These Beef Taco Cups Have Aldi Shoppers Divided

One of the things that makes shopping at Aldi so exciting is the fact that they're constantly coming out with new products, and some of them are pretty darn amazing. From seasonal specials like Halloween cheese, Thanksgiving-flavored potato chips, and Christmas tree pizzas to trendy items like hot honey pizza and salted caramel keto bars to genius gift ideas like a box of chocolates that pairs perfectly with Winking Owl, Aldi's got enough must-try items in stock at any time to fill more than a few shopping carts (as long as you have sufficient quarters on hand to rent a whole fleet).

Still, not every item Aldi releases earns a cult following. In fact, they've had a few downright duds in their time. One of their newest products, however, seems to straddle that fine line between fab and flop: the Casa Mamita Beef Taco Cups. While Aldi Reviewer found this item, along with the chicken variety, to make for a fairly tasty and decent snack, a Reddit thread had quite a few "thumbs-downs" for the product.

These taco cups look better than they taste

The OP who started the beef taco cup thread on the Aldi subreddit is obviously a superfan of this grocery chain, with a username like u/AldiWillYouMarryMe. (Come to think of it, marrying a grocery chain sounds pretty genius, even if Aldi's already spoken for. Save A Lot, are you still single?) They rated the cups an 8 out of 10 and said they'd buy them again. Quite a few of the comments (there were 30 in all) noted just how good they looked, although most of the positive comments came from people who'd yet to try them.

With those Aldi shoppers who had purchased the product, however, it was a different story. The size and the price were an issue that came up a few times, with one commenter saying "they were disappointing and overpriced" and another chiming in "I was off put by how small they were, considering that the box cost $4.99." The taste was also underwhelming. While a few who'd tried the chicken version said they'd liked them, one person who tried the beef ones said "they tasted like dog food" while another said they "tasted like liver." And despite the salsa pictured on the package, these cups are evidently not the least bit spicy, so you'll have to add your own heat. So, will these taco cups be another Aldi hit or a miss? It seems you'll have to decide for yourself — but the chicken ones do sound like a safer bet.