15 Best Turkey Hill Ice Cream Flavors Ranked

Few of the world's most popular ice cream brands today feature a name that hints at the products they sell, and Turkey Hill is no exception. More than just an odd name for an ice cream brand, Turkey Hill is named after a real-life location in Pennsylvania. The hill is said to have gotten its name after the Susquehannock people, a tribe of Native Americans who once lived and hunted in what is now Pennsylvania Dutch Country (via Turkey Hill). Hunters from the tribe found the ridge to be full of turkeys and other prey, giving it its name. 

Many decades later, the sunrise view from that same hill would inspire Armor Frye to name his milk business after it. Today, more than 85 years after Frye first launched his dairy business, Turkey Hill offers milk, frozen yogurt, and a variety of ice cream flavors — some more popular than others. Ready to learn which you should try and which you can skip on your next grocery run? Let's take a closer look.

15. Party Cake

Are you someone who likes ice cream with your slice of cake at birthday parties? What about cake in your ice cream — no party required? Turkey Hill Party Cake ice cream is a fun and unique take on cake batter flavors that have been popular among a number of brands for years. This dessert starts off with Turkey Hill's classic vanilla ice cream. Digging in, you'll taste real cake pieces blended into the ice cream alongside buttercream frosting. Pops of color give this treat a look that kids will love.

While it might seem more suitable for a kid's birthday party than a standard dessert, fans of the flavor rave that it's creamy, delicious, and best of all affordable (via Influenster). This is also one of the flavors that's available as a single-serving layered sundae. The addition of more cake, crumbled cookies, rainbow sprinkles, and blue frosting make this a tasty treat for people of all ages. 

14. Tin Roof Sundae

When we think of sundaes, hot fudge, brownie, or perhaps banana split sundaes come to mind. But a less common creation has made its way into a tub of Turkey Hill ice cream. The Tin Roof Sundae starts with vanilla ice cream, followed by a decadent swirl of hot fudge. Finally, chocolatey peanuts are blended in for an undeniably sweet and creamy, yet contrastingly salty treat.

You can build a Tin Roof Sundae in your home, but Turkey Hill's premade take on this classic sundae makes it easy to enjoy your favorite flavor combination without the mess. It's ready and waiting for you to enjoy at any time — just take it out of the freezer! While no one is quite sure where this sundae got its name from originally, it has been around long enough to have been a favorite at soda fountains (via The Timeless Baker).

13. S'mores Trio'politan™

Can't decide which flavor you're in the mood for? Neapolitan ice cream might help you decide. Traditionally, this cool treat consisted of a block of ice cream with three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry (via Ice Cream History). But the Turkey Hill Trio'politan™ line of flavors is making waves for being a new and improved take.

The brand has released a number of new tubs, each of which features three of Turkey Hill's various ice cream flavors. The American Dream Trio'politan™ blends three fruity flavors: blueberry, vanilla with a strawberry swirl, and strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips. The Coffee Cake Trio'politan™ blends cake batter ice cream with a cinnamon graham cracker swirl, vanilla, and cinnamon ice cream packed with cinnamon chips.

But the S'mores Trio'politan™ might just be its most popular blend. Divided into three sections, each tub features graham cracker ice cream with a graham cracker swirl, Dutch chocolate ice cream, and a toasted marshmallow-flavored creamy delight. This is one flavor that's perfect for summertime!

12. Original Vanilla

Vanilla may not be the world's most popular flavor, but it has long been the most-purchased ice cream flavor in the U.S. (via DairyReporter). Its popularity is likely in part thanks to how many different ways there are to use vanilla ice cream. You can incorporate it into the base of a milkshake, add your favorite toppings for a tasty sundae, or use it to finish off desserts like cobblers and pies. A great tub of vanilla ice cream is also delicious to enjoy on its own.

Turkey Hill may not have the best vanilla ice cream that you'll find on your grocery store freezer shelf. But its creamy, soft texture is easy to scoop and super affordable. This makes it a great choice for birthday parties and other events. However, don't buy this brand expecting to enjoy ice cream made with actual vanilla bean. In fact, one consumer sued Turkey Hill for falsely advertising that real vanilla was used in its products.

11. Mystery Flavor

It's been nearly three decades since Airheads rolled out its White Mystery flavor candy. Since then, plenty of other brands have released their own mysterious flavors. In 2021, Oreo rolled out a contest asking fans to guess its newest flavor. One lucky participant won $50,000 with their winning guess: churro flavor. Crumbl Cookies recently jumped on the trend, rolling out assorted peanut butter cookies with mystery jelly across the country.

In early 2022, Turkey Hill released its own Mystery Flavor. Fans could purchase the ice cream, scan the QR code on the tub, and submit their guesses online for a chance to win a lifetime supply of ice cream (via Guilty Eats). Besides being a fun guessing game, reviews described the ice cream as fruity, creamy, and light. The flavor was later revealed to be Blueberry Pancake (via Turkey Hill). While the promotion is over, you may still see this flavor on shelves for a limited time. Who knows — it may just become a permanent addition to Turkey Hill's list of flavors!

10. Peanut Butter Ripple

Americans lead the world in peanut butter consumption, and the trend has been on a steady rise in the last decade. According to the National Peanut Board, we consume an average of 7.6 pounds of peanuts per capita per year, and most of it is in the form of peanut butter. By comparison, Europeans eat less than a tablespoon per person annually (via NPR). If you're someone who loves peanut butter, you no doubt have big opinions about whether this nutty staple is enhanced by the addition of chocolate or stronger on its own.

Whether you're team chocolate or team peanut butter, Turkey Hill has a flavor for you. For chocolate lovers, we'll get to the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup later in our ranking. But if you prefer to let the peanut butter flavor shine through, you'll want to taste Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Ripple. This simple, nutty flavor combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a roasted peanut butter swirl. 

9. Double Dunker

Looking to dig into your favorite dessert while simultaneously getting your coffee fix? Enter Turkey Hill Double Dunker ice cream flavor. This quirky, but delicious flavor combines mocha and cookie dough with swirls of crumbled chocolate cookie sandwiches. At 10 mg of caffeine per serving, a scoop of this creamy creation won't be enough to replace your morning cup of joe — one standard cup packs around 95 mg of caffeine (via Healthline). Still, it might just wake you up enough to power through one more episode in your Netflix binge.

Fans of the flavor describe it as a cross between coffee, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip ice cream (via Influenster). This combo flavor isn't quite as common in grocery stores as Turkey Hill's other varieties, but you'll find it in most stores that carry a good selection of the brand. First time buying Turkey Hill? You'll find it for sale in major grocery store chains in every state except Hawaii.

8. Cookies 'n Cream

Some ice cream flavors leave fans more divided than others — just ask Breyers ice cream. Its grocery-store-staple cookies and cream flavor left customers complaining about the ratio of crumbled cookies to creamy ice cream. As a result, Breyer's fired back by launching its "Cookie Coverage" program on National Insurance Awareness Day in 2021. Under this policy, the brand's cookies and cream flavor received 20% more cookies, and customers who felt they had been shorted were invited to file a claim and get their next ice cream for free.

Like most brands, Turkey Hill also has its own Cookies 'n Cream flavor. It hasn't received the same complaints about cookie content and instead, is considered to be one of the brand's best flavors, with a winning duo of vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer crumble. Looking for an ice cream parlor-style treat? Turkey Hill also has a Cookies & Cream Layered Sundae. This individually packaged treat features the brand's cookies 'n cream and chocolate ice creams layered along with cookie crumble and fudge.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Every summer, at least a few new ice cream flavors are rolled out by the world's most popular brands. In 2022, Jeni's introduced its gray-hued flavor called Sunshine, which "tastes like sunshine on a cloudy day." Ben & Jerry's debuted its Topped Dirt Cake Flavor, a vanilla pudding ice cream blended with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate cookie swirls, covered in chocolate ganache and a crunchy chocolate cookie crumble.

Many new flavors disappear from shelves a few months or so after they appear, but others end up becoming customer favorites. That's exactly how one popular flavor — chocolate chip cookie dough — came to be. According to Ben & Jerry's lore, this flavor was created in 1984, when an anonymous customer suggested mixing scoops of cookie dough into the vanilla ice cream. 

Now, nearly every ice cream brand has its own take on this flavor, including Turkey Hill. Fans rave that it's an affordable, creamy take on their favorite flavor (via She Speaks). It features brown sugar and molasses ice cream swirled with dark chocolate chips and tasty, decadent chunks of cookie dough for a deeper take on this popular flavor.

6. Black Cherry

Turkey Hill Black Cherry ice cream offers a delicious take on a less common fruit flavor. This one features a vanilla ice cream base blended with chunks of real black cherries. Black cherries have a naturally bittersweet flavor, making them the perfect contrast to creamy vanilla ice cream. The flavor was tempting enough that Turkey Hill fans named it the brand's sixth-best flavor (via Reader's Digest).

While black cherries are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, and C, you'll likely only get trace amounts along with plenty of sugar when you enjoy a scoop of this ice cream. If you're looking for a healthier alternative, try one of Turkey Hill Simply Natural offerings which are made with simple natural ingredients and cream and feature less sugar or additives than you'll find in the regular flavors. While there isn't currently a natural cherry flavor available, you can dig into Strawberries & Cream or Raspberry Chocolate Chip for a fruit-forward option.

5. Black Raspberry

Think black raspberry is just another name for blackberry? Think again! This popular flavor of ice cream is more than just a catchy name. It actually comes from black raspberries, a less common cousin of red raspberries you find at the grocery store (via Specialty Produce). Like many other ice cream brands, Turkey Hill has taken this rare fruit and turned it into a funky purple ice cream that fans love.

Turkey Hill Black Raspberry features both black and red raspberry puree in the recipe. Reviews for this flavor describe it as creamy and understated, without the tangy finish you might find in other versions of this flavor (via On Second Scoop). Unlike the uber-popular black raspberry ice cream flavor made by Cincinnati-based ice cream shop, Graeter's, Turkey Hill Black Raspberry is fruitier and less chocolatey. Meanwhile, Graeter's version is packed with oversized chocolate chunks and was named the fifth best ice cream flavor in America in 2015 (via Dayton Daily News).

4. Chocolate Marshmallow

Marshmallows and ice cream aren't a combo that you see all the time. Some ice cream shops offer marshmallow fluff as a fun and kid-friendly topping for sundaes. And if you want to keep your ice cream from running out the bottom of your waffle cone as it melts, adding a mini marshmallow before you load up the scoops will do the trick. But what about creamy marshmallows blended directly into your ice cream?

Per the name, Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow flavor features creamy chocolate ice cream combined with sweet marshmallows. In case you already have a tub stashed in your freezer, check to make sure that it wasn't part of a recall by the FDA early this year for possible allergen contamination. Meanwhile, if you like almonds too, Turkey Hill Rocky Road is very similar to the Chocolate Marshmallow flavor, with creamy Dutch chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and crunchy, butter-roasted almonds blended into the mix.

3. Butter Pecan

Another surprisingly popular Turkey Hill offering is the Butter Pecan ice cream. This simple but delicious flavor is rumored to have been created by African Americans who weren't permitted to eat vanilla ice cream, though the story remains to be confirmed (via Reader's Digest). The flavor is similar to vanilla, but as the name suggests, it incorporates a buttery flavor and a nutty finish. Some butter pecan ice cream options only taste nutty, while others feature chunks of crunchy pecan bits. Turkey Hill's take falls into the latter category.

Butter pecan is a flavor that you'll probably either love or hate. In fact, in our own research, we found it to be one of the least favorite flavors in the U.S. And it's mostly consumed in the States, which should come as no surprise since the country produce 80% of the world's pecans (via U.S. Pecans). But if you fall in the category of those who love butter pecan, Turkey Hill's version is buttery soft and perfectly creamy.

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Next up on Turkey Hill's list of favorites is another classic combo of ingredients: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. The company's take on this popular flavor features an ideal balance of chocolate and peanut butter. Rich layers of roasted nut butter are blended into creamy chocolate ice cream for a scoop that will leave you craving a glass of cold milk. Fans of the flavor describe it as having a slightly salty taste from the peanuts which is a perfect contrast to the sweetness (via On Second Scoop).

Turkey Hill is an affordable grocery store ice cream brand, and a 1.5-quart tub comes in at under $4 in most shops (via Walmart). But if you're looking for another inexpensive chocolate peanut butter ice cream to taste and compare, shoppers love Aldi's take on the flavor. It is a seasonal offering though, so keep an eye out for the Specialty Selected Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream during the winter months.

1. Choco Mint Chip

While vanilla may be touted as the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S., according to a 2021 study by Instacart using figures from its sales, Turkey Hill fans may disagree. The brand asked 4,000 of its social media followers what their favorite flavor was, and the result was anything but vanilla. Instead, Choco Mint Chip topped the list (via Reader's Digest).

This ice cream flavor sees fewer grocery store purchases than chocolate or vanilla. However, those flavors tend to be the choice for shoppers looking for an option to share with guests, top sundaes, or serve with dessert. But when it comes to digging into a bowl of ice cream on the couch, mint chocolate chip seems to be the flavor of choice.

If you've never given Turkey Hill Choco Mint Chip a try, it's time that you do. The flavor features plenty of chocolate chips blended into a refreshing mint ice cream for a deliciously balanced finish.