Why Reddit Is Calling Out Taco Bell's Nacho Cheese Cups

Last year, Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce got a spicy upgrade when the fast food chain tested out a new version of the sauce in Newport Beach. This new cheese sauce was made in partnership with TRUFF, a company that makes truffle hot sauces. Taco Bell also recently released a White Hot Ranch Sauce to pair with their fan-favorite Nacho Fries, but it's not all good news when it comes to the chain's sauce offerings. On Reddit, there's been criticism of the decreasing size of the cheese cups.

One Reddit user posted a photo on the Taco Bell subreddit of two cups full of nacho cheese sauce, and the caption reads "The sauce cups got smaller but still charge 75¢ for extra cheese," followed with an eye-roll emoji. In the photo, the nacho cheese cup on the left is shorter than the condiment cup on the right. Have you noticed that Taco Bell is decreasing its nacho cheese cup sizes? If so, you're not alone.

Redditors notice that Taco Bell's nacho cheese cups have gotten smaller

Taco Bell is known for its low prices, but based on what Redditors are saying, this may not be the case for long. In this Reddit post commenters express concerns about the portion sizes, with one user stating, "Everything is getting smaller except the prices. I'm an avid Tbell fanatic but they've just been making me sad lately. It just isn't worth going anymore." With regards to the cheese cups specifically, another Taco Bell fan said, "I noticed this a few days ago. Barely had any cheese for my chips." 

There may be a valid reason for this change. The USDA did predict that food costs are going to increase, and one Reddit user mentioned, "Essentially inflation is crazy, and instead of charging you more for the same amount, they're charging you the same and hoping you won't notice you're getting less." While companies might hope customers won't notice the slight change, plenty of Redditors have indeed noticed the cheese cup shift.

The smaller cheese cups, however, might not be at every Taco Bell location. One person said, "I think a lot of you forget that these also are choices by individual franchise owners. The cups have never shrank in my general area."

Ultimately, if you decide that Taco Bell's prices and sizes aren't worth it, you can make similar items at home. Here's our copycat Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme recipe and a copycat Taco Bell quesadilla sauce recipe.