This Freezer Hack Is A Christmas Hot Chocolate Game-Changer

Depending on where you live, you know there are many not-so-kind moments that come with winter's dropping temperatures and thick dustings of snow. Not only does it become unbelievably difficult to get out of bed in the morning, but ice-covered cars and porches need to be scraped off, and then there's the layers and layers of clothes you need to put on before stepping out for even a quick five-minute chore.

Despite the many pitfalls that winter brings, however, it has its perks, too. It's time to get cozy indoors by dusting off the fireplace and getting a fire going, all while curling up under blankets and enjoying one too many warm mugs of hot chocolate. Winter is pretty much synonymous with the holidays and hot chocolate, so if you aren't already stocking your pantry with all the right ingredients and scouring the internet for hot chocolate hacks, you really should be.

From adding spices and syrups to spiking the drink with booze, everyone has treasured tricks for making the best hot chocolate. Even Ben & Jerry's has a hot chocolate hack that calls for one scoop of ice cream, which they promise makes the already heavenly drink even better (via the official website). However, there's one trick that's now making the rounds that's about to change the way you drink your hot chocolate for ever more. According to this hack, you should be adding frozen Cool Whip to your hot chocolate for more fun and flavor, according to No Biggie.

Add frozen Cool Whip to your hot chocolate for more festive fun

While you could do what everyone else does by adding store-bought marshmallows to your hot chocolate, if you really want the winter drink to be a lot more festive-looking, No Biggie recommends freezing Cool Whip and adding that to the drink when ready.

To do so, the site says, simply spread a layer of Cool Whip on a baking tray lined with aluminum foil and then pop it in the freezer for an hour so. Once set, you should be able to use cookie cutters to cut out the Cool Whip in any shapes you like — try mini Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santas, gingerbread men, you name it. You can even add more festive toppings like sprinkles and sugar candies for more festive flair.

Then, plop the frozen and decorated Cool Whip shape into your hot chocolate as you would do with marshmallows. Not only will the cold Cool Whip bring your hot chocolate to a more drinkable temperature as the shape melts, but it will also leave a white layer of frothy deliciousness on top of the cup (via Taste Of Home).

If Cool Whip isn't your thing, you can use the same method to freeze and cut out shapes from whipped cream as well.