The Most Underrated Sam's Club Holiday Desserts

Sam's Club has definitely come through for shoppers this holiday season. It has graciously extended its December Savings Event to nine long days between Dec. 5 and Dec. 13 to allow bargain-shoppers even more time to stock up on holiday essentials, like those much-needed cheese and wine advent calendars. It has also just started offering convenient curbside pick-up and is even providing COVID-safe Santa visits for the kiddos for free. But while you're out and about, cashing in on Sam's Club good holiday cheer, don't forget to check out its holiday desserts, too.

Sure, Sam's Club is a hot spot for hard-to-find pastries and its freezer section is home to those to-die-for Sweet Dough Pretzels. But these fan-favorites, and the cupcakes with the cult-like following, don't hold a candle to some of Sam's Club's holiday desserts. Here are the ones you may not have heard about but should definitely stock up on this year.

Sam's Club Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake

If a jolly good time is your goal this year, why not start with a boozy holiday cake? Technically, the Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake from Sam's Club does not contain any alcohol, but you'll surely get the essence of bourbon at least. Instagrammer @samsclubmembers shared photos of this cake in its adorable wooden barrel box and said, "This moist brown sugar cake is made with pure maple and chocolate, and topped with walnuts, chocolate, and caramel bourbon icing. 7-year-aged Kentucky bourbon is used to give the cake a uniquely nutty, maple flavor. The secret is their unique recipe, which allows their Kentucky Woods cake to retain the flavor of the bourbon without the alcohol."

User @gulfwatersgirl commented, "This sounds delicious," while @sarahannclark admitted, "I just want that box!" We have to think a cutely-packaged bourbon-flavored cake would be a much-appreciated gift for anyone on your list this year, including yourself! It sounds like the perfect thing for that sweet, post-Christmas dinner fix.

Sam's Club 1-Lb Gummy Bear

You might think you have no need for a giant one-pound, cherry-flavored gummy bear in your life. But, consider Sam's Club's suggestion that you can "delight your friends and family by making this adorably oversized goody the centerpiece of your holiday dessert buffet." Who doesn't love an edible centerpiece, after all?

Instagram user shared this seasonal sweet with the caption, "One pound of cherry-flavored gummy bear. This gummy bear is equivalent to 385 actual gumm[ies]. So awesome!" Sam's Club's site lists this sweet treat as nine inches tall and four inches wide, which means there's plenty to go around. Surely, you'll have enough leftover to nibble on throughout all those Hallmark movie marathons, too. This giant gummy bear comes in a Christmas-themed package and is a limited time offer, so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to grab one for a super-cute dessert centerpiece this year.

Member's Mark Cheesecake Miniatures from Sam's Club

Hold on tight, friends. If you're a cheesecake lover, you're about to have all of your holiday dessert needs met in one fell swoop. Sam's Club is selling Member's Mark Cheesecake Miniatures that come in three different flavors in a whopping 63-count box. Surely that's enough to last you through Christmas, New Year's, and beyond. We recently spied these on Instagram, courtesy of @samssimplesavings who said, "Have you tried the individual cheesecakes at Sam's Club?! I love the small sizes, so you can treat yourself with a little portion control! They're also great for get-togethers. A 63-count box is $15.78."

Portion control, shmortion control — these mini cheesecake bites are one of the frozen foods Sam's Club fans swear by and based on the overwhelming positive reviews on Sam's Club's website, we'll probably be dipping into them in excess on the regular this season. Each box comes with 21 squares each of New York-style cheesecake, caramel chocolate chip cheesecake, and strawberry swirl cheesecake. In other words, it's all of your dessert dreams come true and a perfect addition to your holiday line-up.

Pre-Assembled Gingerbread Houses from Sam's Club

Last but not least, we had to include the quintessential interactive holiday dessert: the gingerbread house. Anyone who has ever attempted a gingerbread house from scratch knows, it can be a real test of patience and wouldn't exactly make anyone's list of holiday-worthy desserts. Unless you chill your gingerbread dough before baking, it's bound to turn out shapeless or cracked, turning your gingerbread house construction into a total nightmare. Plus, you have to be choosy about decorations as some candy is definitely not gingerbread house-friendly. But now, you can save yourself the trouble and grab a pre-assembled kit from Sam's Club that's sure to make a stunning showstopper of a dessert for your holiday table.

User @samsclubmembers posted about these gingerbread house kits on Instagram and commenters are clearly grateful for the idea of a little store-bought assistance. User @kristina_vega_ exclaimed, "Omg preassembled?! That's a life saver!! I can't get those things assembled to save my life!!" They added, "By the time I figure it out we are all so frustrated and my kids tell me I already ruined the whole thing. Going to buy at least 3 of these!!"

This collection of holiday desserts — and the potential family squabbles they can save you from — is surely worth the cost of your Sam's Club membership. Take advantage of these tasty offerings this year and save your baking efforts for that COVID-friendly cookie swap, instead.