Why You Should Always Add A Marshmallow To Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream tastes just fine in a bowl or in its tub (this saves time washing dishes, so that's just smart thinking). But, there is something about ice cream in a cone that just makes the tasty treat even better. A standard cake cone is often good enough, especially that last bite filled with melted deliciousness.

Waffle cones normally stand out as one of the best for many people. It is crispy, has a light sweet flavor, is infinitely better than your run-of-the-mill cake cone, and you can even make it at home pretty easily (via Serious Eats). However, like many others, they are especially notorious for leaking. Eating ice cream on a hot day will leave you destined to have sticky hands. If you're getting your sweet treat from a food truck, or an ice cream shop, be prepared to stock up on napkins.

Fortunately, for those enjoying ice cream at home, there's a pretty quick fix to avoid the melting mess, and it involves another delicious treat: marshmallows. 

Keep your ice cream cone from dripping with a marshmallow

When you think of marshmallows, you probably think of hot chocolate, rice crispy treats, and s'mores. You might weirdly even think of candied yams. However, did you know that they can also serve as the perfect little ice cream stopper?

According to Ben & Jerry's, a mini-marshmallow is a genius solution to drippy ice cream cones. Drop one in the bottom of your cone before adding ice cream so that your dessert doesn't drip through as it melts. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy it as part of your dessert. Brilliant, right?

This tip practically begs for you to go full-out s'mores. Try a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream and extra marshmallows for a twist on the campfire favorite. If chocolate ice cream isn't to your taste, you can also make your own s'mores ice cream (via Food52).