Reese's First-Ever Holiday Flavor Innovation Combines 2 Classic Treats

The classic Reese's peanut butter cup is a candy that's pretty much perfect just the way it is, as it regularly winds up atop lists of everyone's favorite Halloween candies (or any other time of year candies). But that hasn't stopped the company from trying to improve upon success. The classic peanut butter cups have seen all types of fillings and flavors, from potato chips to pretzels to cups with no chocolate at all. But the one thing they've never done before is release a holiday flavor. Well, a Christmas holiday flavor, at least, since the marshmallow-topped Reese's cups are certainly a festive Easter treat.

Reese's also has no shortage of holiday-themed shapes, including trees, holiday lights, and nutcrackers. This new treat, however, retains the classic cup shape, but has an all-new flavor that was was revealed to Mashed during Hershey's Holiday 2021 Zoom celebration. This "FIRST-EVER Reese's holiday flavor innovation" is — ta da! — peanut brittle peanut butter cups.

Reese's new holiday flavor is extra-nutty

So how did Reese's decide on peanut brittle as its first winter holiday flavor? And is peanut brittle even really a Christmas thing? Maybe, since it's the kind of candy you never seem to see in any other form than packed in a cute tin gift box perfect for white elephant exchanges and gifting to distant relatives. Plus, there's no denying that as a flavor partner for peanut butter, it works a lot better than, say, peppermint bark would have done. The peanut brittle isn't inside the cups, but rather used as the flavoring for the cup itself –- the part that's chocolate in the original Reese's cups. The filling is crunchy peanut butter, which adds a nice bit of texture to a treat that is definitely on the sweeter side.

The Reese's Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups will be available soon at grocery stores, drugstores, online, and all the other usual candy retailers. They'll be available in both as big cups and bagged minis, and will of course come in special holiday packaging perfect for stuffing stockings. No need to wait until Christmas to enjoy them, though. Why not be the first (or only) one on the block to give them out for Halloween?