onions will also work, as long as you chop them extra fine. There's one ingredient Topalu didn't include, but you know you're going to want to add some: yes, more everything bagel seasoning! If you like it on the crescent rolls, you'll love it in the dip. No such thing as too much of a good thing, is there?