The Best Slow Cooker Beef Recipes To Make For Dinner

Raise your hand if you like having hot, fresh, hearty dinners without having to spend a lot of cash, or stand over your stove for hours. No, this isn't a trick. This is the beauty of slow cooker recipes. Spend a few minutes prepping some ingredients, let the appliance do all the work, and you can tell everyone you're a master chef (the truth stays between you and your slow cooker). 

While Mashed has plenty of delicious slow cooker recipes for any meal, cuisine, or occasion, we get extra excited about our beef recipes. From finger-licking pot roast, to meatballs that are easier than you think, to chili, which is always better when cooked low and slow, there are so many great, beefy meals to be made in the slow cooker. Save yourself time and effort, and enjoy the glorious smells that will fill up your kitchen with this roundup of our best slow cooker beef recipes to add to your dinner rotation.

Slow cooker pot roast

When it comes to an all-American family dinner, it doesn't get more classic than a pot roast. So next time you're craving some hearty comfort food, turn to this recipe for slow cooker pot roast that your family will be begging for. It starts with seared chuck roast and caramelized veggies, which cook down in a gravy made from beef stock and red wine. It's got all the right deep savory notes, with the perfect hint of sweetness. Might we suggest piling that pot roast over a heaping pile of mashed potatoes, with a healthy dousing of gravy on top, of course, for a perfect meal that will stick to your belly and soothe your soul.

Slow cooker Swedish meatballs

No matter who you need to please, you usually can't go wrong with meatballs. And if you're making them at home, might as well look to the ones who know what they're doing for recipe inspiration, and make Swedish meatballs. Our slow cooker version guarantees a juicy meatball with the perfect bite, swimming in a creamy gravy. It's better than a trip to IKEA — and you'll have it all whipped up in the slow cooker in less than 15 minutes.

Slow cooker spicy chili Colorado

If there is one dish that is begging to be made in the slow cooker, it's chili. Hours of low, slow heat breaking down meat and spices, blending them together into a deeply flavorful, spicy dish. And our recipe for a Tex-Mex style red chili known as chili Colorado is the perfect recipe to highlight such a match made in heaven. This authentic version is made from whole chilis that are rehydrated, cooked down into a paste, and then simmered with chunks of beef for hours. The results: fall-apart-tender meat smothered in a thick, spicy gravy full of bold flavors. The only hard part will be choosing the toppings to dress it up with.

Slow cooker Mississippi pot roast

Whether you're a tried and true pot roast lover looking for a new spin on the classic, or not sure if this big beef dish is worth the effort, we've got the perfect recipe to try. Originating in the Magnolia state, this recipe for Mississippi pot roast is made with just six ingredients that come together into something that is as unique as it is finger-licking delicious. A chuck roast rubbed with oil gets browned, and then goes right into the slow cooker along with a packet of store-bought ranch seasoning mix, a packet of au jus gravy mix, a few heaping pats of butter, and bright, tangy pepperoncinis. It may be an odd combo, but trust us, it works.

4-ingredient slow cooker fajitas

Fajitas are a year round favorite when it comes to low-key dinner options that everyone will love. You need just a few ingredients, minimal prep work, and no assembly (except for your own plate, of course). Make it even easier with this recipe for 4-ingredient slow cooker fajitas. A skirt steak, sliced bell peppers and onion, and a packet of taco seasoning — that's all you need, and the slow cooker does it all. For an extra flavorful char at the end, this recipe suggests popping the fajitas from the slow cooker into the broiler for five minutes. Whip up some margaritas in the meantime, and fiesta Friday has never been easier.

Slow cooker mozzarella stuffed meatballs

If you need a recipe that's hearty, comforting, and bound to impress, then you've got to give these slow cooker mozzarella stuffed meatballs a try. This recipe is filled with shortcuts that make it way easier than it looks, and tastes. Juicy beef and melty, gooey cheese fills each and every bite, all drenched in a sweet, rich tomato sauce that will taste like you spent all day in the kitchen. Instead, you'll spend 30 minutes or less and the slow cooker will make some Italian-inspired magic happen.