These Are The Easy One-Pot Recipes You Need In Your Life

You know those nights when you just can't be bothered to make a drawn-out, complicated meal? So, you know ... most nights? Those are the times when you don't want to have to worry about both making a meal and doing the dishes. After all, you only have so much time to relax, and you probably want to take full advantage of it instead of standing at the sink for an hour. So, why waste your time doing dishes when you could turn to our delicious one-pot recipes instead?

That's right. All of these recipes require only one pot, which means you don't have to dirty a ton of dishes just to get dinner on the table in time. Isn't that a relief? And after you eat your delicious meal, if you're feeling lazy, don't even worry about the cleanup until the morning (we won't tell).

With these simple, easy, and most of all, mess-free recipes, weeknights (or weekends, we know how things go sometimes) will suddenly feel so much easier ... and tastier too. What's not to love about that? Get your cook on with these undeniably delicious one-pot recipes.

One-pot chicken noodle soup

Can you think of anything that's more comforting than a bowl of chicken noodle soup? No? Neither can we. In fact, many of us grew up with it being classed as the ultimate comfort food. It's something you eat when you're sick or when you're home from school because of a particularly bad snow day. No matter when you're eating it, though, it can't help but to warm you from the inside out.

Luckily, you can have that made-from-scratch taste in your soup if you opt to make this one-pot chicken noodle soup recipe. Not only does it feature lots of chicken and plenty of noodles to keep you full, but it also boasts a variety of veggies that make this one of the healthier soups you can make at the last minute.

Chicken noodle soup usually takes a long time to do right if you follow all the steps from start to finish, but by following this recipe, you won't have to pull out every pot and pan in your kitchen just to get some comfort in a bowl. Don't you want to make this tonight?

One-pot chicken teriyaki

It's been a long day at work, and the only thing you can think about is getting home and relaxing. But then you realize that you're actually really hungry, and you're going to have to fill your belly somehow. So, what do you do? If you're like many of us, you might give into your desire to grab some takeout to enjoy on the go. But if you're trying to save money or just eat healthier, you know that's definitely not the best option.

Instead, you can get that takeout taste you love while only dirtying one dish in your kitchen. How? Just whip up this tasty one-pot chicken teriyaki, and you're sure to fall in love at first taste. That's because it's super simple to make, but it comes out tasting like you spent hours putting it together. The chicken is juicy and moist, making it a recipe you'll come back to over and over again.

You may think you have to cook the rice separately for this recipe, but that's just not the case. So, yes, this recipe only uses one pot, which means that it comes together in no time at all with very little work on your part. It may not be quite as easy as takeout, but it's close, and it probably tastes better too.

One-pot spinach and feta mac and cheese

Remember how much you loved mac and cheese when you were a kid? It was one of those dishes that you couldn't get enough of. Creamy and carb-y, how could you not love it? You may think your days of slurping mac and cheese are over, but you couldn't be more wrong. Of course, nobody will judge you for making the orange Kraft stuff, but you can actually make it into an adult meal as well ... with just one pot. How? This one-pot spinach and feta mac and cheese recipe.

You may not have used feta for mac and cheese before, but let us just tell you now ... it's really good. And adding in the spinach adds a layer of sophistication (and also some much-needed veggies into an otherwise not-uber-healthy meal). The best part? It comes together quickly, and you only need to get one pot in your house dirty. Whether you serve this mac and cheese to kids or adults, it's almost guaranteed to be a huge hit.

One-pot chicken Parm pasta

Chicken Parmesan ... if you're like us, it's one of your favorite dishes. But unless you love spending hours in the kitchen making elaborate meals, it's probably not something you make very often at home. In fact, you may relegate it to a sort of restaurant-order status, like really good sushi or amazing chicken wings.

However, did you know that you can make a chicken Parm pasta at home with just one dish? We know, we know, it sounds unbelievable, but this one-pot chicken Parm pasta recipe actually tastes really good. And it doesn't just taste good, either. It's an especially attractive dish, so much so that you could even show up with it at a potluck and everyone would be impressed.

It takes about an hour to make, and it's totally worth the time when you get a taste of how good it is. But cleanup? That's only going to take a few minutes since you only have to wash one pot. What's not to love about that situation?

One-pot vegetarian mushroom goulash

Have you been thinking about eating less meat? It's true that reducing our meat intake isn't just good for our bodies — it's actually good for the environment too. But if you're used to eating meat-heavy meals, a dish that relies entirely on veggies can seem kind of lacking. When you try out this one-pot vegetarian mushroom goulash recipe, though, you'll realize that a veggie-filled dish can be just as satisfying as a meaty one.

A lot of people may not love mushrooms, and that's totally okay. But you're still going to want to give this recipe a try. The mushrooms have a lovely texture to them, even if it's not something you're used to.

If you're already a veggie lover, this one is sure to be a hit with you and your family. Just be warned: While you only have to use one dish for this recipe, it does take more time than some of the other dishes on this list. You're looking at about two hours to both prep and cook this recipe. However, by the time you're done, you're going to realize that time was totally worth it.

One-pot pizza rigatoni

Do you ever feel like you have to physically restrain yourself from ordering a delivery pizza? Because, same. There's something about the flavors of a pizza that come together so perfectly to create the ultimate comfort food. But you don't always want to spend the money on delivery, especially when you know you already have plenty of ingredients in the house. So, just what should you do to curb that craving? Well, you should whip up this one-pot pizza rigatoni, of course.

Sure, it might be a pasta dish. But you'll be surprised at the pizza flavors bursting forth from every bite. Our version includes plenty of cheese and toppings like pepperoni and pepperoncini peppers. But hey, everyone likes different stuff on their pizza, so don't be afraid to get creative with the toppings here. You could add black olives, sausage, maybe even some anchovies if you're the adventurous type.

No matter what you decide to make this recipe with, it'll give you that carb-y kick you're looking for in a pizza — and you don't even have to place an order (or dirty more than one dish).

One-pot ground beef stroganoff

There are some dishes that you just can't resist on a cold winter's night. Not only do they warm you up, they make you feel fuzzy from the inside out. It's more than just comfort food — it's about getting your belly full fast, even after you've had a long and busy day. That's just what something like stroganoff is for. It's hearty and filling, but it has just enough pasta to keep you digging in for more after every forkful.

However, when you hear the work "stroganoff," you may imagine your grandmother slaving away for hours over a hot stove in the kitchen. Well, there's no need for that when you can make this easy one-pot ground beef stroganoff recipe.

There's so much to love about this recipe. The fact that it features ground beef makes it super-hearty, yes, but it's also an inexpensive way to get plenty of protein in. If you cook them right, the noodles come out at the perfect texture and consistency, and the creamy sauce makes the whole thing come together. Need some greens in your diet? You can add those for garnish and flavor as well.

Make this once, and we all but guarantee that it's going to become a family favorite in your home. Kids and adults alike are sure to gobble this stuff up.

One-pot pasta recipe with spinach and tomatoes

Here's the thing we love about pasta: It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. If you are making a traditional Italian carbonara, you may need to spend some time in the kitchen getting it right. However, you can make a pasta dish that's equally as delicious without having to spend nearly that amount of time standing over the stove. If that sounds preferable to you, then you may want to check out this one-pot pasta recipe that features spinach and tomatoes.

These are some of the most common veggies you'll find at your local grocery store, so it's easy to make this dish in a pinch. In fact, you may have all the basic ingredients you need for it already in your fridge and pantry. A hearty sprinkling of cheese on top when you're done cooking adds a nice creamy and salty touch that makes everything just a little bit better.

Plus, when you consider that you can throw this whole meal together in a mere 30 minutes, there's no reason not to try it. Like, tonight. Make some for your whole family, and they'll be begging you for more tomorrow. (You can always double the batch if you want to ensure you have leftovers. You're welcome.)

One-pot mac and cheese

We know what we said about mac and cheese before. And sometimes, yes, you do have to make it more sophisticated to suit your adult palate. But other times, whether you're cooking for kids or you just personally want to enjoy the comfort food classic, you just want the old-fashioned dish you're used to. Think you have to get the whole kitchen dirty to make that happen? That's just not the case when you decide to follow our iconic one-pot mac and cheese recipe.

We're going to tell you something that you might not believe. You can actually prepare this entire dish in just 20 minutes. You heard us right. In 20 minutes from now, you could be digging into a thick bowl of mac and cheese. That's even less time than you would spend waiting for delivery. So, if you really need the comfort food fast or you've got some picky little ones to feed, this should be one of your go-to dishes in your recipe arsenal. It certainly is in ours.

Easy one-pot butter chicken

Don't you love Indian takeout? It's one of those things that you just have to treat yourself to every once in a while. After all, the flavors are so unique, you'll never be able to recreate them at home, right? Right? Well, if you take some time to learn how the dishes are made, you may be able to make an Indian-inspired dish in the comfort of your own home. And the best part? You'll only have to use one dish to do it.

What recipe is that? We present to you our easy one-pot butter chicken recipe. Not only is this dish super rich, it's also packed with flavor, which means that it's sure to be a hit whether you're just serving yourself or you're making it for a get-together with family and friends. You are probably going to need to expand your spice rack to make this dish come together, but when you taste how good it is, you'll realize it's totally worth it.

Why order takeout again when you can make Indian-inspired food in the comfort of your own home? Just remember to serve this butter chicken with some sort of carb, whether that's rice or some naan bread (you can buy that one from the store if you don't want to be bothered making it yourself).

One-pot arroz con pollo

Just like going out for Indian food is a treat, many love a trip to their local Mexican restaurant. But what if you're just trying to get dinner on the table and don't want to have to dole out the cash for takeout or going out to a restaurant? If that's the case and you're craving the flavors of Mexico, you should make yourself this one-pot arroz con pollo recipe. The recipe makes enough for two, but you could always double it or triple it if you're feeding your entire family.

It may seem like a complicated recipe, but it's far from it. The list of ingredients isn't too long, and you should have most of the stuff you need already stocked in your pantry or refrigerator. Plus, this stuff makes excellent leftovers if you want to bring some with you to work the next day.

This is also one of the healthier recipes you can make. With protein-filled chicken, plenty of veggies, and brown rice instead of white, you know you're going to be getting a filling and nutritious meal you can't help but to love. Maybe this is the replacement for your next Taco Tuesday.

One-pot whole wheat pasta carbonara

If you've spent some time in Italian restaurants, you've probably had a taste or two of carbonara. It's one of those iconic Italian dishes that it's just hard not to love. However, with the mix of ingredients involved, you may not think that you're capable of making this delicious meal at home. In reality, though, that's just not the truth. We decided to opt for a healthier version of this classic in this one-pot whole wheat pasta carbonara recipe. The whole wheat pasta provides a slightly different texture than you may be used to, but it takes this indulgent dinner and makes it just a bit healthier so you can feel good about eating it on any random weeknight.

One of the things we love most about this recipe? It will only take you 20 minutes to throw the whole thing together. That's it. Who knew you could make such a tasty dinner in less than 30 minutes? This is the ideal meal for when you get home late from work and need something that tastes super indulgent and takes very little work to make.

Of course, you can expect to top it with plenty of crushed black pepper and cheese, so make sure that you have plenty of that on hand!

One-pot stuffed pepper recipe

You may think of stuffed peppers as one of the most time-consuming weeknight dinners you could make. And you probably don't think you could get away with making this meal if you only have one pot at your disposal. But, luckily, you're wrong when you consider our delicious one-pot stuffed pepper recipe. It only takes about ten minutes to prep, making it great for busy weeknights. Then, you let it cook for an hour and your dinner will come out hot and ready to go.

Not only does this dish taste good, but it's also good for you, too. Your peppers will be filled with veggies and meat, which keeps the calories and the carbs relatively low. Plus, you're going to love the fact that it looks so beautiful when you put it all together. If you want the most colorful dinner possible, be sure to include several colors of bell pepper.

When you're done making this dish, you should let it cool before you serve it — these peppers get hot! You can top them with more cheddar cheese, sour cream, and some minced cilantro, if that's your thing. Who would've thought that this fantastic one-pot recipe would come together so easily?