Instagram Sees A Smiling Sun In Ree Drummond's Latest Pup Pic

Anybody remember a children's song called "Mr. Sun"? It goes (via YouTube), "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, won't you please shine down on me?" Based on Ree Drummond's latest Instagram post, it seems Fred and Rusty – the Drummonds' basset pups – recently woke up singing that tune. And it looks like the sun delivered, in spades, as the bassets were treated to the warm glow of the rising sun, and apparently, even a celestial smile.

The friendly bassets are two of the seven pooches that call Drummond Ranch home. The Pioneer Woman has had a basset hound around since she was a small child, per The Pioneer Woman blog. She gushes about the goofy guys on social media and says that she has loved the droopy-eyed doggies all her life. These adorable hounds, the newest additions to the Drummond Clan, apparently feel that they are a part of the family, so much so that, having been left at home during Alex Drummond's recent wedding ceremony, they just weren't having that. Instead, they ventured the 1.8 miles to the reception site on the sprawling ranch and showed up uninvited at the celebration (via Instagram).

Just a couple of dogs, some cows, and a smiling sun

According to Ree Drummond's December 3 Instagram post, her trusty basset pups were up feeding cattle as the sun rose, with the help of their Marlboro Man assistant, Ladd Drummond, who snapped the photo of the smiling sun as the group set about their morning chores. Instagram loves all things Drummond, and the sweet scene of the doggies, the cattle, and the smiling morning star, garnered quite a bit of attention. More than a few comments highlighted the rising sun's smirk, including, "The sun looks like it's smiling" and "But there's a smiley face in the sun!"

Of course, the big stars of the scene were Fred and Rusty. One user, toddytatts6261, remarked that "they look like a comedy act on Hee Haw." As one commenter suggested, the grin on the sun's face could be the product of a gaggle of geese or some other flock of birds flying in V formation. Or it could really be the sun shining at the happy family on their misty morning venture. Who's to say?