Mountain Dew Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Flavor After A Decade

If you asked most people what Mountain Dew tastes like, you might not get a straight answer. That's because, though the original Mountain Dew taste is citrusy and sugary thanks to orange juice, corn syrup, and plenty of caffeine, these days the soda comes in tons of different varieties. The company has created new Mountain Dew flavors at restaurant chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, and Baja Blast is always on tap at Taco Bell. The brand has even experimented with product mash-ups like Mountain Dew Flamin' Hot, a spicy soda we tried and found to be delicious

Those are just some of Mountain Dew's recent innovations, but creating new flavors is nothing new for the soda. Even 10 years ago it was offering up a variety of Dew to the masses, including one flavor fans are about to have the chance to experience again. Mountain Dew has just revealed that it's bringing back its "fan-favorite" flavor Mtn Dew Typhoon, a tropical fruit punch twist on the original flavor. But there are a couple of hoops people will have to jump through if they want to try it (via Chew Boom).

How to get Mtn Dew Typhoon

Unlike the Mountain Dew flavors currently available at convenience stores and restaurants, Mtn Dew Typhoon will be a little harder to get your hands on. Thirsty fans who want to try this throwback drink will need to be a member of Dew HQ, the brand's rewards program that's free to join. Then, starting on June 1 (though some sources like Thrillist say noon on May 24), members of Dew HQ will be able to purchase single 16-ounce cans of Mtn Dew Typhoon from The Dew Store, which is currently mostly filled with clothing, gear, and other non-beverage items (via Chew Boom).

Rumors about Mtn Dew Typhoon's return had been floating around the Mountain Dew subreddit for a few weeks. Many die-hard Dew fans seemed frustrated that the limited-release flavors were only available on The Dew Store and in 16-ounce cans, but one had this to say: "Them making the releases as cans is the best thing they can do in my eyes. Cans will maintain their flavor for much longer than bottles will beyond the best by date." This can be important to collectors and Dew fanatics who hope to taste their favorite limited edition drinks in the future (via Reddit). Those fanatics, who left comments on the subreddit like "Typhoon was my favorite. I miss it so much," will surely smile when they learn the flavor will in fact be available to purchase again on June 1, after almost a decade of deprivation.