You Can Get Paid To Drink Hot Cocoa This Holiday Season. Here's How

Although winter days might be a little dreary and cold, there's nothing like curling up with a hot beverage after a fresh snowfall. Even if your cold-weather libation of choice is a cup of spiced apple cider or a generous mug of Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea, we're willing to bet that you're also going to enjoy a serving of hot chocolate at some point this season. There's just so much you can do with the classic drink: Enjoy it with whipped cream and marshmallows, make spiced hot chocolate, or spike your cup with a little bit of booze.

If all of that hot chocolate drinking sounds like your jam, then this news is for you: This year, Wishlisted is paying someone to drink hot chocolate. According to a press release sent to Mashed, the lifestyle platform is looking for "one jolly individual who loves a good cup of hot cocoa and isn't afraid to tell us which is a hit or a Swiss Miss." The announcement says that the person selected for the job will be sent a variety of hot chocolate mixes to taste and rate, as well as a year-long Netflix subscription and a cozy blanket for optimal enjoyment, followed by a payment of $1,000. 

How to apply to be a hot chocolate taster

Do you want to get paid to be a hot cocoa taster? For many chocolate lovers, this job probably sounds like a dream come true — especially because the application is so simple. If you want to try to land the position with Wishlisted, just head over to the platform's website and fill out the brief application form. You'll have to explain "why your taste buds are qualified to find the BEST hot chocolate," for example, and why you should be selected for the role. Applicants must live in the United States and be over 18 years old.

Wishlisted is accepting applications until midnight on December 15 before announcing the job recipient on December 17, so don't wait too long to answer those questions if you want the gig. Even if you don't get the role, what's stopping you from trying all the hot chocolate this holiday season? You can make your own hot chocolate bombs, try a frozen Cool Whip hack to add to your mug, or sample the salted caramel hot cocoa mix that Trader Joe's fans have been raving about.