Taco Bell And 13 Other Fast Food Restaurants That Will Cater Your Wedding

If there's one thing that practically everyone can agree on, it's that life is seriously expensive. With the cost of rent, health insurance, gas, groceries, and so much more, it's hard to just afford everyday life these days. Then when you add in more expensive things like vacations and even weddings, it can feel impossible to keep up. Safe to say, pretty much everyone is looking for ways to cut back, and if you're planning a wedding, then you're also probably extremely aware of your budget and the need to stay on track.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to save money on your wedding, even on large costs such as food and catering. Of course, you could always elope or have a small wedding in your backyard or even at the courthouse. But if you still want a larger wedding that feels more like a fairytale, can you actually stay on budget? Yes! Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of fast food restaurants that will cater your wedding. And many guests often end up enjoying those foods a lot more than any fancy five-course meal found at some receptions. After all, champagne and caviar can't hold a flame to a good burger. 

Taco Bell

One of the most beloved fast food joints that will cater your wedding is Taco Bell. The franchise is known for its tacos, nachos, and burritos as well as the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Chalupas, and Mexican Pizza. And because of its delicious menu, low prices, and convenience, Taco Bell has some pretty loyal fans. And yes, you can get Taco Bell at your wedding.

Not only that, but you can also literally get married at Taco Bell! Yes, the chain's location in Las Vegas offers wedding packages for anyone who wants slice into a tasty Crunchwrap Supreme after saying "I Do." "Only in Vegas can you tie the knot in this fast food restaurant. There was a hot sauce bouquet ... tacos and ... a Baja Blast slushy spiked with your favorite liquor," one Instagram user posted in 2020 about a wedding they attended. 

According to the Taco Bell website, you may be able to get married at other Taco Bell locations as well. You just have to get in contact with local managers to see whether they allow that. But if you're just looking to get food from Taco Bell at your wedding, that's always possible. Whether you contact your local store to inquire or order through a third-party delivery app, you can rest assured that you can spend your wedding night devouring your Taco Bell favorites, and so can your guests.  


McDonald's is another fan-favorite restaurant out there, and it tends to offer food that people crave after a night out or when they just want a classic burger and fries. Along with its nuggets, McFlurrys, and so much more, McDonald's has plenty to choose from, so it would be understandable for people to consider using the chain to feed hungry people after the wedding ceremony.

Sure, it might not be fancy, but who doesn't love McDonald's? Several Reddit users recently sided with a woman who left a wedding that was charging guests for a fancy dinner because she wanted to save money and eat at a nearby McDonald's instead. Why not just have McDonald's cater your wedding to make everyone happy, yourself included?  And while McDonald's doesn't provide full catering services where employees deliver and set up everything, you can order a large amount of food ahead of time and go pick it up yourself. Some couples have even gone through the drive-through to get McDonald's for their wedding. So if you're a fan of the Golden Arches, go ahead and plan on eating it on your big day!


Look, it's pretty obvious at this point that if there's one thing Chick-Fil-A does well, it's customer service. The employees are always kind and efficient and have no issues with any modifications you might want to make to your order. And whether you order in-store, at the drive-through, or through the app, you can pretty much guarantee your order is going to be fresh, hot, and delicious. Seriously, has anyone ever gotten a bad order at Chick-Fil-A? It just doesn't seem possible. So naturally, it could be the perfect choice for wedding food.

Unlike many other fast food restaurants, Chick-Fil-A actually does offer catering for just about any event. Employees will even deliver it if you need that (just remember the chain is closed on Sundays). One tip from Reddit users who have had Chick-Fil-A catering is to stick with the sandwiches. "I attended a wedding with the nuggets tray ... I would look into the sandwiches which are in foil bags and may stay warmer longer," one user said.

Not only is catering from Chick-Fil-A more cost-effective than a lot of other catering options — "Finding out how cheap it is to get my wedding catered by Chick-Fil-A has made my whole day," one person posted on Twitter — but its platters of nuggets, fries, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and even macaroni and cheese are also sure to impress every guest. 

Pizza Hut

When people think of weddings, they typically think of fancier foods, buffets, and plated five-course meals. But after all that dancing, mingling, and small-talk, most people would probably want something hearty, easy, and delicious. Enter pizza. Pizza is pretty much the perfect party food. And if it's what you want at your wedding, why not? "The most recent wedding we went to did this, and it was low key and wonderful. It was a nice change!" one person posted on a wedding forum. 

Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza chains out there and for good reason. Its pizzas are always hot and cheesy, with the perfect crust-to-sauce ratio. But can you get it at your wedding? Yes! Though you might want to check with your local franchise to make sure it can accommodate the number of pizzas you need, employees will likely be able to make and deliver them as well. For fans of the chain, a Pizza Hut wedding is the dream, or as one Twitter user put it, "if he ain't willing to get the Pizza Hut wedding package for our special day, he ain't the one!!!"

So whether you want pizza to be your main course or just a late-night snack, Pizza Hut has you covered.


Domino's is another extremely popular pizza chain. And when you want reliable, good pizza, Domino's always has your back. But can it cater your wedding? Definitely! "When you're planning to tie the knot with the one you love, why not invite your other great love — pizza — to the party?" the Domino's website states. You can order pizzas in advance and have them delivered straight to your wedding location as long as your venue is okay with it.

And guests might be more receptive to eating pizza at your wedding than you expect. "The wedding I attended yesterday catered Chick-fil-A, Domino's, and donuts ... if that ain't wedding goals, I don't know what is," one Twitter user wrote in 2018 about what sounds like a dream wedding. If you're a fan of the franchise, then you should consider making it a part of your special day. Again, just like with Pizza Hut, it can be a main course or a separate food option. As another Twitter user put it, there's nothing like the perfect wedding meal. "76 pizzas — $458.25. Knowing @dominos is catering our wedding, priceless." 


Nothing says comfort food quite like fried chicken, and no fast food restaurant does fried chicken quite like KFC. But as delicious, crispy, and tasty as fried chicken is, it's not typically what most people would think to serve at their wedding. Still, if you're a fan of KFC, or just fried chicken in general, then there's no reason you can't have it on your big day.

And while delivery apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats make is possible for you to order KFC just about anywhere, there's also the possibility of getting a KFC food truck to cater your wedding, like one lucky Queensland couple did, according to Reddit. KFC in Australia even had a contest a couple years ago to win a KFC-themed wedding, complete with plenty of that original fried chicken. And who knows? Maybe they'll have another one you could try to win! But if not, you can still have KFC at your wedding. It makes a pretty great meal for any celebration.


If you're a fan of hot dogs, you're probably a fan of Wienerschnitzel. The fast food chain has been serving up its iconic hot dogs since 1961, and its menu has expanded to include burgers, fries, chili-cheese dogs, and so much more, along with its iconic Tastee Freez treats. And if you're craving a hot dog on your wedding day, then this place is definitely an option. "To whoever invented Wienerschnitzel: you're invited to my wedding," one Twitter user posted.

If you live in Southern California, you can even rent out the Wiener Wagon — a mobile food truck serving pretty much anything you could want from a Wienerschnitzel for your catered reception. And honestly, how impressed would your guests be when they look outside and see a Wiener Wagon just for them? It might not be fancy, but it's definitely cool! And if you don't live in Southern California, you can still order plenty of Wienerschnitzel to feed your guests for dinner or a late-night snack.


Like other fast food chains on this list, Chipotle might not be what most people think of when they think of wedding food, but there's really nothing wrong with getting the Mexican chain to cater your big day. After all, who doesn't love Chipotle? And with such a filling meal, your guests are sure to have enough energy to dance all night long.

Fans of Chipotle already know that the fast food restaurant offers event catering. Office parties, birthday parties, and yes, even weddings are totally doable for the chain as long as you give employees enough notice. And perhaps the best part of ordering Chipotle catering is that there are so many options. Another great thing about Chipotle is how truly special it can make your day. 

As one Reddit user put it, "Our first date was at a Chipotle, and it's been our go-to spot whenever we're in the mood to go out for lunch. We thought it would be a really fun idea to have them cater our wedding." And it is a fun idea! Whether you want to let your guests build their own bowls, have some chips and guacamole or queso, or even dig into a burrito during your wedding reception, Chipotle has it all.


Arby's might be known for having all the meats (and curly fries), but its menu is quite expansive. There's also fried chicken, salads, mozzarella sticks, sweet treats, and more. Fans of Arby's are well-aware of just how underrated the chain is, though the most loyal customers will tell you that Arby's has always been good.

And lucky for fans of Arby's, the chain also offers catering options, even for weddings. And while wedding guests might not expect their main meal to be Arby's, if you're having a more casual or daytime wedding, Arby's is a great idea! Thinking you want to have some of its roast beef, chicken tenders, or other sandwiches as a snack during the reception? You're in luck. As one Twitter user said, "I'd let @Arbys cater my wedding at this point. Roast beef sandwiches and chocolate turnovers for all!" And really, who wouldn't want to go to a wedding with that kind of food and energy? 

Dairy Queen

Another great fast food restaurant that can cater your wedding is Dairy Queen. The chain is known most for its ice cream treats, but the food is pretty tasty, too. And if you really want to spice up your wedding reception, then Dairy Queen might be the way to go.

Fans of Dairy Queen will be pleased to know that the chain does offer catering, though specifics may vary based on your local restaurant and management. So, if you want to order Dairy Queen for your big day, definitely get in contact and see what's available. That said, some locations offer boxed meals for catering as well as a large array of regular menu items. You can serve your guests everything from salads to burgers, chicken sandwiches, and even Blizzards, ice cream cakes, and Buster bars. One Reddit user said their Dairy Queen ice cream wedding cake was a "huge hit," so what are you waiting for? 

Raising Cane's

Anyone in the vicinity of a Raising Cane's knows that the fast food restaurant pretty much focuses on chicken tenders and french fries, but it does them well. And fans of Raising Cane's also know that the signature sauce practically makes the meal. So, naturally, who wouldn't want Raising Cane's at their wedding?

While some fans of the chain have gone to their local restaurant after the ceremony to eat chicken fingers, others have opted to have Raising Cane's served at the wedding. And if you really want to get creative, one Twitter user shared a brilliant idea: "We have a wedding coming up soon and we want nothing more than a Cane's Sauce fountain surrounded with those savory tendies." Um, yes, please! So whether you want to get Raising Cane's for your main meal at your wedding, or as an option during dancing, it's sure to be a hit. And Raising Cane's offers "Tailgate" meals with 100 chicken fingers each, so you can just order a few of those — your guests will definitely appreciate it.


When you think of getting Schlotzsky's to cater an event, you probably think of business lunches, meetings, and office parties. But a wedding? Well, it might not be as odd as it sounds. Especially if you're having a daytime wedding, you just want a little extra food during cocktail hour, or your guests need fuel after breaking a sweat on the dance floor, Schlotzky's is a great idea! And, yes, it caters! And that's certainly good news for fans of the chain, like this Twitter user, who explained that Schlotzsky's was "the meal I want for the birth of my child, wedding, deathbed." Now that's dedication. 

And Schlotzsky's can deliver your food right to your wedding as long as your venue is on board. You can order sandwiches, boxed meals, soups and salads, and even Cinnabon desserts that everyone can enjoy. Basically, catering with Schlotzsky's is a lot easier than you might expect, and if you're a fan of the fast food chain, go for it!


Getting a burger from In-N-Out might just be a universally beloved experience. The fast food chain is known for its delicious burgers and fries as well as its animal style upgrade with the signature sauce and grilled onions. And though it might not seem elegant to serve burgers at your wedding, it's still a fun idea that many guests will adore. And, if you're getting married in certain areas, you might even be able to wow your guests with a whole new kind of catering service from In-N-Out.

The chain's Cookout Truck is a great option that's sure to help make your wedding a memorable event. Yes, you can literally pay to have a huge semitruck appear at your wedding and serve burgers made to order. And if you're worried that it's not fancy enough, don't fret. As one Twitter user put it, "If In N Out is good enough for Gordon Ramsay then it's good enough for my wedding." What's more, In-N-Out will help you determine how much food you need to order, give you a price estimate, and help you decide whether there would be enough space for the Cookout Truck at your venue.

Panda Express

There's really only one fast food chain that serves Chinese food and can be found pretty much anywhere, and that's Panda Express. The franchise is known primarily for its orange chicken, but the entire menu is sure to entice you. And whether you want an entire Chinese buffet for your wedding meal or a smaller amount of food to serve guests later during the reception, Panda Express is a great option. As one Twitter user said, "Jordan said we can have Panda Express cater our wedding and honestly that's the biggest motivating factor to get married." And honestly, they're not wrong. 

Panda Express makes it incredibly easy to order catering online for your wedding. You can order trays of orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, broccoli beef, and everything else your heart desires. You can also order individual meals if you have a smaller guest list. Whether your wedding is big or fancy, no one can resist that delicious Chinese cuisine. So what are you waiting for?