The Shredding Technique That Will Melt Your Grilled Cheese To Perfection

You have your frying pan, non-stick skillet, sandwich toaster, panini press, or griddle ready to make the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich anyone has ever tasted. You have your slices of bread and butter or mayo ready for the challenge, resulting in a well-cooked, brown-on-both-sides cheese toastie, sometimes referred to as a toasted sandwich. Cheddar or American cheese is ready and you know that all you need is to put cheese between the slices of bread, add butter or mayo to the pan and cook your sandwich. But wait. You realize that you need to prepare the cheese in order to make your grilled cheese an example of flawlessness.

A crusty, delicious, and buttery grilled cheese can be excitingly overwhelming. It's, therefore, understandable that you can get nervous about results. Fortunately, there is a cheese preparation technique that will knock your anxiety out through the kitchen window and help you cook your grilled cheese to perfection.

Avoid slicing your cheese, but shred it instead

To make sure that your cheese melts well, the trick is to shred it first. "If the cheese you use on your sandwich comes in a block, slicing and placing it on the bread simply won't do," Rebecca Deczynski writes for Bustle, adding that "For guaranteed melting, shred the cheese before grilling." Other grilled cheese experts share the same sentiments about making grilled cheese. "First, it is best to bring your cheese up to room temperature before cooking your sandwich," says Roth Cheese, adding that when you shred the cheese "it melts faster and more evenly." According to Roth Cheese, you can choose either Gouda, Harvati, or Cheddar for your grilled cheese because different cheese types melt differently. However, if you're looking for flavor, dill Havarti provides an added buzz.

Sometimes you can cut corners and buy shredded cheese. This will not be as good as shredding at home. Shredding at home ensures that your cheese does not clump and melts easily. The most common tool to use in shredding cheese at home is a hand-held or box grater. But what do you do if you realize that you have none of these? The best method of shredding cheese without a cheese grater is to use a zester or food processor. However, you may also have none of these. Don't lose hope. Grab your sharp kitchen knife and work on your cheese the way you would on a carrot.