Every CELSIUS Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Energy drinks often get a bad rap for being unhealthy and toxic; however, that doesn't mean they aren't an enjoyable and occasionally needed pick-me-up. Some popular energy drink brands like G Fuel and NOS deserve the bad publicity they receive, given that the flavor profiles tend to resemble corroded battery acid and fermented Mountain Dew. However, newer energy drink brands like CELSIUS are giving big companies like Monster and Red Bull a run for their money.

If energy drinks could personify music, fan favorites like Monster and Bang would resemble ska punk with continuous cymbal banging, while CELSIUS would sound like lo-fi remixes of Drake. CELSIUS brand energy drinks have mellow flavors and natural energy vibes that are a notch above the artificial taste of other energy drink brands. 

CELSIUS prides itself on being an energy drink that lacks ingredients such as sugar, aspartame, fake colors, gluten, and artificial colors and preservatives. Recently, the CELSIUS brand has been the subject of scrutiny on Tik Tok due to the possible adverse health effects of the drink. However, most products are best enjoyed in moderation, which is why CELSIUS energy drinks are definitely worth trying, particularly some of the stand-out flavors offered by the brand. Here are all the CELSIUS flavors ranked from worst to best.

18. Sparkling Cola

There's nothing like a cold Coca-Cola at any time of the day or night. Healthy soda brands like Olipop and Zevia have surfaced over the years as alternatives to the mysterious ingredients hiding inside America's favorite soda can. Brands such as Bang have created cola-flavored energy drinks that try to replicate the iconic flavor and carbonation of Coca-Cola. Now, CELSIUS' Sparkling Cola flavor is the energy drink and diet soda love-child that could give Diet Coke some serious competition. 

Sadly, this CELSIUS flavor only gets participation points. One Amazon review compared it to generic soda with a really artificial aftertaste that has gone flat after being opened and left for a long period of time. Additionally, its flavor profile is similar to Tik Tok's healthy coke recipe that tastes eerily like expired pickles and tears. The best time to drink this flavor is when all other forms of caffeine and stimulants have disappeared from the face of the earth.

17. Kiwi Guava

This energy drink contains an amalgam of tropical flavors that combine to form the perfect summer drink: CELSIUS' Kiwi Guava flavor resembles a freshly cut plate of fruit. However, its initial flavor profile is less than desirable as it contains a heaviness and a mouthfeel that is similar to cough syrup. On the nose, it contains notes of guava syrup that you might find in a happy hour margarita and an old-fashioned candied kiwi. 

The taste is similar to the aroma and contains notes of guava soda and Hi-Chews. The kiwi flavor is muted, which is unfortunate because a strong dose of kiwi flavor could have really revitalized this energy drink. One review on Influenster commented that they had to double-check to make sure the drink wasn't alcoholic due to its resemblance to a beer. However, other reviewers on Influenster mention that this flavor tastes like guava candy. If you enjoy an overwhelmingly guava-like taste without the sugar crash of candy or juice, then this is the ideal drink for you. 

16. Mango Passionfruit

CELSIUS' Mango Passionfruit flavor isn't bad; it's just disappointing. This drink is pretty annoying: The flavors simply don't work and the overall conflicting taste feels like an antic that has to be indulged. There were such high hopes for this flavor since it was released exclusively in partnership with 7-Eleven, but alas, the results are disappointing. 

On the nose, this drink has the same syrupy heaviness akin as the Kiwi Guava flavor but with more mango than guava. It tastes exactly like the aroma of mango syrup, but with a mouth-clenching tartness that is presumably supposed to mimic passionfruit. 

Overall, this drink is reminiscent of Drake's hit song "Passionfruit." It's sappy, it's marketed to make tons of money, and it gives you the urge to continue drinking even if you don't like it. At least listening to Drake's song is more appealing than drinking this very strange CELSIUS flavor. 

15. Strawberry Guava

CELSIUS' love affair with guava flavor has no bounds. CELSIUS' Strawberry Guava flavor is eerily similar to the Kiwi Guava flavor. Every sip of the Strawberry Guava drink leaves you with a lingering taste that can only be fixed with another sip of this mystery flavor disguised as guava. 

According to Tik Tok user Bigsommenergy, the flavor should be called "Guava Strawberry" due to its overpowering sweetness. He found notes of pear and roses in the drink although he also asserted that the advertised strawberry essence was pretty much nonexistent. 

The immense amount of guava didn't bother him as much as the overall heaviness of the drink and the lack of a crisp, refreshing taste. An Amazon review also states that the beverage lacks any traces of strawberry. For CELSIUS, it may be a time to take a break from the guava and maybe spend some more time cultivating the much-needed strawberry flavor that this drink needs. 

14. Wild Berry

CELSIUS' Wild Berry flavor simply doesn't live up to the expectations it creates. Mixed berry drinks, especially those containing raspberries and blueberries, are some of the best types of beverages you can enjoy, whether they're seltzers, juices, Powerade, soft drinks like Mountain Dew, or any other type of drink. These other drinks set the bar for mixed drinks pretty high, but unfortunately, this drink is simply not worth it. Alas, the curse of high standards wins again.

CELSIUS' mixed berry flavor starts out as a pretty decent flavor with notes that resemble a fruit salad but don't necessarily taste like actual fruit. However, it plateaus and takes a nosedive with an overall taste that doesn't seem like it's from a lab or from nature. 

Amazon reviews about this drink are mixed; some cite this flavor as being among their top three CELSIUS flavors while others say it tastes like medicine. One review even compared it to the nostalgic Flintstones Vitamins that some of us may remember with slight fondness and disgust. The day this drink was invented was a sad day for mixed berry-flavored drinks around the world.

13. Peach Vibe

Perfecting the ideal peachy flavor can be challenging since, 90% of the time, most flavor iterations tend to toggle between a peach candle and a peach candy flavor. CELSIUS' peach-flavored energy drink doesn't necessarily disappoint, but it doesn't pass the check for standout flavor either. At first glance, one of the most startling realizations about this flavor is that it has a Shrek-ish hue that would usually be associated with Monster's ultra paradise flavor. The aroma is muted, with hints of dried flowers and sugar-free peach candy. 

Reviews on Target's website were underwhelmed with the results; one review compared this drink to a peach simple syrup, which, honestly, might be too high a compliment for this flavor. One reviewer found themselves wishing this drink had more of a ginger taste (as if that could save it from its own demise), while another review compared it to a malty White Claw without the alcohol. While the drink does receive some rave reviews, overall, it tastes like a less intense, floral version of the peach-flavored Monster iced tea with sub-par vibes.

12. Grape Rush

Oh, the curse of the never-ending roulette of grape flavor: Take a spin and you'll end up with grape-flavored TUMS or Grape Fanta. Grape flavor can be pretty dicey, and with each version that you try, there's a chance you'll end up with a highly artificial tasting flavor. Of course, Monster has a superior grape flavor that tastes like tsunamis of juicy delight that take you on a one-way ticket to flavor town. CELSIUS' grape drink seems to be highly reviewed and loved by its followers, but the people that dislike it really do thoroughly dislike it. 

One review of the product on Amazon equates it to grape soda while another states that it tastes akin to a Baltimore grape snowball with marshmallow fluff, which is a version of the snow cone that is served with finely shaved ice as opposed to crushed ice. However, some reviews say this tastes like grape-flavored coffee: That's one way to add a kick to your coffee. All in all, it seems that the beauty of this drink is in the grape-shaped eye of the beholder.

11. Peach Mango Green Tea

Have you ever had tea and wished it contained caffeine? There are a plethora of caffeinated tea-inspired energy drinks available today, like Monster's Rehab Tea which tastes like a riff on an Arnold Palmer, and Bang's Sweet Tea flavor, which tastes less like an Arnold Palmer that's been festering at the bottom of a pond.

That said, CELSIUS' Peach Mango Green Tea flavor is the happy middle ground between the best and worst drink that can go into one's stomach. On the nose, it smells like a more subtle peach-flavored Monster with notes of Lipton green tea leaves.

The mango flavor is mild as compared to the peach notes, but overall, this drink actually tastes more like lightly sweetened peach green tea than liquified peach rings. According to a Reddit comment, the drink is thinner and less heavy than other flavors, making it one that can be quickly chugged as opposed to syrupy beverages that must be sipped slowly. 

10. Watermelon

Nothing screams summer more than freshly cut watermelon, or better yet, a frozen watermelon margarita. But who says you can't be hydrated and caffeinated at the same time with CELSIUS' watermelon energy drink? This may not be backed by actual medical advice, but the hydrating effects of the watermelon definitely cancel out the dehydration from chugging energy drinks all day instead of water.

One likely hopes for this flavor to taste like watermelons as opposed to blended Sour Patch Kids, and the overall taste actually exceeds expectations. It's less like watermelon-flavored Monster, and more like a watermelon gazpacho or Caprese salad, which may be a positive or a negative, depending on whom you ask. As Bogsommenergy says on Tik Tok, this drink is both sweet and savory as it contains hints of watermelon, honeydew melon, and summer tomatoes.

According to an Amazon review, this flavor tastes far too much like watermelon-flavored salt water taffy. This drink is perfect for those who want a fruit-forward flavor that doesn't scream sugar high. 

9. Tropical Vibe

There's nothing like a tropical vibe to get you in a summer state of mind. CELSIUS' Tropical Vibe flavor has a sunshine-in-a-glass vibe that would make even the coldest and windiest of Alaskan tundras feel like a little piece of the Bahamas. This drink contains pineapple and starfruit, which is a sweet and sour Southeast Asian fruit that has a bright yellow color and looks like a three-dimensional star once it has been sliced. 

The color is reminiscent of a mimosa from afar, and the aroma is akin to a tropical vacation or a beach-themed Yankee candle with notes of mysterious starfruit and overripe pineapple. The taste of this drink is like everything CELSIUS' other guava-flavored drinks tried and failed to emulate: the lightness and crispness of a fresh fruit salad. This beverage is incredibly refreshing and unique, especially since starfruit-flavored energy drinks can be quite rare. This flavor is a winner: If only CELSIUS could achieve this balance of flavors in its other guava-themed drinks. 

8. Strawberry Lemonade

CELSIUS' Strawberry Lemonade energy drink can't compare to fresh lemonade from your local neighborhood lemonade stand, but it still has a lovely, refreshing taste that's quite enjoyable. According to Campus Protein, this drink was released just in time to beat the summer heat. It has a vibrant tangerine color, crisp carbonation, and overall lovely springtime flavors. This drink is the foolproof fruity pick for those who are craving a ripe and flavorful energy drink.

According to Bigsommenergy, this beverage has aromas of guava. Additionally, the drink has notes of strawberry, lemon zest, and green apple on the nose. This may not be the most complex or adventurous CELSIUS flavor, but it sure does contain just the right amount of acidity to brighten the palate. This drink gives you a diverse amount of flavors that harmoniously mix and blend together without overshadowing one another. There's something incredibly sharp and refreshing about this flavor that makes one want to sip it on a scorching hot summer day or a wonderfully pleasant spring day. 

7. Sparkling Green Apple Cherry

There's a unique flavor in the world of CELSIUS drinks, and its name is Sparkling Green Apple Cherry. Though announced by CELSIUS via Twitter to be an exclusive at 7-Eleven, a Google search reveals this flavor to be available through Amazon as well. The CELSIUS Instagram account doubles down on the convenience store exclusivity, adding to the carbonated confusion. While an intriguing double identity like this may throw a product launch into a bit of a marketing crisis, for CELSIUS drinkers, the added availability translates into extra opportunities to take the new taste for a test drive.

But will fans of other CELSIUS flavors find this candy-coated combination to be a satisfying sip? The company characterizes the taste as something similar to a candy apple, though Tik Tok reviewers call out the green apple flavor as a stronger note than the cherry, while on YouTube, Nathan's Fast Talk Food Reviews likens the mix to cherry limeade. Amazon reviewers concur, rewarding the flavor with mostly five-star reviews. Based on the descriptions, CELSIUS drinkers looking for real fruit flavor won't find it here. But anyone in search of a sweet treat with Jolly Rancher aspirations will be in beverage heaven.

6. Orange

Many energy drinks brands offer a quintessential orange flavor; brands like Reign and Monster all have some version of an orange drink. Unsurprisingly, CELSIUS has also tried its hand at a classic orange-flavored energy drink

At first whiff, CELSIUS' orange drink has an appealing aroma similar to watered-down SunnyD and orange Hawaiian Punch that is quite pleasing on the nose. The flavors are surprisingly pleasant and light. According to an Influenster review, this drink is similar to a healthier and vitamin-infused orange Fanta. It provides drinkers with some much-needed burst of energy with a fruity tang. 

It's also a great way to get your daily source of vitamins since it contains 60 milligrams of vitamin C, which helps enhance your nutritional intake. The vitamin C, in combination with the caffeine content, makes this beverage a wonderful pick-me-up. This drink is wonderfully refreshing as compared to other, full-bodied flavors, and it makes for the perfect drink on a hot summer day. 

5. Sparkling Lemon Lime

7-Up and Sprite fans looking for a tingly citrus boost can crack into a can of Sparkling Lemon Lime CELSIUS. The company adds its hallmark energy mix to a citrus base to create a refreshing blend that marries tart lemon with tangy lime. Sparkling Lemon Lime marks flavor No. 30 for the CELSIUS product line, providing curious sippers a new-yet-familiar taste that brings a fizzy lift along with the vitamins, extracts, and other add-ins.

While lemon-lime bubblers are nothing new, the addition of a beloved flavor to the line-up takes CELSIUS closer to the traditional soft drink world. Food Manufacturing explains that demand for refreshing lemon-lime flavor has grown since 2019. Even Pepsi has introduced Starry, a new lemon-lime soda aimed at Gen Z consumers. The big twist: Unlike other lemon-lime soft drinks, CELSIUS includes caffeine in its formula, something noted by YouTube reviewer Timmybug Productions. That review praises the taste, describing the flavor as being better than Sparkling Orange and Arctic Vibe. By tapping into a flavor that soda fans know and love, CELSIUS has come up with a winner that may tempt crossover fans to head for the energy drink section of the beverage aisle.

4. Fuji Apple Pear

CELSIUS' Fuji Apple Pear flavor is truly the unicorn of the energy drink world. For most apple-flavored drinks, the taste consists of a cross between a poorly made Appletini and an apple sour candy that expired several years ago. However, CELSIUS really upped the game when it decided to infuse this drink with an eerily authentic apple flavor that tastes like it is fresh from the orchard. 

On the nose, this flavor has notes of freshly cut apples and some light citrus rather than pear. The taste is bizarre because it is similar to a crisp apple juice that is lighter in terms of sweetness. According to an Amazon review, this drink tastes exactly like Martinelli's apple cider. Rather than tasting like artificial apple flavor, this drink contains an authenticity that is incredible to taste and behold. Arguably, it might just be better than apple cider or any apple juice on the market. This fresh taste, coupled with the caffeine, makes this beverage a top-notch choice. 

3. Raspberry Açaí Green Tea

While CELSIUS' other green tea flavor, the Peach Mango Green Tea, may sound more appealing, it's the Raspberry Açaí Green Tea drink that is actually one of the most surprisingly delicious flavors. Though this flavor is often overlooked, it's actually incredibly fresh and fun, and it contains just the right amount of fruit and tea.  

On the nose, this drink has notes of cranberries, freeze-dried raspberries, and dried green tea leaves. However, the more you drink this flavor, the easier it goes down, leaving you with a fierce freshness that gives you a near-instantaneous caffeine rush. It's quite similar to the Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice, although this may not be a perk if you aren't a fan of raspberry-flavored drinks. 

One Amazon reviewer admits to really disliking the overall taste. This drink does have an overly sweet aftertaste, but that's minute in comparison to the overall refreshing homemade ice tea vibes that this drink brings.

2. Sparkling Fantasy Vibe

A flavor called Sparkling Fantasy Vibe could taste like just about anything. In the CELSIUS world, it's described as a blend of mandarin and marshmallow. While that combination sounds exotic, if you replace "mandarin" with orange and "marshmallow" with vanilla, you get an orange creamsicle. Thankfully, CELSIUS clarifies the description on its website. Though it throws hints of vintage soda shop nostalgia, this mash-up of orange and cream soda flavors provides a refreshing mix for the beverage world. A self-proclaimed fitness drink that tastes like ice cream could be a special occasion for eager consumers.

So ... how special is it really? Pretty special, it seems. Tik Tok reviewers caught wise to the creamsicle twist on first sip and vibed with the Sparkling Fantasy magic. Several sippers weight in on video, declaring their love of the bubbly orange-vanilla mix. Reddit reviewers agree, signaling Sparkling Fantasy Vibe as an energy drink lover's dream come true. The citrus and creamy notes create flavor harmonics for a kicky throw-back treat that feels fresh and new. The result is a crisp can filled with surprisingly fun fizz. This is good news for CELSIUS fans looking for something sweet on the drink menu.

1. Arctic Vibe

CELSIUS prides itself on providing healthier alternatives to conventional energy drinks through its carefully crafted ingredients and subtle flavors. Even though the drinks may lack the punch that typical energy drinks brands such as Bang or Monster tend to contain, this doesn't mean CELSIUS should be considered any less potent. CELSIUS' Arctic Vibe flavor has an incredibly chillaxed vibe and ultra-cool aura that makes you want to drink and keep sipping. 

Campus Protein compares it to a revamped wild berry flavor with a twist that draws inspiration from a frozen bag of blueberries waiting to be blended into a smoothie or margarita. Tik Tok user Bigsommenergy raves about this drink and its fresh aromas of blueberries, cotton candy, and even fresh pine. Don't be intimidated by the intense vibes of this drink: The overall flavor provides the much-needed chill factor via a perfectly balanced and flavorful drink that leads to a highly enjoyable experience.